October 15, 2021

Our laggards!!!

 Monday 11 October 2021

Adopt don't buy!! ... Sweeties enough everywhere, whether it's with us or elsewhere ... Shelters are full of good but often hopeless dogs that are so great and languish ...

We see what great characters are with us when you take them out of their cage and give them personal attention. People volunteers who take them with them for a day, on the beach, on a terrace, in the car, on a walk. We do not have time for this with such a large number, but are so grateful that our volunteers give their time to it because you only see who or what a dog is outside the rescue centre. In their cage, in the centre, stress and a lot of noise is often a wrong indicator. You see them differently and how they really are once they relax for a while with a good walk, extra attention and a personal hug over those sweet faces!! Give a rescue dog a chance!!

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