October 20, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: Harper, an extremely sweet shepherd

 Thursday 14 October 2021

A couple called us, they had a Shepherd they wanted to get rid of, either we took them or she'd go to the killing station. It's only a small difference to them, and so easily said, the day their dog suddenly becomes too much after years with them. But a difference of life and death. Harper came in to us, and stayed at our office, because we are way too full. Immediately we saw those sweet eyes and that gentle, good character come up. A resigned, gentle, tolerant dog, a special treasure.

A shepherd is usually not a group dog but all other dogs at the office were allowed to sniff and she let it happen. A volunteer went for a walk with her and also lost his heart to her, she loves men and women, and is really beautiful. She came in very skinny and malnourished, but she is gradually regaining her strength. Be sure that if you love Shepherds, she will be a lifelong unconditional companion. There is no more faithful, brave soul to be found.

For more information about dear Harper, please click on her name.

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