January 28, 2017

Snapshots of the Refugio, 26th January ...


Igor and his girlfriend, my Celientje ....

Celientje on the chair, Igor on the rug. So sweet :)

Please sign the petition!!!

Cordoba killing station wants to deny access to the animal protection volunteers so as to prevent them helping to try to alleviate the suffering of the dogs . Please sign the petition and please ask every one you know to sign it too, and put it on Facebook and Twitter and other social media.

Lady (formerly Phenix)

Our dear diva Lady, formerly Phenix at ACE.
Already with us for a year and a half.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

Oh, how beautiful!

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If you .........

foto van For Animals.

Update: foster dog Jap (No. 11907)

Update 26-1-2017: Jap

Today he's been in care in the Netherlands for three months. All the miseries that befell him in Spain, he has now surely shuffled off. He is enjoying his warm spot on the couch with his foster family. Jap is a very quiet, good dog, but of course all dogs have their preferences. So for him we are not looking for a house with cats or other small animals. A dog friend in the same house would obviously be nice, although we think that Jap would also be very pleased to be the only dog somewhere. He walks nicely on the leash, but also likes to be outside on his own. He is not interested in other dogs and if they do take an interest in him, he barks them away. Jap is housebroken and not a barker. Is anyone out there looking for a happy, peaceful comrade as a companion? Then Jap perhaps the perfect match!

Nounours has struck lucky !!!

Life's not always a bed of roses: Betty's story

Het gaat niet altijd over rozen,...het verhaal van Betty,....

Betty began her life in Spain as a small gift on the feast of the Three Kings, but not long after that she was dumped already but luckily came into our hands and was happy. But ...
She was adopted and for a long time it looked as if she had stuck  had struck lucky ... Nothing was further from the truth ...

However, thanks to our volunteers we discovered that Betty was beingbadly neglected by her owners and even lived in a shower.

She was taken away from there by our volunteers, she was a living skeleton with supposedly unreliable behavior ... but since she went into care it became clear that there was nothing wrong with Betty ...

She was badly neglected and had had no chance for development - all this had made her very insecure and weak, so she could barely move. The shower had become her "HOME", where she was deprived of all dignity.

Meanwhile, our people in the Netherlands and Belgium all mobilized to rescue Betty's life ..
She was taken into fostercare, to help her become a normal dog again and there thanks to their efforts she found a meaning in life again.

Today Betty is home, she arrived a short time ago, she still needs to put on some kilo's and is learning to play and cuddle - it takes its time .. Life is not always a bed of roses, and therefore being aware of vibes, following your intuition and then aftercare and follow up are so important.

Knowing that a dog has been made to live in a shower and not taking action is never acceptable, ...
Thanks to the people who alerted us and thanks to that saved Betty's life.

We don't save them so that they can be neglected again... Betty is a now a happy dog ​​who finally got what she deserves. This may again prove that people need to react if they hear of a dog or any other creture being mistreated or neglected.

Betty is happy now .. but ... be aware, don't just look and do nothing; instead agitate and do what you can.


Het gaat niet altijd over rozen,...het verhaal van Betty,....

Het gaat niet altijd over rozen,...het verhaal van Betty,....

Het gaat niet altijd over rozen,...het verhaal van Betty,....

January 21, 2017

It's cold in Mijas!!!

Our Adrian feels happy!

Merche and Barnaby (Marya ACE)

Merche in the Veluwe two weeks ago along with stepsister Barnaby (Marya ACE)
Just had to send this picture, she loved it in the snow.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

Mosis, before and after ❤

The proof of what a good home can do for a dog.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.


foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

Look at me now!!!

Bike ride from Aartselaar to Mijas

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

On May 14,  2017 one of our volunteers, Luc Goris, will leave to cycle (2182 km) from Aartselaar to our Refugio in Spain fo the benefit of ACE | SHIN.

We are looking for people who want to sponsor his ride, ie € 0.01 / km or € 23. You would give him a real shot in the arm? If so you can make your donation to the following account:

KBC BE21 7390 1406 5203

If you would like to support him in a different way, with material - sports nutrition for example , o ride alongside  on the route by bike, make a mobile home available, or act as a co-driver to ride with the car? Any help is more than welcome. Ask all your questions at the following address: cycling4shin@ace-charity.org.

All proceeds are for the benefit of our dogs.

On May 14 Luc will leaves Aartselaar at 11 hr we, his  family, acquaintances, ACE | SHIN followers, adopters and volunteers invite you to a breakfast at the starting point. We hope you will all come an give him a massive send-off.


On behalf of Braulio thanks to all of the savings group and thanks to Viktor, his carer, for seeing him sooo happy !!! 😃😃

January 15, 2017

Sayang Maksurilla


Hello, I'm Sayang Maksurilla, but when I lived with you I was called Pilly.
I've been living for four months now with Mama York and the other vagabonds. I no longer bite because I have this great big family to look after me. I still have separation anxiety but I go with mummy to dog training where I listen and come back quite well.

I get good food here and I have my own chair, a basket, a house and a bean bag. I really feel like a diva! All four of us have different winter jackets and also jerseys because it gets cold here. I am the youngest and in a great pack. Our groomer comes to the house and looks after our coats.

I will send you some pictures now. Thank you for all your care when I lived with you in Spain. And thank you too to Nancy Bertels, and for the lady who collected me and who look me over to Belgium. Do you ever come to Harlem. Would you like to meet for a coffee?

Their past binds them together ...

foto van Els Van Bouwel.

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Fabienne's dog of the week: Djaf ...

... who will give this honey his own gold basket so he can be happy for the rest of his life? For more information about Djaf click here.http://ace-charity.org/en/adopting/dogs/11309