January 25, 2019

"Shut up and look the other way. If we say something to them, they will not vote for us. "

This is the heavy reality .... so many hunters are involved in politics nowadays and as a result they are suppressing opposition... that is why there is so little change here ... and so much abuse and slaughter that is already punishable is ignored and not punished.

Have a good day .....

January 23, 2019

Fabienne's Diary: Five Shepherds - the so-called dangers to La Cala!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Since June a pair of Shepherds had been spotted in La Cala, Mijas and Mijas Costa, ... The killing station was alarmed but both dogs were always too smart and did not let themselves be caught. The months passed and none of them was caught. But Mama got pregnant and then again ... and again!

When I was walking my dogs last week, I suddenly saw 8 Shepherds walking through the streets of our urbanization, ... Shy and careful, wary, scared, hungry and evading contact with humans.

A large-scale action started, the killing station was again alarmed because supposedly these Shepards were acting dangerously and attacking small dogs. Nothing could be further than the truth. The whole family stayed together closely, and did not bother anyone. But their lives were in danger now, there were rumours that the authorities wanted to shoot them.

When the phone rang on Sunday, they asked me if I could help by taking them in. My answer was given quickly and there followed an incredible, warm-hearted cooperation between Marta, who used a fantastic cage and worked very professionally, Rescue Paws, Rescue the Galgos, Alison and Hazel, and of course our own team, ...

Eventually we were able to offer 5 members of the family shelter with us on Sunday evening at 10 pm ... They will not be shot ... Only now the large-scale action starts to sterilize them all, all 4 females are probably pregnant, ... And then the socialization, ... Mama and dad were once housed, but their puppies, now young adults and already pregnant, have to come a long way, slowly but surely ...

They were obviously full of vermin, and some of them are very skinny, ... But the most important thing is that 5 out of 8 are safe, ... The others we will hopefully also be able to save but these three are fortunately less noticeable than when the whole family passes a lady who is walking with her 2 Chihuahuas, ...

Help is always welcome, ... again we have 5 large dogs to care for and rehome. See the video of the rescue below.

January 15, 2019

Isidoor - still waiting after more than seven years!

Surely it's time he had a forever home. However happy his foster home, he still isn't anyone's 'only' dog. A special dog to be spoilt and loved, maybe with others in the family. Or maybe on his own.

Isidoor was dumped at our gates in a cardboard box, together with his brothers and sisters. That was in July 2011 - and now it's January 2019. A long time for this dear boy to wait. Who will give their heart to this sweet cross Pointer. He will certainly give you his.

Isidoor has grown to a medium sized dog with a sweet character. He has beautiful markings on his lovely coat. He's nearly eight years old. And he deserves his forever home. Can you help?

For more information about darling Isidoor please click on his name. 


Monday January 14, 2019

Time is running out for Elina. We are urgently looking for a foster family or adoptants who want to start working with her. In the 3.5 years that Elina has lived in the Netherlands, she did not receive the right corrections and training and she has started to show undesirable behaviour. Although very nice with her own owners, she cannot go visiting in other people's houses. Even outside the house she can react strongly to other dogs and to people. Elina does not respond well to cats either. The adopters have a baby of a few months old. Soon the baby will crawl and it would no longer be safe to let Elina loose in the house. Apart from this she is such a sweet and clever Bodeguerootje, someone with a little experience should be able to teach Elina to behave properly?

If you could do something for Elina, please send an email to: reassignment.nederland@ace-charity.org

January 13, 2019

Our new 'Puppy Section' is nearly ready ...


Oprah and Iran came in together, but Uran still needs a loving home

From Fabienne's Diary

Oprah and Uran were just left tied to a pole. Their owner was busy, he said. He didn't have time for them, not when he first bought them.  So they were often left to their fate, tied up, just like that. Until today.

Today they came to us. But this unworthy owner said he wanted them back in 20 days, because then he might have time to look after them. However, after a fierce discussion and reprimand on our part, these creatures are finally free of that creep who is not worthy of having a dog.

Both are severely malnourished, both are severely neglected. Uran, the Shepherd, the worst of all. That's why he went straight to our clinic, where he was checked, tested and neutered. And quite incredibly there in the clinic they discovered that the poor dog had a bullet in one of his testicles. How painful that must have been. He had an emergency operation and is getting better, considering the circumstances.

Both dogs are now with us, a little Bodeguerootje and a Shepherd, who do not know what to do they are now so overcome with joy and with friendship, ... Both are still young and have a whole life before them. This time a different and proper life... impossible to find words to explain what we experience here every day, ... But you have to brave, there's no other choice, ... They need us so.

Little Oprah is currently in pre-reservation and if all goes well, she will soon be on her way to a much much better life. Dear good Uran is still looking for a home. Who will give this brave fellow the chance and love he so well deserves.

Little Oprah

Brave good Uran.

January 07, 2019

It wasn't only the Wi-Fi ...

.... although I didn't have any Internet service for ages, there was also another reason. I needed to concentrate on settling Teddy into his new home. 


Teddy has been with me since 5th November. His full name is Teddy Edward. His ACE name was Dundi. He is very loving and affectionate. He only has three legs, which doesn't bother him at all.
Yesterday he ran free in the fields without a lead for the first time. More stories about Teddy to come. 

Once again, apologies for the lack of posts ...

.... this time it was the Internet. I had no service for a couple of weeks before Christmas and all over the Christmas period until 31st December. And then so much to catch up with so I am only now beginning to post again. I will try to make up for lost time. I may not always repeat the stories on the Dutch blog, but will try to highlight the long stayers and the oldies.