December 31, 2020

New Year's reception for our dogs

 Thursday 31 December 2020  

Thanks to our volunteers, friends and sympathizers, and in particular thanks to Marijke and friends, and Maries and Eveline from Agua Dulce, we were able to give a New Year's reception for our dogs, with delicious treats! They feasted and enjoyed all the goodies, many thanks to everyone !!

The year 2020 is behind us ...

 Thursday 31 December 2020

Voila! The year 2020 is behind us ... we are many who do not regret it! Our refugio was also insecure and scared for a year, not knowing how or what but we did not abandon our dogs and kittens for 1 second, with the fear in our hearts we held out and even sent a lot of sweethearts home! For this I want to thank each of you! So heartwarming how our volunteers, our sponsors, our friends and our own team did not give up and held on with their heads held high during this dark period !! Dumps and neglect continue ... unfortunately ... this year even more than usual ... it hurts and goes deep because no animal should have to undergo this, never, but that reality is different and hard. Stronger than ever before, we are ready with full courage to enter 2021, defy what is to come, day by day, be positive and make the best of everything! Big thanks to everyone and every day of 2021 healthy again and again, with a tear or a smile, we have to move on !!! Good luck! Fabienne

December 30, 2020


 Tuesday 29 December 2020

Milka came to us on August 28. We had read all about her and that was not all positive. But we still decided to give her a chance. We picked her up in Amsterdam and after a lot of barking and walking around it went a lot better. She got into our car without any problems and we drove to Brabant. First to the forest, she loved that, we do that every day, and she has been walking along since the second day. After biting my wife a few times (she would like to bite men if she could) it turned out that after going to the hairdresser, she had a lot of problems with her hair. We have hardly recognised her since that time. Our experience is that you will get there with a lot of love and patience. Greetings Hugo and Mientje.

Fabienne's Diary - Leia gave birth to her puppies on a chain ...

 Monday 28 December 2020

She lived on a chain, day and night, year after year. A Podenco female, who had to give birth again and again, on a chain that circled her neck, with and without pain, day after day. With every heat she was pregnant, she was not taken care of for a day, on the contrary. For her hunter, she was an object that produced. After a long negotiation, mommy and puppies were handed over to us, along with Jen who was starving from the pain after she suffered complicated fractures, and another poor man. After long deliberation and approval from him, he gave them too much, and now with COVID it was better to get rid of it ... And so mom and kids ended up with us. A Podenco mom who comes to you so gratefully and treats her puppies gently. This time without a chain and without pain, but with the possibility of moving how and where she wants. With a heat lamp above her offspring. She curls around them and looks at you gratefully with those sweet faithful eyes. Because they know. They know so well. How often do we notice from each of them that our eyes can say more to each other than with words. If you spend a lot of time with these beautiful four-legged friends, you will learn more about life today than in our horrible throwaway society. Leia is a sweetheart and so are her little puppies.Their future is now in our hands.

For more information about Leia, please click on her name.

Today Jen entered Carlos Macias clinic for surgery

 Monday 28 December 2020.

She could not even walk by herself, so we could not postpone this .... she will be operated on and on Wednesday we will bring the povrocito back to us !! Thanks to everyone who helped financially save this throwaway podenco ... she is a treasure and immensely grateful !!!

December 29, 2020

Our Staffords, Pit Bulls and Carlos

Tuesday 29 December 2020

Our Staffords, Pit Bulls and also Carlos areable to run together every day and gradually learn to become social: here you see Tama, Edison, Alexander, Chia and Carlos. 

Our impossible Piranha makes friends

 Tuesday 29 December 2020  

Gradually he gets better and gains confidence ... the hurt soul ... we don't know what he went through, but that he has a lot to get over ... that's for sure.

For more information about Piranha, please click on his name.


 Monday 28 December 2020 

We would like to let you know that everything is going very well with Shane! He has been with us for over 2 weeks now and has already made so much progress! He really is such an incredible sweetheart and super dog! Many people tell us that Shane fell with his paws in the butter, but actually it is the other way around, we fell in the butter becausse we adopted such a great dog! πŸ˜ Happy parties to all of you and big kisses and licks from all of us! 

Lore, Thomas, Hyro & Shane