August 31, 2013

Fabienne's magic touch - with a little help from Tineke

He arrived a little more than a week ago. A gorgeous Cocker mix. Beautiful to behold, but not to touch. He bit. He growled. He peed and poo-ed. Because he was terrified. Humans were the enemy, that was his experience. Kept chained up in a tiny space, shouted at, mistreated.  No wonder he defended himself. Far too early to think of adoption. So, what to do with this maelstrom of a snapping, biting beauty.

Fabienne's answer? Take him home with her into foster care. Make him her newest project. So brave to take this bitey fellow into a pack of dogs. So wise too. Nothing like a pack of other rescue dogs to teach correct behaviour. To knock off the rough edges. Nothing like a shedload of love and care to show the other side of the human race. The kind and loving side. Nothing to fear there.

In her diary, the day after his arrival, Fabienne said 'Nevado, we don't want to give up on you. But please don't bite.... everything will be fine. Tomorrow is a new day.'

Of course she didn't give up. And indeed tomorrow is another day. Now, after a week of love and care and a bit of instruction from Tineke, we have a completely different dog.

 Nevado on arrival at El Refugio - a picture of misery

Tineke teaches some manners

 Look! I can sit up!

 It's too hot - I want it windy

 Our sweet boy gets more confidence

 Learning how to play ...

... with my friends.

August 26, 2013

Unconditional love.

What a lot we can learn from animals. After the death of a mother chimpanzee, a worker at the zoo took the baby chimp back to his house. He hardly dared hope that his own dog, herself a young mother, would adopt the chimp and bring it up with her own puppies. At first she seemed to be asking how come this reject had hands that could touch her, like a human. But then ... what unconditional love. A successful adoption. Thanks to Fabienne for sending this lovely story.

August 25, 2013

Don't let these sweet creatures be the forgotten ones

Some time ago I wrote about the 'forgotten ones', the long stayers, the dogs who for some unaccountable reason are always passed over and left at the Refugio. Of those, beautiful Chipke is the only one to get lucky. He is now called Floran and is much loved by his new family.

Last week we got the horribly sad news that another of these dear dogs, sweet deserving Dalo, has become so ill that he will not be with us for much longer. He will never have a family of his own although, in terms of love, he is adored and loved at the refuge in Algeciras. It's not the same though.

Some dogs are just very big, others are old, or maybe have a little problem. Nevertheless, they all need and deserve their golden basket. Please, if you can, think of these sweet ones. Most of them have been in the Refugio or Algeciras since they were puppies - on average four long years. They are all social and loyal, enjoying the company of people and other dogs. Look them up on the website, read their stories and please, if you can, take them into your hearts and homes.

Gemelo is four years old and he's been with Paki at Algeciras since he was a puppy.

Guper is four as well, and has also been with us for four years. He's longing for his own home.

Goofy - an adorable clown -lives up to his name. He's seven and has been with us three long years.

Risis has a heart of gold. She can't help being a big girl but she makes up for it in love and affection. 

Wieke is seven- she's been in foster care for a year. She would love to grow old in a loving family.

Brandy loves people but he doesn't like dogs too much. He'll love to be top dog in your family.

Cavalier is already seven and needing a family. He doesn't need much exercise - he loves the couch!

Flappy has a little problem with his poo and needs a home where he can be safe and warm outside.

Dear Gody, 5 years old and with us for 4 years. His brother has a new home and he longs for one too.

Hercules is intelligent, curious and loving, with great potential. He needs a family to help him develop.

Ramsis is six. He's big so he's worried he won't get his own family. Please prove him wrong. 

Meet Tilly, the Bouncing Boston Terrier

Antidepressant ...

Fabienne sent these great photos a while ago, an antidote to the worry and sad stories. There is always hope, there are always uplifting stories.