June 30, 2018

Five lucky dogs on their way home, escorted by the parents of our student, Esmee ...

... among them darling Chaplin and Morcilla Alsko, Huerto and Monti.

More than 138,000 dogs and cats were abandoned in Spain in 2017

Every year the FundaciΓ³n Affinity comes up with the annual figures from which, this time, it appears that 138,307 dogs and cats were abandoned last year. That number is almost the same as the year before in 2016 when it was 137,782, a 525 abandoned dogs and cats so in 2017.
138,000 abandoned pets in Spain.

Of the total number of abandoned animals, 104,834 were dogs and 33,473 cats. 43% of all these abandoned dogs and cats were adopted while 18% could be returned to their owners due to identification, while 16% still live in a shelter or asylum.

Unfortunately, euthanasia was committed in 2% of these animals, mostly because the animal was ill or showed aggressive behavior and it would be too dangerous to give such an animal into adoption.

The FundaciΓ³n Affinity based its research for these figures on the data that the reception centers and shelters keep in Spain. This means that the number of dogs and cats abandoned could be many times greater

One of the main reasons for people to abandon dogs and / or cats are unwanted births or pregnancy. The second important reason on the list is the end of the hunting season and the economic factors while the bad behavior of a pet is in fourth place and the loss or lack of interest in the animal (as if it is a toy) is also one of the reasons given for abandoning an animal.

Unfortunately, the survey did not include the numbers of dogs and cats that are being killed.
91% of the abandoned dogs and cats were found on the streets while only 9% of the animals were brought to the shelter or reception centres by the owner.

Written by Remco Stoffer on behalf of SpainSites.nl.

June 24, 2018

Some nice atmospheric photos with thanks to our students ❤

Cuddles. They love getting cuddles.

Is it dinner time yet?

Lovely clean cages, thanks to our hard working students.

Hello? Is it time for playing in the field?

Such a handsome doggie.


Another handsome chap.

Our new cages have made all the difference.

"Sleeping in the noonday sun!"

Some of our adorable Galgos.


Will you throw my ball, please. Please!

More cuddles!

Our Denise with precious Bunny

Bunny is not adoptable. You can read her sad story via the link on the Dutch blog.

Dogs banned from the beaches and lakes ... you only have to see it once! I was stunned by what I saw!

  Addicted dogs have smoked countless cigarettes and thrown the butts on the grass and sand;

Mummy dogs have changed their babies and left the Pampers lying on the ground or dumped in the bushes;
Messy dogs have simply left their crumpled Mc Donalds bags and trays lying around.

  Party doggy's have apparently thrown a party, which you can clearly see from the empty beer cans and bottles, crisps and liquor bottles, nothing is thrown in the container next to it;
Horny dogs have covered  bitch and left their used condoms lying around;

   Only ...... I haven't seen many dogs!!!!!

So yes, the municipalities are right to ban dogs on the beach, along the lakes and other nature reserves ......

People would never cause such a terrible mess ??????????

Our Frikadel in "weekend mode" .....!!!!

I hope you enjoyed the weekend. Here in the UK it is hot, hot, hot. It is actually one degree hotter than in La Cala de Mijas! 25 degrees here, 24 degrees with you. And it's going to get hotter again next week. The only thing is. I would prefer to be over there with you :( I feel a bit like Frikadel :)

Please will you help us to feed our puppies.

We have taking in a lot of puppies lately, they all have to eat.
Will you help us to help our puppies by donating a bag of puppy food?
For information you can mail to collectie.nederland@ace-charity.org
On behalf of all our puppies, thank you very much !!

Manon is on her way home, thanks again for everything.

Lovely photo of Manon, with the little dog, and her daughter Kelly, who is driving. 

June 23, 2018

Visit from a Spanish television crew

Today Spanish TV came to make a report of our daily care and work for our dogs ....

June 20, 2018


Nunu is a beautiful black guy with a lot of potential, a super loyal friend for a consistent owner who wants to guide him into the right direction. He's had a bad time so he's watchful with strangers - his owner went to prison and poor Nunu was shut in a workshop for two years. Who will give him a new start ... after all the time he waited for his owner, who didnt return? Who will show him how much life can change - for the better.

For more information about Nunu please click here

Sweet Santana

Little Santana has had to take care of himself and the idea that someone would take care of him is a new idea. Who is going to show him that life can be different.

For more information about Santana, please click here

ACE Luigi

For more information about Luigi, please click here

Luigi is exuberant and playful and really like to be with people. He can be placed in a family with children, but will get big. He's friends with everyone, man and dog. Luigi is a boy without traumas or complexes, funny and active.

Today in our refuge - 18th June, 2018

Another little video showing daily life in our Refugio. In this film you see several of our gentle, graceful Galgos - Spanish Galgos.

Having fun on the field!

It's the highlight of their day. Along with dinner of course 😊. Running free down through the Refugio, through the gates, up the stairs and into the big field. Splashing in the 'swimming' pools, running after balls, getting loads of cuddles. Everyone gets a turn. Every day unless it's howling a gale or other weather conditions prevent it. But that, luckily, is not often.

June 18, 2018


In memory and sadness


June 17, 2018

Festival !!!!

Dear All,

I have to be honest with you,  I went a bit crazy tonight. Others go to a festival, I just did it in the park.

I was off the lead,  there were a lot of crows, so exciting, so I followed them. They flew in all directions but also came back with great speed just as hard. So exciting - it looked like the birds in the Alfred Hitchcock movie.

Then I really got the taste. And so later when I saw young ducklings I found that great, because everything was new and beautiful. I was feeling in the mood to hang out with them, so I followed them and jumped into the water under the bridge and yes I heard my boss calling, but I thought that this is my party.

But it was so steep everywhere I could not get out; luckily a jogger came by and my boss called him, and he got me out.

I was immediately put back on the lead. I wanted to play with another dog but I had to go home because my boss said I stank. I still did not think I had done anything wrong, but there was no question but I had to obey.

At home I had to go under the shower and my boss was not happy because she had cleaned everything that day. And then, when I had been washed but was not completely dry, I jumped on the bed. Again, not good, as it had was just freshly cleaned.

I must stay here now, can't you see me lying down and looking so sad. She had promised that we could have an ice cream when we got home. And I have not yet had one, because she is angry with me. But you know I have already seen her laugh; she thinks I have not seen it! And she is never angry for long.

We have just moved to live in Zwijndrecht.  I have also been in the Devel. And yes, my boss should not have come to live somewhere with so much water and so many locks.

Dear dog friends, life in the Netherlands is really cool, I want to thank all dogs from Spain, and dear people for saving me from the killing station, otherwise I could never have lived like that and be so naughty.

So grown ups, I'd say this was my focal point - this was my very best summer tee-tee!

ACE / Shin thank you for all your beautiful work and all the volunteers you are all TOPPERS

Cuddles from Gabber


Photo by Brenda Broers Hoks

Where is the golden basket for our Betis? THREE YEARS, that's the long, long time he's been waiting. He was born on the streets, but he's been in the protectora since he was 2 weeks old. His little brother, Gines, already found a good home in 2015, 2 years later mommy Triana also follows but Betis is not having any luck.

Betis is a very affectionate dog, he lives without problems together with the other dogs in the shelter; only during dinner we put him aside because then he can sometimes become nervous. As a puppy he lived together with cats in his former foster family. He is somewhat reticent about strange people, but once he takes you into his trust, he is the most loyal, sweetest dog! Who wants to finally give him, after all these years, the warm home he deserves?

More information about Betis can be found here.

A dog is for life ... and not just for a moment!


Think before you take me home. I am an always dog.

I am not an until you are fed up with me Dog

I am not an until you want a new puppy Dog

I am not an until you move house Dog

I am not an until you have less time Dog

I am an ALWAYS dog. So if you cannot promise that, then I am not your dog !!!

Veerle, our perfectionist!

Veerle checking the paperwork and passports again, ready for the journey. Our perfectionist!
Thanks, Veerle.

Have a happy weekend, everyone!

WARNING!!! Watch out for the 'processional caterpillar'!!!

Today we had an emergency: a dog who we noticed was having trouble drinking water. The reason - the procession caterpillar! We tranquilized him so we could rinse his mouth out well. Unfortunately, the black part you see in the photo is dead, because you can not do anything to change it once it has happened.

If you have such bugs on your own land (usually you'll see such white nests in the pines) or you come across them during a walk: do not let your dog sniff or smell it. And if your dog is drooling, look carefully at its mouth and tongue

Photo 3 is from day 5 after treatment.

Also pay attention to people. Not only just your animals but also for yourself and children.

More pictures of the processionary caterpillar's nests