June 17, 2018

WARNING!!! Watch out for the 'processional caterpillar'!!!

Today we had an emergency: a dog who we noticed was having trouble drinking water. The reason - the procession caterpillar! We tranquilized him so we could rinse his mouth out well. Unfortunately, the black part you see in the photo is dead, because you can not do anything to change it once it has happened.

If you have such bugs on your own land (usually you'll see such white nests in the pines) or you come across them during a walk: do not let your dog sniff or smell it. And if your dog is drooling, look carefully at its mouth and tongue

Photo 3 is from day 5 after treatment.

Also pay attention to people. Not only just your animals but also for yourself and children.

More pictures of the processionary caterpillar's nests

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