July 31, 2021


 Saturday 31 July 2021

Podencootje Bailey was born together with her brothers and sisters under a bush, abandoned in the campo. She was recently adopted and is doing really well.

Costa (ACE George)

Saturday 31 July 2021

George was raised with his brothers and sisters and by moms Marjolein, Eileen and Gracie. Together they survived the slums of Seville until they were plucked from the streets and taken to the killing station. This family has overcome many obstacles: life on the street, the hell of the death station and the flood of January 8 in our Refugio.

Costa (ACE George) was adopted and is doing great. His mistress says: "Costa fait le bonheur de ses adoptantes. Il est vraiment magnifique !!" He makes us very happy. He is really fantastic).

The whole gang has been adopted. Only mom Eileen (see photo below) is still waiting for a nice home.
More information about her can be found here.



Fabienne's Diary: Will you take care of my Lupita?

Friday 30 July 2021

Tutu was a very sweet, good friend of mine. She was Indian Canadian and since 1999, when ACE | SHIN began, and at the same time the beginning of our fight against animal injustice, we were soul mates and that has never changed during the following 22 years. Tutu was a great animal lover all her life, and a wonderfully humorous, intelligent and cheerful lady with allure! We spent hours together to be able to change something about the many animal suffering, but during COVID we couldn't see each other. We spoke regularly but visiting was out of the question. And now the visit is no longer necessary. Tutu suddenly left, … So sad, so terribly sad. We never saw each other again, but she always asked me to take care of her dog, Lupita, if one day she would be gone.

Since her death Lupita has been at our office, one of our office dog. Lupita is a 7 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, once found on the street, and raised surrounded by love and tasty Indian chicken with vegetables. She adored her boss, and vice versa, they were together day and night, together with the cat. Here it doesn't work well with kittens, but this will take some time. Lupita now lives in the office with the dogs, but sometimes dares to go against a dominant figure. With people and children she is a dream dog, a sweetheart, very quiet in the house, and used to living in a home, just being pampered.

Lupi is very sad for her owner, she has already lost a lot of weight out of grief. Who gives this sweet Stafford a chance, another happy life? It is a good, faithful sweetheart who is having a hard time right now,… We hope that may change soon.

For more information about sad Lupita, please go to the Dutch version as the information is not yet translated into English. There is however a French version.

In memoriam Maximme

 Friday 30 July 2021

Little Maximme passed away, for years a real Papa's child. She was his lust and his life. A big empty place, and a very sad time comes to miss her.

She got heaven on earth with her owners and enjoyed the beautiful life, the care and love she received to the fullest…

From hell in Spain to heaven in Belgium… How they will miss her, little girl, forever in their hearts.

Do you have a rescue dog too?

 Friday 30 July 2021

Then this T-shirt should be in your wardrobe! And the proceeds go entirely to our darlings! Available in different colors and sizes. Cost: 25€ (excluding shipping costs).

To order: https://aceshin.steunons.be/product/vrouwen-t-shirt-rescue-dog-mom/

Help our dogs keep cool by donating a shell pool for them!

 Friday 30 July 2021

To help our dogs withstand the Spanish heat, there are many shell pools in our refugio. But unfortunately we have run out of stock. Will you help to replenish these, so that our dogs can enjoy a refreshing splash again? Good solid swimming pools cost €7.50 each. You can donate a swimming pool by transferring € 7.50 to account no. BE97979214471449 or via a tikkie: Will you please pay me for 'Badjesactie ACE Charity' via https://tikkie.me/pay/8j2lv6nu7i8cm3gehimj Thank you very much in the name of our dogs, they are already looking forward to a fresh wallow in their new baths😀


 Friday 30 July 2021

Message from adopter: "Do you still recognize Merlot? On February 17, 2021, he came from Spain to Belgium, terrified. A project that would require a lot of time and patience, that was his description. Little by little he's relaxing, we are not there yet but how we enjoy the steps he takes every day and how he starts to trust us more and more! ❤️"

Tails & Tales donates €1,000.00

 Friday 30 July 2021

The non-profit organization Tails & Tales (https://www.facebook.com/TailsandTales.be) sells homemade figurines made from bicycle chains.

These can be used as a trophy after a match. The idea behind it is that everything can be recycled and earn a second life. They also sell these unmade to schools. where the students can put them together, based on a manual. Is good for their insight and motor skills. This non-profit organization donated its last proceeds of 1,000 € to our sweethearts, and we are very happy with that! Thank you very much!

This time it's a turtle that's been dumped on us ...

 Friday 30th July 2021

... Fortunately Maribel has taken it to her heart ....


 Friday 30 July 2021

Lieveke, who was adopted together with Jane 13 years ago, came from very far and had a long way to go but  today is no longer afraid!!

Good Morning!

 Friday 30th July 2021


 Thursday 29 July 2021

Support our dogs and order freshly baked pancakes from Walt's adopters! The entire proceeds go to our darlings in Spain. Price: €5 for a pack of 10 freshly baked pancakes. You can order by sending an email to wanda78vermeulen@hotmail.com or by calling 0489/481657. The pancakes can be picked up in Adinkerke, Belgium. You can order until August 10th 60 packages have already been ordered so far.

Reunion of Concha and her daughter Conchita!

 Thursday 29th July 2021

Tobbe after three weeks of surgery...getting there slowly but surely...

 Thursday 29 July 2021

Good afternoon!

 Please adopt a dog, or a cat, so many of them are waiting for a lovely forever home.

M&M on the market yesterday evening !!

Thursday 29th July 20

30 Euro they got selling t-shirts, thx🙏  Everything helps!!

July 30, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: Joy ... a best friend!

 Wednesday 28 July 2021

A most sociable sweetheart, a sweetheart of a dog. Social with people and animals, and can't get enough of a lovely chat and being together. He was rescued from a killing station as a little puppy, and it's a miracle he made it through, because puppies are so neglected and barely fed so often don't see the light of day.

Joy is an optimist, a sweet rascal, a best friend. He is easy to get along with, is now learning to live with humans and animals, from his foster family. He is a good family dog, a dog that needs an owner who walks and respects him, cuddles and gives him that happiness that every animal is entitled to. A heaven on earth…

For more information about friendly Joy, please click on his name. 

To see a video of this sweet boy, please see the Dutch blog

Cuddling with our dogs..

 Wednesday 28 July 2021

Jasmine (Ace Bonita)

 Wednesday 28 July 2021

She is now 6 months old and almost 2 months with us.She's a sweetie; we couldn't do without her anymore. Thank you Ace/ Shin for allowing us to adopt her.


 Wednesday 28 July 2021

Message from here adopters: "Hello this is the sweet Zygie in your story from May 9, 2020. A puppy from the "accident" with the neighbors between a Beagle and a Ridgeback. We are so happy with her! She has become a beautiful sweet girl Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our dear Zarza on July 1, 2020. We adopted her in April 2014. Her name was Zarzamora. After 2 weeks we unexpectedly came into contact with Zygie who was in foster care close to us and below you can see the beautiful result!"

Malaga is against the bullfights!!

 Wednesday 28 July 2021

On Saturday 14 August there will be a big demonstration in Malaga!!

We are also participating!!

Jesus and Daniel two damaged souls.....

 Wednesday 28 July 2021

They were saved together after Jesus put his paw around Daniel to show us that they belong together...still...but who's gonna give them a chance..these scared big ones...who lived always hung on a chain ...a difficult assignment ... sharing and hoping someone will stand up for them.

For more information about Jesus and Daniel, please click on their names.

For the story of their rescue, please click below.


Daniel left of picture and Jesus right of picture.

Oscar our sweet foster dog helps feed the kitten!!

 Wednesday 28 July 2021

Kia has been with me for 10 years.

 Wednesday 28 July 2021

It's been 10 years since I adopted this sweet lady. From the garbage dump to her golden basket. In the pictures she is with Binti (Ace Bieke) and Zoë.

Fabienne's Diary: Six poor suckers, their owner had to go to prison.

 Tuesday 27 July 2021

We received an urgent call for some dogs whose owners had to go to jail. He had to take all his dogs to the killing station if there was no other solution. We went there, and you can't imagine what we found there. The dogs were in their own dirt, a dirty, nasty affair. We were able to save the poor wretches with great difficulty and take them with us.

We also tried to catch the cats, but it was an impossible task, they were completely wild and extremely fearful. The housing of the dogs, cats, rabbits and the man himself was simply a pigsty. All the dogs are with us, and another organisation took care of the cats and rabbits. You'll find a video of the rescue on the Dutch blog - https://acedoggyblog.blogspot.com/2021/07/dagboek-van-fabienne-zes-sukkelaars-hun.html?m=1

Bijouke, Selena, Carlie, Faustino, Babette and Crocky are now with us and waiting for an owner.

For more information about each of them, please click on their names below their photos.