July 31, 2021

Help our dogs keep cool by donating a shell pool for them!

 Friday 30 July 2021

To help our dogs withstand the Spanish heat, there are many shell pools in our refugio. But unfortunately we have run out of stock. Will you help to replenish these, so that our dogs can enjoy a refreshing splash again? Good solid swimming pools cost €7.50 each. You can donate a swimming pool by transferring € 7.50 to account no. BE97979214471449 or via a tikkie: Will you please pay me for 'Badjesactie ACE Charity' via https://tikkie.me/pay/8j2lv6nu7i8cm3gehimj Thank you very much in the name of our dogs, they are already looking forward to a fresh wallow in their new baths😀

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