March 31, 2018

Victim of the breeders, but braver than anyone ... Coccinelle!

From the daybook

She has the sweetest face as well as the sweetest character

It would be hard to find a dog as noble as Coccinelle, she is innocence itself and friendship shines out of her, ... Used as a breeding bitch and after 4 years of inexorable suffering, just dumped on the street - "take her or leave her, but we no longer need her." So she came to us, with a coat that had not been maintained for years and where you really fell back because of the stench, ... A dog that was never appreciated, nor cherished, but used and used up.

We call her Coquine, because if you just look at her she will respond, a bit awkward but completely happy because after a few sessions at the hairdressers and nice baths she looks completely different, but especially, she feels a very different dog, and she is indescribably grateful for it. The first steps in the grass, the first walk, some awkward but so happy, the soft basket that now caresses her delicate body, with soft fleece blankets. She now rolls about without stopping, because suddenly she feels reborn.

Coquine is a dog you will need to get to know, to discover her lovely character.  It may be that she will face medical costs in the future, we do not know, what we do know is that she deserves a better life, and a boss that is well aware of it and has considered it carefully and knows what he or she is getting into ... She must get heaven on earth!

House visits? Would you be interested?

Would you like to do something for our dogs and do you have experience with foreign dogs?
Then you could become an important link in the adoption process and join our team as a home visitor.

If you are interested and would like more information, send an e-mail with your motivation to

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

We are urgently looking for foster care for Nemo or better still a nice and warm home !!

Nemo was able to come to the Netherlands two months ago. Unfortunately, the world of his adopters suddenly changed drastically, something that Nemo had no part in, but unfortunately wee now need to  look for new owners for him.

Nemo is a sturdy boy, but with a heart of gold. In the short time that he has been in the Netherlands, he has already shown that he is clean, that he can  sleep in a bench, that he can be home alone for a while, that he can ride in the car and that he can play with a ball. He gets on with other dogs, although at first he may be somewhat dominant to other males. After a more extensive acquaintance, it is then okay. Nemo listens well already and sits on command. If you continue training him, he will undoubtedly get more commands.

Nemo is very human-oriented, the expectation is that he is also nice with children, but he has not met them so far. It is also unknown how he reacts to cats. Nemo is a sporting dog, you can go jogging and take him with you. He also needs that movement, although he also sleeps a lot at home. A nice comrade, our Nemo, which we prefer to place with experienced people who know that you also have to be consistent.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

Please click here for more information about this lovely boy.

Armani - happy with his owner

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

Yesterday we said goodbye to our Ton and Trudy ..

Saturday 31 March 2018

Yesterday we said goodbye to our Ton and Trudy .... they are  in our minds and many in the many rescued worlds! We continue and that with full hearts! Thanks to everyone for the many kind words, the support and so much more!

March 27, 2018

Ton and Trudy

Memorial card - Ton and Trudy.

Together out, together at home

After a life marked by simplicity, goodness, caring, honesty, and love, our mum and dad, grandmother and grandfather passed away.

Trudy van den Broek - Spronk
* Utrecht 11 December, 1948     + Venlo 23rd March 2018

Ton van den Broek
* Utrecht January 16, 1948        + Venlo 25th March 2018

Reunited in love

Alain and Monique van den Broek
Isla, Nina

Gabrielstraat 26, 5916 SV Venlo

Trudy is at the Farewell Center Veldzicht, at the Margrietstraat 3 in Velden

Ton has made his body available to science.

The farewell service will take place on Friday 30 March at 12:30 in the crematorium, located at Grote Blerickse Bergenweg 30 in Blerick.

Following the service you are welcome to come together in the coffee room of the crematorium.

Instead of receiving flowers, a gift for Hospice Mariaweide would be preferred.

Collecting boxes for this will be present at the farewell service.


Sunday 25 March 2018

Dear All,

Now our Ton has also gone, he is no longer with us  ... after sharing almost 19 years of love and suffering in our refugio ...
From 1999 to the present almost 19, 000 lives saved .. together we were strong .... together we went through ups and downs ...
It was not always easy and there were certainly difficult times too ... yet we will never forget the beautiful moments ....
Ton is not here anymore but we will never give up and will strive for our refugio ... day by day and life by life he wanted.
Every life has worth.
You are no longer by our side but in our minds you are still fighting along with us...
Rest now Ton, cancer has taken you and your wife away from us ... you can be together now without pain and worries ...
In our minds and many of our dogs ...

We never forget you ... you were the very best !! Our refugio continues ... together with us many fight for the welfare of those who have been forgotten! We fought for that together and we continue with that .... rest now ....


Here is a beautiful memorial to Ton.

I am unable to put the video on the English blog, but if you click the link above, you will be taken to the page of the Dutch Blog with the video.

March 24, 2018

Heavily pregnant, drenched in paint and left to her fate ... that was what happened to our Toosje ...

From the diary:-

Again another incredible action, we simply do not understand it, but in this corner of Spain you just will not be surprised anymore after years and years in the face of all sorts of animal abuse, which we see  every day ... Yesterday we were alarmed to hear that this Mastin, heavily pregnant and drenched with a pot of paint, had been spotted on an industrial estate where she was going to rubbish bins in order to keep her growing puppies and herself alive ... She was very scared when we took her away, but went along willingly, as if she knew it was Good - she is goodness itself.

Today she was taken to the clinic and an ultrasound was done; we can no longer abort, she is too far advanced in her pregnancy. We are also starting to get rid of the paint - what sort of people were they!!! Who could do this? She has now had a complete examination and is getting what she needs and deserves! We have called her Toosje, she is so soft and kind, what a sweetheart! She has only been with us for one day but she is already in all our hearts, ... How can you let it happen, hey, in what sort of  world do we live ...?

Fabienne in Marie Claire ...

Street Dogs in Spain get new homes, thanks to a Belgian woman.


Stray dogs are a plague in Spain. There are so many  dogs wandering around that the government has opened a number of killing stations or perreras to tackle the nuisance. Fabienne Paques, the founder of Spanish Dogs in Need (SHIN) saves the stray dogs by buying them from the killing stations and giving them a new home.

Meanwhile, Fabienne has saved more than 18 000 Spanish dogs. SHIN offers constant shelter for 650 dogs divided among two refuges in Spain. The employees and volunteers will then look for new owners for the dogs in Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria.

Three Kings, Three Kings, give me a new dog!

'My greatest wish is that all our work is no longer necessary and the Spaniards no longer see these animals as disposable objects. Unfortunately, that is a utopia, 'says Fabienne. Dogs are not seen in Spain as the four-legged friend they are to us. The dogs that arrive at Fabienne's refuge were left behind by their owners during a move, or dumped on the street, or in waste containers, in a field or in one of the killing stations.

Stray dogs are not problem dogs

SHIN emphasizes that the dogs that are usually donated in Spain are not problem dogs. "People are tired of the dog. The puppy is no longer a cute puppy ', says Fabienne. There is also the Spanish tradition to give a dog as a gift for Three Kings on 6 January. As a result, people are presented with a dog, whether they want it or not, or they buy it because it's tradition. Getting or buying a dog is therefore an impulsive business in Spain. As a result, they are just as impulsively disposed of as purchased.

Should you be interested in adopting a dog from SHIN, then be sure to visit Creme Marieke this summer. There they have delicious ice cream for dogs and their owners.

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Antigoon, Jasper and Leonardo were allowed to have a day out ...

... our volunteers commented that they are super darlings!!!


Frizzy (ACE Frizee 13533)

"Frizzy has been living in the Netherland since August 2017, which he enjoys a lot together with his girlfriend Csilla. The bond between Frizzy and his adoptive mum is already very strong, which caused him some trouble with separation anxiety, but luckily that's a lot better now. On the picture you see Frizzy on the right and Csilla on the left ".

Inez! We'll help you with your cookies!!!

March 18, 2018

Farewell to my husband Peter.

This is very sad and shocking news. Ineke, who writes and manages the Dutch blog posted this message.

Today I said goodbye to my husband Peter who passed away on Sunday, March 11th.
It was a short but intense illness. We have adopted a total of 11 dogs since 2010, of which we now have 6, the others have died after a long or short stay.

Peter often had something of "we have enough" but still I was allowed to bring them here and he enjoyed the dogs. I will miss him!

Your blogger, Ineke

Peter loved the dogs and loved being at the Refugio. Among the dogs they adopted, I was there the day he met and fell in love with the beautiful Podenco Mafalda.

ACE doggie Chelsea (formerly Moussa) happy in the English snow!

Image may contain: dog, outdoor and nature

Chelsea, in the middle, with her siblings Frankie on the left and Cookie on the right, in the smart red jumper. Chelsea fell on her paws when she was adopted as puppy by Jamie and Gemma Pound of Chorleywood Dog Training, in the UK. She has a wonderful, happy life with these lovely people and their children. Getting loads of great activities, walks, cuddles and love.

Here we go again ....

Sunday, March 18, 2018
From the Diary.

These 6 puppies were rescued from the killing station, all given up without a second thought, but now safe with us, ... Let's hope they survive ... There is hope, in any case.