March 04, 2018

Sinva lived for 9 years in good times and bad time, but then was thrown out in the cold

From Fabienne's Diary 

Sinva, 9 years in good and bad times, now in the cold...

A little Yorkie, 9 years old, who has always been loyal to his owner, as Yorkies are. 

Unfortunately his owner got bored with him, we were told and there he went... to the killing station. Luckily we were informed and we were able to take him out.  The little guy's world fell apart and then he got dumped to death row...
Little Sinva's heart is broken, his owner continued his life as if Sinva was never part of it. His selfishness and uncaring treatment of his dog makes us angry. but if we hadn't saved Sinva this would have died..

He is adjusting ok, taking the circumstances into consideration but we can see  that he doesn't understand what is happening to him. He didn't get proper care, we can see that at his teeth which are in a horrible state...

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