January 31, 2021

Dobbe 8746

 Saturday, January 30, 2021

In January 2020 Dobbe (Spanish water dog of 7 years old) came to us. Unfortunately his previous owners could no longer take care of him. Dobbe was first a stray dog ​​in Spain, but then well taken care of and spent 5 years with his previous owners. And we could see that, because he was already well educated. He is a good listener and loves to be around you. From the first day (after a few hours of getting used to) he attaches himself to all of us (there are four of us). We are so happy with him.

There are also things that are more difficult. Because of Corona we have few visitors and we notice that he is unfriendly to unexpected, unknown visitors. He jumps and gasps. A neighbor has already been bitten on the hand by him (luckily nothing serious, but still!) And that is really not possible. We will continue to practice with him, but this really remains a point of attention.

Despite that, we love Dobbe. We wouldn't want to be without him for the world now and he really is part of our family. He is always overjoyed when you come in (even when you go shopping). He loves to go outside and can walk for hours. He prefers to play with the ball and splashing in the water is also beautiful. Now that I work from home a lot, he is always cozy next to me, so cozy.

We are still happy every day that we adopted Dobbe through ACE!

Tizzie IS HAPPY !!!

 Saturday, January 30, 2021

Quelques photos de Tizzie qui a trouvé sa place dans la maison !!

Tout va bien, elle évolue de jour en jour.

Some pictures of Tizzie who has found her place in the house !!

Everything is going well, it is evolving day by day.


Saturday, January 30, 2021

Dear Bo, sweet girl, sweet clown, sweet cuddly toy, sweet girlfriend,

We were not looking for a dog, but were certainly open to it. We wanted to see what came our way. We wanted to go for dogs that need care and would therefore be less likely to be adopted by others.

Then I saw Bo on the site of A.C.E .. She was neglected, was very anxious and had Leishmania. Bo was the dog that had to come our way. Her needs matched perfectly with what we could offer her.

You arrived at the foster family on 10 September 2020. They have pampered you wonderfully, worked on your fears and meant so much to you in a short time. You looked so much better and showed that you could enjoy life more and more. We (Bo, Bobbie, Ramon and I) are so grateful to them for the fantastic foundation they have given you.

Let's go back to the moment I saw you on the site. You were already with the foster family. You lived with them in Roermond. That meant that we could visit you, get to know you and also see if there was a click with Bobbie, our French Bull. We have booked you as soon as possible. A.C.E. has given us a good, clear and honest picture of your situation. We knew where we stood if we adopted you.

The contact with the reception family was fantastic. They are incredibly sweet people with a heart for animals. They have had so much patience with you and in return was a tremendous amount of love from your side to them. They have made you very happy, and you made them. They have kept your time with them in a diary, so valuable!

Then the day came when we could meet you. What a special day this was. We drove to Roermond full of itches in our stomach. There you were. You were super insecure, but walked very sweetly. Your foster lady also came along, that was important. We could see that there was a click with Bobbie. We loved you, even though you didn't dare to show your beautiful character yet. We knew it had to be, so we're going for it!

You came to us at the end of October. It was difficult to say goodbye to the reception family. There was so much mutual love to be seen between you. Luckily, we all knew we're going to make you the happiest dog girl on the planet. Your reception family was convinced of that too. It was a good step towards a bright future. Here we went. On the way to your golden basket. We took you home and you will never leave.

It took some getting used to for you, didn't it girl? Being outside is especially scary for you. Fortunately, the click with Bobbie was right. That was very important. Bobbie is a tough little man who finds everything fun and interesting. He shows you that you don't have to be afraid of children, men, objects. We still need some time for this, but how you grow, girl. Every day you show that you are less anxious.

Inside you are really a clown. You dare to show your beautiful character and we are very happy there. You really joke, play with Bobbie all day and you have the structure of the day all the way through. You start making such sweet noises when it's dinner time. You already know exactly!

Cuddling together on the couch is our favorite hobby. You enjoy when I tickle you and you can snore like the best. You sleep next to me, eat my breakfast and lie behind me when I am working. You're my best friend, sweet girl. We are incredibly happy with you in our life.

One hundred thousand hugs from us

Boaz (ACE Betun)

 Saturday, January 30, 2021

Hello dear ACE people, We want to let you know that Boaz (ACE Betun) found his pillow here. And he approved it! We would like to thank you once more for the good care! You are doing a fantastic job!

Nino (ACE Ninos)

 Friday, January 29, 2021

Message from adopters: "We picked up Nino at the airport a year and a week ago. He's doing very well. He prefers to play with his buddy Qas. Sometimes he can't leave him alone. 😊 He is a stubborn but ooooh such a sweet dog! Also for our son he is super sweet!

Thank you for the confidence in us to be able to receive this great bear into our family! "

In memoriam Emmanuel.

 Friday, January 29, 2021

Message from sad adopters: "We hereby inform you that Emanuel fell asleep last year, after a 6-month battle against cancer. The treatment did not turn the tide. Unfortunately. A painful experience after 8 years of unconditional loyalty and friendship. A sweet dog and a best friend. We have many very fond memories of Manuel. We miss him every day and we will never forget him. "

Emmanuel's adopters appeal to the adopters of Manuel's siblings to let them know how they are doing.

Messages can be sent to ace.shin.blog@gmail.com and Ineke will make sure they get to the right place !!

January 30, 2021

Churro is a dream of a dog.

 Friday, January 29, 2021

We are all super in love with him. He already feels at home. Thanks for everything. You are FORMIDASTIC PEOPLE. 😘We have also learned to double line him in the meantime 😉. He walks very calmly. And is not afraid of the environment.


 Friday, January 29, 2021  

Arwen has found a safe corner in the living room, with patience, time and love this guy will be all right 💘

Gordito, now Sjakie, is also home!


Have a great weekend on behalf of Isabelleke and all her dogs and cats and all of us !!!

 Friday, January 29, 2021 

Isabelleke is one of our cherished, beloved foster mums and cares for as many as forty precious dogs for us.

Fabienne's Diary: Piru, a little skinny guy ...

 Friday, January 29, 2021

Piru came just skin and bone, so thin that he could barely stand on his legs. The little guy jumps up to you with his frail body and does everything he can to be with you. A carer who wants to sit down for a while, he immediately crawls into their lap and wants to stay there. We will never know where he came from, nor how he survived it all, but he is still there. We also fight for that one life that came into our midst along with the many other unfortunates that just end up on the street at random.

Often, when my mind wanders for a moment, I imagine how I would experience that, you really should do that. Imagine: suddenly you are on the street, towards the evening the light goes out and the bustle of the busy people is gradually diminishing. Everyone goes to his own house and lives his life, but you stand outside and see the family eating and being together. The dog of the house gets a hug and a piece from the table. Your stomach rumbles with hunger but remains empty, yearning for a bite for strength and energy. The night falls and you lie somewhere in a hidden corner where the cold and the loneliness, the despair, surrounds you.  The days are long, the nights even longer.  You're not expecting anyone, nobody is looking for you. And then two hands come and take you up and take you ... first to a killing station, another hell, and then to us.

 Sometimes, when my mind wanders, I often think of all our dogs and kittens who have had a similar experiences, one by one, and then I think ... fortunately we are there and stand up for them, fight and carry on, no matter how difficult.

Our little skinny guy ... I hope you survive and may soon become happy somewhere.That we will then get that one message and a photo where your eyes sparkle with happiness and you never have to worry again or be left in a dark street.

For more information about little, skinny Piru, please click on his name. 

Dear Stefano has been in foster care since yesterday.

 Friday, January 29, 2021

Everything is still very exciting and new to him. Despite all the negative experiences he has already gone through, fortunately he has not lost faith in people. Stefano needs time and patience and a lot of love. Whoever can give him this will get a loyal friend for life.

Here he lives with 2 other dog friends and that is going very well. He loves their company so a canine companion would be nice, but not a must.

He likes walking but is still quite lively. All those new impressions and sounds sometimes startle him for a while.

He clearly indicates when he needs to pee and is toilet trained.

Stefano is also a real teddy bear. Once you have his confidence, he will regularly come and ask for a hug and he likes nothing more than to lie on the couch with you.

In addition, he is also beautiful to look at with his beautiful colour markings.

You can't help but fall in love with this handsome guy.

Who still has a place in his / her heart for this sweetheart?

For more information about dear, sweet Stefano, please click on his name.

Sissi is having a cuddle on the way home💖

 Friday, January 29, 2021 

For hygiene reasons, dogs are not allowed on the beach

 Friday, January 29, 2021 

In memoriam Diosa

Friday, January 29, 2021

With sadness and dismay I want to report that my grey galgo Diosa (ACE Muriel) has passed away. I adopted her from you on May 6, 2014. She was so beautiful and I will miss her very much. Thank you for letting me take care of her for 6 years

With warm greetings,


Fabienne's diary: Mar, Page and Marty, three Galgos with problems.

 Thursday, January 28, 2021

These days we receive a lot of Podenco's and Galgoots. The end of the hunting season is in sight, and they are quickly discarded, at the slightest problem they have. They don't care about their dogs, it's really that poignant. Some of them also need to be examined by the traumatologist to find out the severity of their conditions, including Mar, Page and Marty.

Page has an old fracture on her left front leg that has healed badly and which also hurts her a lot. In addition, she also has a fracture on her elbow. She will be examined by the specialist this week to see what we can do .

Mar has a broken front leg, but she cannot support her other leg properly either. She is in a lot of pain and has difficulty walking.

Marty came in together with Mar - he was badly beaten. He is covered in wounds and one toe had to be amputated.

All sad stories, but in spite of everything they have remained so sweet and full of confidence. We now have them in our midst, we hope that we can now gradually build a dignified life for them.

For more information about Page, Mar and Marty, please click on their names.

In Memoriam Valenta # 6248

 Thursday, January 28, 2021

We would like to let you know that Valenta became a star on the other side of the rainbow on January 7th this year at the age of 8. Unfortunately she was very ill. Despite that, she wanted to live so badly but her body really couldn't manage anymore and then you unfortunately have to make a terrible choice, we could not let her suffer more pain. She leaves behind an awful lot of grief and an empty basket. But how much we have enjoyed her, enormously. She was an absolute stunner and a real go-getter. We were able to experience so many beautiful memories together. She was and is a great dog. Out of sight, but certainly not out of mind. She lives on in thought.

Rest in peace darling darling you now have your well deserved rest.

Thank you very much for making it possible for this treasure to experience a golden basket. If only it had given her so many more years.

Warm regards,

Cindy & Wouter

January 29, 2021

Sissi is cuddling on the way home💖

Friday, January 29, 2021 


 Monday, January 29, 2021 

Chad has arrived safely ... now exploring everything at his leisure.

Paco and Kiki find each other in their foster home in the Netherlands (Uriel 13575 and Jimena 13499)

 Thursday, January 28, 2021

How heartwarming to see Paco and Kiki together. Paco (Uriel), the black and white dog, was able to come into foster care two weeks ago, after living in the shelter in Spain since puppyhood. Kiki (Jimena) had been adopted a month earlier, but turned out to be so anxious as a lone dog with her new family, that she was also allowed to go to the foster home. Kiki had also been in the shelter since puppyhood.

Paco and Kiki also get along fine with the other dogs in the foster family, but above all they find each other very sweet and always seek each other out. How wonderful it would be if they could be adopted together.

For more information, mail to herplaatsing.nederland@ace-charity.org

For more information about Paco (Uriel) and Kiki (Jimena), please click on their names.

In memoriam Lilly ...

 Thursday, January 28, 2021

Goodbye sweet sweet Spanish ACE Podenco Lilly! I still remember how it started. I flew to Spain to pick you up - what an adventure that was! Lately you deteriorated rapidly. You fell asleep last night! How I'm going to miss you, especially all the hugs you gave me! What a cool breed of dog the Podenco is. Dear Lilly, thank you for being my dog child in life's great adventure! 🌈🌟

January 28, 2021

A reminder for if you are adopting a pet!


Full of life ... nothing more!!!


We're hungry!!!

 What a lot of very beautiful, and VERY hungry kitten cats. (Take no notice of the yowls, they are far from starving, they are fed very well!!!)

Fabienne's Diary: Aiko Gigante, once a barrel dog

 Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Together with Jen and Leia, a little Podenco who had to give birth to her puppies on a chain, this big boy was also rescued. When we took him from the most horrible place, he was very surprised at first, he could not get enough of what the world beyond that dirty thick wall had to offer.  His thick chain was removed and he got a clean loft with a fresh new basket, which he had never seen or felt before. Soft blankets, what is that? Fresh water, my god, is that possible? A bowl of food, oops… I don't know that? A comb over my body, hey! And we can go on like this for a while. But most of all he enjoys the attention and hugs that are now due to him. And he accepts them with pure friendship.

Everything is new for this big bear, who is very sweet, cuddly and soft in nature. He is very social with other dogs and steals everyone's heart. He is the size of a Leonberger, he is huge, but he knows nothing and has to learn everything. Anyone who takes him on will have a loyal friend for life, even if he is not a ready-made giant. He is already getting a lot from us to see and learn, and he enjoys it every moment.

Aiko Gigante will certainly become a top dog for those who know that it takes time and patience, but they will certainly not regret it.

For more information about Aiko Gigante, the grateful, sweet bear please click on his name.

Fabienne's diary: Otto and Turry, two brothers, victim of the Corona crisis.

These two brothers were found together with the rest of their family, abandoned in the bushes of a lot.The whole family was saved and most were adopted except these two dear ones. They were unlucky and were not noticed anymore because the whole village had to be in lockdown. That's how they ended up with us.hey are barely a year old, both are Stafford mixes, but have been raised very socially until now. They love everyone and they are friendly dogs. They can get along with everyone, their peers as well as cats, it is all good for them. However, they know nothing yet and still have a lot to learn, a project and no ready-made four-legged friends. They have to learn to live in a house, in a garden, learn to walk on a leash, ... In short, they are ready for a new life but need an owner who gives them a good education and introduces them to his world, then this will certainly work out. They are Stafford mixes, so they are dogs that need proper education!

For more information about Otto and Turry, please click on their names.

Adopt for good reason!

 Monday, January 25, 2021

January 25, 2021

Yoda (Lolo 18253)

 Monday, January 25, 2021

I would like to tell you about Yoda.

When he's relaxed, I see a self-aware little man. He is fierce like the average Chihuahua. Responds to the doorbell, walks very well on the walk. Now and then he tries to run along and make contact with the rest of the pack. He likes to come and lie on your lap, preferably with a blanket. Is playful, but also obsessive with certain toys. As if that's his only boyfriend.

But it is a thin layer, he does not trust it quickly and snarls at his pack mates and also at us humans. He doesn't fight with the others, but is angry.

He gets biting when I want something from him. His basket with blanket is the safe place. He withdraws into that. But for example in the morning, when I want him out, he gets angry and he also starts to moan anxiously. That is unfortunate to hear. He then bites me completely. I have a boarding harness for him, and that's going pretty well. I then leave him on the ground and put on the harness leg by leg. He then takes a finger very carefully, he does not trust it. The times when I want something from him are scary. I give lots of mini candies to build his confidence. Hands are scary; what's coming? A sweet or something nasty? But I also see that he is trying to trust me and sometimes he has to. He has an ear infection for which I have already been to the vet twice. (going in the right direction) The assistant is wearing enormous gloves because he cannot be handled. But when they are done he jumps over to me. Very touching. I promised the vet that in a year's time Yoda will be a model dog ......... Maybe .... ;-))

2 weeks later Yoda has already made good steps.

Yoda made it clear to us that he really wants to be in the crate in our bedroom. The others are also close to us. And he is right. Since the weather is so cold and wet, I want him to put on a jacket. Well, he finds that very complicated. But we manage anyway. Sometimes it goes more smoothly than other times. He is getting cozier and more casual. Some dance steps are already being made with the other dogs. Do you remember Jose? Even he likes Yoda. I too can play with him carefully, I like that so much to hand wrestle with dogs. And he jumps around me like a lamb when he gets happy. Sometimes you see the fight in his head, I want it so badly but don't trust it. He lies quietly on your lap, but wants to defend the owner of the lap fiercely. I then put him off the lap. And so he learns a little more each time. For me it is a puzzle how to deal with him so that he becomes a real dog again. Any!!

Greetings from Karin

Fabienne's Diary: Nand, wandering the empty Corona streets ...

 Monday, January 25, 2021

For weeks he wandered back and forth, from rubbish bin to empty restaurant terrace and vice versa. Every day over and over again. Restless sleep somewhere, where he felt a bit safe, in the cold and under the warm sun, defying risks every day.

Nand must have had a home somewhere, he is a sweet and good dog, clearly used to a house. He adores his people and gets along with everyone. He is a sweet and gentle, ordinary four-legged friend who is always happy with a hug and experiences his fate with a sad look.

A good soul who yearns for an owner who loves him, and not just for a moment, but for his whole life ... Unconditional friendship!

For more information about Nand, please click on his name. 


 Monday, January 25, 2021

Just made a new video of Benno yesterday he got a new orthopedic bed and a crocodile to play with; he loves it.

As you can see Benno is having a good time, he is a sweet playful boxer despite his heavy luggage.

Benno has been in the shower this morning, he also enjoys it to the full.

We still thank Ace Charity every day that Benno came to us from the killing station, can't think of what would have happened if Benno had not been adopted by us.

So you see a dog that a few months ago would no longer have a future, is now a very happy dog. Let a dog be a dog, give it the space it needs, and care, love, attention, visit the vet where necessary, then you give a dog the life it deserves.

And Benno has certainly earned and found a golden basket for the rest of his good life.

Fabienne's dog of the week: AIDEN.

 Sunday, January 24, 2021

We saved Aiden from a killing station, along with a lot of other dogs. He shared the loft with 8 other dogs who also came with us. He is a very soft, sweet dog, very social and good with people and animals, and very sweet and cuddly. He likes to walk and likes to go on the field in groups. A hugs boy and certainly a very best friend !!

For more information about sweet, social Aiden, please click on his name.

The transport is here !!

 Sunday, January 24, 2021

The disappointment and fear was great when we had a flood over our refugio on January 8, 2021. So much damage and yet four lives lost as a result of it.

Then our volunteers and sympathizers started an action, the result of which arrived at our place yesterday. Just swallow ... So much effort and commitment for our four-legged friends ...  No words ...

A sincere big thank you !!!

In Memoriam Valentino

 Sunday, January 24, 2021

I would like to inform you that shortly after Amie's death, her best friend Valentino also became an star in the sky.

Valentino our man ❤️, now you are an star in the sky together with Amie. Our sweet bear we are going to miss you sooooo. You will live on in our hearts forever. Now our house is so empty without you and Amie. We miss your cheerful character ... We are glad you came into our lives. Sleep tight sweet boy ❤️

Birma is home!!!