July 29, 2022

On the way to a new beginning ...❤️❤️❤️❤️

 Friday 29th July 2022

Friday 29th July 2022

... We wish all these darlings and their new families a very very happy life together.

Jente Kinjet is a candidate for Miss Antwerp.

Friday 29th July 2022

As the adopter of SHIN dog Jinty, she puts ACE|SHIN in the spotlight on her campaign page: "Meet my dog 🤪".

Since taking photos is impossible without our Jinty putting herself in front of the lens, she deserves the necessary attention.

Jinty has been with us since October 2020, and is a real part of our family. Her Spanish roots make her a very energetic but above all sweet dog. You hear it right Spanish roots 🤔! Jinty was adopted from a Spanish shelter in La Cala de Mijas. SHIN, the organisation and the shelter there work miracles, their counter already stands at more than 26000 cats/dogs who got a golden basket through them. The organisation has numerous volunteers who give their all for each animal (puppy, older, small or large) with a great passion and enthusiasm.

In the summer months and in the period after Corona, more and more animals end up in the shelter. Each one of them deserves to be loved, receive attention, be taken care of and be allowed to sleep in a golden basket. 💋

SHIN works with volunteers in Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium. Would you like to help these animals, or do you have a golden basket waiting at home? If so then definitely take a look at www.ace-charity.org".

You can vote for Jente by sending an sms (with the text 'Vote MA24') to the number 6665.

Or vote via the app https://app.missbelgium.be/vote/Provinciaal2023/MA24 (from all over the world 🌍)

One vote only costs 1 €!

Thank you in the name of Jente and her biggest supporter Jinty!  

Fabienne's diary: Barely 2 months old, she was already the umpteenth victim of a goat farmer.

Friday 29th July 2022

This little defenceless quadriplegic was born in hell to an unscrupulous goat farmer. To me, together with the hunters, they are the most heartless individuals here. How these animals have to suffer, day in and day out, is unbelievable but still harsh reality. In this case, Seprona* was able to intervene, and thanks to them we were able to save Mar, a little dog that they did not really need nor want, but was born somewhere on their property, out of one of their dogs (they did not even know which one). 

Mar was found in a very bad state, more dead than alive, and was immediately taken to an emergency clinic where the following diagnosis was made: severe neglect, malnutrition, anaemia, internal and external parasites, skin inflammation and severe mange. Mar was in a critical condition for 4 days, literally hanging between life and death, but now she is gradually doing better! 

She eats well, she likes it, she enjoys the cuddles of her foster family where she can stay until her departure. She received the necessary care, medication, love and good food,... She is slowly getting through it!

For more information about brave Mar, please click on her name.

* Seprona - Nature Protection Service, a unit of civil guard.

Water tank action for fires in MIJAS

Friday, 29 July 2022

MIJAS has been ravaged by fires for more than a week. This week the fires came very close. The evacuation plan for a potential nightmare is ready. The team in Spain uses water hoses to keep our refugio as cool as possible. But the fear is very real!

Besides the fear, we also got the following scare this week ... the bill for the water consumption. Whether we can just pay EUR 6,000.00! And the summer is not over yet ...

Who wants to help and supports our fight against the fires by making a donation for our water tank? A water tank costs EUR 200.00. We use at least 1 tank per day.

You can donate via:

* Bank transfer to our bank account:

    ES74 0081 0619 5800 0145 7846 in the name of Animal Care Espana Dogs In Need

* Through our website with Ideal/Bancontact/Credit Card: https://ace-charity.org/watertank-actie.

On behalf of our four-legged friends, thank you! 

Good news! ACE Netherlands has obtained the ANBI status!

Friday, 29 July 2022

ACE Netherlands (registered as ACE-Charity-Netherlands Foundation) was founded as an extension of the Spanish Foundation Animal Care España | Spanish Dogs In Need, abbreviated as ACE|SHIN. Last year we started the preparations to apply for the ANBI status for the Netherlands.

This week we received the good news that ACE Netherlands has been granted the ANBI status per 1-1-2022. This means that the Tax Authorities consider ACE Netherlands as an Institution for General Purpose (ANBI). 

An institution can only be an ANBI if it dedicates itself almost entirely to the common good. It may also not be intended to make a profit and must meet requirements of integrity. And ACE Netherlands meets these requirements!

A big advantage of having ANBI status is that donations to ACE Netherlands can now be deducted from the income or corporate tax of the giver. This makes it even more attractive to make a gift or donation to us. 

In addition, ACE Netherlands is exempt from paying taxes on gifts and inheritances because of the ANBI status. Your gift is therefore entirely used to support our hard, but also beautiful work!

Donations from the Netherlands can be paid into the account of the ACE Charity-Netherlands Foundation, NL52ABNA0106944258.

If you would like more information about this, please contact pr.nederland@ace-charity.org 

July 28, 2022

Brilliant news ... our beautiful Vyron has found a home.

Thursday 28th July, 2022

 Vyron - 1

Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, beautiful Vyron couldn't stay where he was and there was a risk that he would have to come back to us. Much as we love him, we really didn't want this lovely boy to have to spend more time in a shelter, even though it's our shelter and he would be loved and cared for.

Despite countless appeals and sharing on Facebook, blogs, the website etc. it really looked as if that was going to happen. And then, at the eleventh hour (that fabulous eleventh hour) Vyron was adopted and found another forever home.

With many thanks and with gratitude to everyone who helped bring about this happy outcome, and especially to Vyron's new family. Wishing you a very happy life with your new boy.

July 20, 2022

Our Jesse seems to be pulling through ...

 Wednesday 20 July 2022

...... So beautiful to see ...

Maxi Zoo, one of our golden sponsors!

Wednesday 20th July, 2022

Maxi Zoo offers a wide range of major brands, as well as a range of innovative and original products for your pets. The best prices are guaranteed all year round, with special offers that will surprise you every day!

Their staff will be happy to help you choose the right food, care and fun accessories. 

Don't forget that your pets are always welcome in their shops!


You can also follow them on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaxiZooBelgium/

Fabienne's Celientje and her fan!

 Tuesday 20th July, 2022

Very special news!

Wednesday 20th July, 2022

Fabienne was nominated by Nestorke's adopter for the 'Be heroes' initiative (https://www.beheroes.be/). 

50 nominees, including herself, are invited to attend the parade in Brussels this Thursday, during the bank holidays, in the grandstand!  

The citation above reads ..

National Holiday   Parade   National Holiday

                                                                   on 22 July from 16 hrs

arrival from 15.15 hr to 17.40 hr at the Palais Square of Brussels

Personal invitation delivered to 

Fabienne Berthe Paques

Below is the nomination from Nestorke's adopter

Fabienne has a heart for animals

For many years, since December 1999, Fabienne has been the biggest heroine who, with heart and soul, a lot of hard work, grief, difficult choices, etc., is fully committed to saving as many animals as possible. Especially neglected or dumped dogs. The dog, man's best and most faithful friend, the only creature on earth that prefers you to himself.

The love of my life, my Nestorke, came to me through her and he gives me in return his infinite gratitude and untold love and good company. He had a serious backpack, but is a philosopher first class who regained confidence and is smarter than many!

Thanks to her, thousands of dogs have found a home and even a second chance at life. She has already rescued more than 26,000 animals. This while she has to make the terrible choices when choosing dogs from the killing station. She cannot take them all.

She does all this work with her husband and with the help of volunteers. She is Belgian who sacrifices her life completely in Mijas (Spain).

It is high time, after so many years, that she is recognised. I am keeping my fingers crossed, together with my furry friend, who has been with me for 12 years now. 


July 17, 2022

Fajita: a noble, loyal, well-loved breed

 Sunday 17th July

Our Fajita is a beautiful cross-Labrador Retriever, a well loved breed that constantly comes out top of favourite breeds. Why such a dog would end up with us is a mystery, indeed it's a mystery why any beautiful soul should should be dumped, unwanted or badly treated. But that's the sad reality.

Fajita is only four yers old, a young dog with great potential. She'll make an ideal family pet and because she's young she's malleable and will take happily to education and training. 

For more information about our Fajita, please click on her name.

Extreme heat expected...

 Saturday 16 july 2022

Update Mijas Fire!

 Saturday 16 july 2022

Our refugio safe for now! It is apparently very difficult to control the fire which continues badly enough! The wind is strong and the fire has already destroyed 1890 hectares. Evacuations and dramas are taking place while temperatures over 40 degrees are not helpful. It is terrible and we stay alert because it is not far away.  The fear is there...fingers crossed that this misery will be extinguished soon!

Adopt, don't shop!

Sunday 17th July 2017


July 16, 2022

 Saturday 16th July 2022

Our Jesse is still with us ... but very weak ... Fingers crossed.

Today already started with bumps ...

Friday 15 july 2022

A badly injured dog at the door ... but Mijas is also on fire! 

For now the wind is with us and we are safe but we stay alert ...

And so they come in and so they are left behind, where does it stop?

 Friday 15th July, 2022

UPDATE: there was a bid of 100€! Who bids more? You have only one more day to do it!

 Friday 15 July 2022

Sale for the benefit of our sweethearts!

This beautiful painting was one of the works of art that was sold by auction during the dog walk in Kapelle-op-den-Bos. Julien from café De Sportvriend, Bono's adopter and organiser of the walk, bought it himself and is now donating it to us. Dimensions are 60 by 80 cm.

Who would like to make an offer via the chat, or by mail to pr.belgie@ace-charity.org? 

The proceeds will go entirely to our sweethearts in Spain!

Bidding is possible until Sunday evening 17 July at 22h.

FABIENNE'S DIARY: It was one of those days ....again!

 driving day 15 july 2022

Friday July 15th

It was already another one of those days. We had already taken in 5 dogs before the day had really started, and then the bell rang again. A woman was at the door with a badly injured dog. She had allegedly found him when she was walking her own dog, but it was a strange story ...  she was desperate, she was also sick and could not help the dog said she. "They have sent me here, because you were going to help, you should ..." and so it went on and on. We don't have to do anything, we don't get any subsidies, but the difficult cases they all send to us. We are also suffocating in misery at the moment, but she left the dog and went her way.

When we arrived at the clinic, the dog was worse than we thought, it had been beaten up a lot. Attacked by another dog? Well, we will never know the truth, but the dog - we called him Jesse - is critical. He is now on a drip, and remains under control of the vet. 

Once more we will do our best to solve this situation and help this poor dog.




July 09, 2022

An ordinary day ... and then along came Marcos!

Friday 8 july 2022

Marcos, the driver who accompanies most of our transports, called me very early one day, to see if we could help, because on his return trip he had picked a dog from the road along a dangerous carretera. Can I please bring him to you, because I really don't know what else I could do.  So it was all hands on deck, drop everything and all of us go again, because the poor guy seemed to be in a serious condition. 

And he was, he couldn't stand on his feet, had wounds everywhere, and couldn't pee. Completely dehydrated by the enormous heat that is killing everyone here. If you have no food or water you are very quickly in danger, so a heat attack will certainly a big risk. He is now in our clinic and we are going to see how it evolves, and what we can do ... Another one ... 

We have named him Marcos, after the person who saved him .... for more information about Marcos, please click on his name.

And our sick pup is eating after all,...fingers crossed....

Saturday, July 9, 2022 


July 05, 2022



Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Dear dog lover,

About 3 years ago I had Vyron brought to the Netherlands through ACE as my dog. Vyron is a typical Malinois Shepherd. Now 6.5 years old. Watchful, but very quiet, crazy about people and well and thoroughly educated. He listens to his boss with pleasure. Vyron has some traits. Outside other dogs hardly interest him, inside he is jealous and does not tolerate a second dog. Vyron also hunts cats. I let him out on a leash in the neighborhood and he is only allowed to run free in the woods. Vyron is patient and likes to go with you in the car. Unfortunately, due to private circumstances, I can no longer take care of him. I hope that there is someone who can take Vyron from me. Otherwise Vyron is a fantastic beautiful and sweet shepherd. 

For more information about Vyron, please click on his name.

July 01, 2022

Summer in the Refugio

 Friday 1st July 2022

Mochilla, dumped in a dumpster as a puppy, and raised by the bottle.

Friday 1st July, 2022 

Now a teenager of 5 months old, just arrived in Belgium and welcomed with open arms by her owners.

Sweet Jacques has all the wonderful characteristics of his breed!

July 1st 2022 

In general, Border Collies are energetic, even-tempered and eager to please, making them a good choice for a family pet. They get along well with children and other pets provided they are introduced properly. This of course is subject to the particular character of the dog in question and the circumstances of the home.

Our beautiful Jacques is a typical Collie. We get very few dogs of this breed, so it's somewhat surprising that he has already been with us for over a year, so becomes a long stayer - just. Perhaps people are not familiar with the breed. Perhaps they imagine that because many Collies are used as working dogs that they can't be pets too. 

For more information about our lovely Jacques, please click on his name. There you'll also find the details for contacting the adoption team in your country with any questions you may have and with no obligation.

Rhaegal arrived at his foster home, which will greatly increase his chances of adoption!

 Friday, July 1, 2022

He is an incredible sweetheart, a bundle of energy, for whom the education was a bit forgotten. You can clearly see that they had little time for him, and he still does not know what he can and cannot do. Fortunately, he learns quickly, and only a small correction is needed to correct him. Rhaegal has a lot of potential, and with the right people it will certainly come into his own! A loyal friend, a companion for life. that is what he would like to be for you! 

For more information about Rhaegal, please click on his name.

If you are interested or have any questions, please send an e-mail to adopties@ace-charity.org without any obligation.