March 29, 2014

Brita - gentle giant

Brita was frightened at first but she's now happy with people. One of our interns says that she's a sweet teddy bear. She really wouldn't hurt a fly - every morning when you arrive she is ready to greet you and have a lovely cuddle. Indeed it's hard to walk past her without giving her a hug - she deserves it and is happy to cuddle you back. She really likes to play with the other dogs too and welcomes new people. In short, a lovely dog.

A big softie, who loves her cuddles.

Hug, please!

Water play!

Taking a friend for a walk.

March 28, 2014

Arrivals ...

Denise Lansdale, who does such a wonderful job organising our adoptions from Spain, has written on the Dutch blog - "On 25th March, three wonderful ACE dogs were welcomed at Eindhoven Airport. It was very emotional, overwhelming. Thanks also to Tarifa's new owners for the leads, which will be very welcome in Spain. "






Group photo and group hug.

Poor, frightened Bluet

Bluet - Blue in English - got his name in the saddest way. Already neglected, with very little food, roaming the streets, even though he had a boss, the poor dog was set upon by a nasty gang of youths. These sadists hit him over and over again and then painted him blue. Yes, really, with blue paint.  If an old lady hadn't intervened, they would have clubbed him to death. His boss cared even less than before, but luckily one of our volunteers took him over.

When he arrived at the Refugio he was terrified, shaking all over and covered in blue paint. It was everywhere and took a long, long time to clean off. He had mange and wounds and the paint and blood stuck to his poor little body. We managed to get it all off and to make him more comfortable.

Such a little dog. Such abuse. Apart for looking after him physically, we also needed to build up his confidence and restore his faith in people. Just look at those eyes and that dear little face.

Is that a smile on Bluet's face? He is certainly more confident now and greets you enthusiastically. So, little Bluet, we think you are now ready for a lovely, forever home and family.

Juju needs you ...

Rescued from the death station at Cordoba, sweet Juju came to us very very scared and dependent. He's learnt to trust people again and loves his cuddles. He so deserves a warm, golden basket and a loving family - he's already been with us for nearly three years. Much as we love him, we hope he will soon have his forever home. Could you be the one to take our sweetie into your heart?

When the boss is away ...

This dog is not allowed on the bed .......

March 23, 2014

Vincent van Gogh - a big name for a tiny mite.

He's called Vincent for short but his real name was inspired by something so cruel. When tiny Vincent came to us someone had cut off his ears with a pair of scissors. What sort of monsters can do this to any creature, let alone such a small, defenceless thing that has barely seen the light of day.

Vincent and his three siblings were rescued by us from the foul killing station at Los Barrios. They were barely four weeks old and in a terrible state. You could hardly see their little bodies for fleas and ticks. And Vincent had raw wounds where his poor ears had been. What monsters can do this?

Sadly all the puppies died, one by one, except for Vincent.  Indeed it's a small miracle that he's still with us. He had the will to live and has survived, especially thanks to Paky. She pampers him with all her love and care. He only eats chicken and wants to stay close to his people, especially his mama, Paky.  We pray that he will continue to thrive - and with Paky's great love and devotion, he will.


Someone hacked off his tiny ears.

Covered with ticks and fleas, malnourished and anaemic.


Vincent survived against the odds.

With my devoted mama Paky.

Getting stronger - I can stand on my own four feets!

March 22, 2014

This and that - happenings this week

Fabienne writes

Wonderful! Spring has arrived - we can see the beautiful flowers, fields and gardens shining in the sun in all their glory. Beautiful colours and beautiful gardens, the green landscape and the indescribable, mighty mountains defying spring to change into hot summer. Already the mimosa is announcing Easter.

Our shelter is working at full pelt, a lot of work and a lot of worry - people keep giving us dogs. Namira has had her operation. A mother with ten puppies arrived ... more and more sad and neglected souls with different histories were begging us to take them in.

Yet it was also a week when a lot of good things happened. We use that to help us stay positive. Tomorrow another healthy day ...


Mimosa and osteospermum - Spring has arrived!

       At the airport.                           Ana has her hands full!      Jesus and a helper with another handful


           I am a cat!                                    I am on the copier!                        I'm in doggie heaven!


             A yummy treat!                     Jane and Tony with puppies.               A lick for Tony!


            In the clinic.                               A kiss and a cuddle.                             A warm lap.    


           More puppies!                          Paky with Vincent van Gogh       Lovely student with sweeties.

Agatha - before and after.

What a transformation from a miserable, mucky sad little dog to this beautiful, pampered darling. Thanks to everyone involved in saving her and changing her life.

Agatha before.

 Agatha after. Transformation complete!

Update Cem : such a happy ending

Do your remember Cem? The faithful dog who wouldn't leave his master's grave. Who refused all efforts to rescue him, faithful even in death. Eventually we had to act as the people from the killing station were closing in. We got there first.

Cem was bewildered when he first came to us and still grieving, but a he's a good and gentle dog. Gradually he adjusted and now we can report a very happy ending. Cem has a new forever home.  The translation below is not exact, it comes from  a piece on the Dutch blog, sent by Cem's new owners - I've done what I can with Google Translate.

Cem's new owners write -

"On 20 February after what felt like a long wait, Cem finally came to the Netherlands. It was an exciting, beautiful, weird moment. Suddenly your dog is there, in front of you, your dog whom you have chosen. Your choice based on the information on the website, what you have been told and yes, secretly, also based a bit on the pictures.

For Cem it was a new and strange experience. "What's going to happen to me now? "Who are you ?" Still anxious he looked a little closer. At home he thawed fairly quickly, after one / two days. I was certainly surprised. Is that his tall wagging now? He knows all's well? And                              
yes, it's true, Cem has found his forever home?            

Cem has gone from having no boss after his master died, to having two masters, so he gets plenty of attention! He really enjoys massages and hugs but he also likes his rest too. While he is still a little cautious around other people, he sometimes finds other other dogs quite interesting. He also likes to eat a delicious gourmet sauce for supper. But the thing he enjoys most is his walks, with the occasional run in between."

Cem - enjoying a rest in his warm basket.

Such a handsome boy.

At the park.

I love going to the park.

Now I have two masters. I'm so happy.

Enjoying a walk - what he loves best.

Smiling Cem. Safe and loved forever.

How can people be so heartless ...

.... this small fellow is Ghali. Look at him, isn't he sweet. We wonder what sort of person - with what sort of mentality - can look at a little boy like this and heartlessly lock him up in filth and fear, leave him for ten days and then kill him? What are they like, the people owned him that they can hand him over to the heartless ones, knowing what will happen? The heartless ones don't care of course. To them he's simply money. Thank goodness we were able to rescue him. He's safe now, with us. One more little one, but there are so many, so many ......