July 25, 2017

Four beagles saved from the university laboratories ...

Four animals used for testing, all Beagles, came into our hands after they had been used for experiments for many years ... Something every animal friend abhors, the things that these poor wretches have had to undergo, year by year, day by day, hour by hour, for their entire lives. Thanks to the help of an acquaintance, we were able to save 4 of them, for which reason, even if it's a drop in the ocean, we're glad they got the chance ... None of us understand why testing has to be done on animals. They could do it another way, in my opinion animals must have animals, there Could, in my opinion, serve others ... But we are not going to talk about it here, we're keeping it clean.

Xantos, 6 years old
Zander, 6 years old
Remy, 6 years old
Denise, 8 years old

Every one of them has dull eyes with little spark. They have never known a real life - their feet are full of wounds from countlless paintful injections that hurt , their fur is dull and lifeless. Their power and desire to live increases every day,  now that they can walk and run around their cage, or even on the meadow, for a while, as long as the heat permits (it is very hot right now). Their first walks on the meadow were tentative, as they put their paws on grass - their first taste of freedom hit us all ... Tears bring tears to your eyes, thinking of the suffering that these beasts went through, but ... Even though they are now in a shelter, they are free ... Denise, a female, looks the most weakened and exhausted, but they are all sweet and friendly ... Our commitment is to make these 4 happy and give them a chance to recover happy, that's our goal, ... Together with all of you, that's what we're going to do!!

July 23, 2017

Vagebond is wonderfully happy in his golden basket!!

Darling Vagebond was rescued from the street with his friend Senor and then found another special friend in his kennelmate MacGyver. MacGyver found his golden basket and here's great news about Vagebond.

Vagebond is great with the kids, walks well on the lead, listens very well and cuddles a lot. His boss can not imagine life without him anymore! In short, it's a match made in heaven

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

SN Brussels Airlines lets us down again - always problems with our flights on Brussels Airlines ...

Sundy 23rd July

We are regularly here at the airport with our dogs who are booked on a flight with SN Brussels Airlines. But always problems.

This time all was in order, the official export documents, Traces, were in order. Above all our in order Traces, but above all our lucky little darlings who were about to fly home. At first everything was fine .... then it wasn't ... then again they said it was OK. And then it changed again - not OK. You keep calm and you hope ... then finally you get the positive confirmation ... so the dogs are checked by Security.

Fortunately, after all that, they are allowed to join the flight -10 min later. Sorry they are not allowed ... The reason? Not enough oxygen on board for the dogs .... despite their having been booked and confirmed ....

And this is where we stand ...

The yo yo's of Spain led by SN Brussels Airlines ... please people book NO more flights with SN Brussels Airlines ... we can not count on them ... it's so frustrating ...
We drive back home with our dogs who could have been on their way home ....
We do not have another flight ... we are too short of flights and so we cannot now get all our dogs home ...

Enfin .... we have no choice.

We drive back to the refugio and have to put them back in their cage for the second time ...
This is always happening when we have flights with SN Brussels Airlines ... incomprehensible ... !!!

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

July 22, 2017

Our black beauties: Brody

How could anyone resist that smiley face!

In a big group you wouldn't notice him. Brody is an inconspicuous, young black doggie...but that's just when you don't know him. He's a simple chap who clearly has inherited the good Labrador gens. He's sweet and playful and gets along well with the other dogs. 

We noticed Brody in the killingstation and we know by experience that black dogs are not very much in demand here ... We took this young dog out of there as quickly as possible because his life was in danger. Brody wil surely become a loyal, inquisitive and affectionate mate for his new owner. 

This dear chap has a lot of potential. For the fans of black dogs and labradors - who wants to give Brody a new chance to find happiness? You can visit him at his foster home in Belgium. For more information - click here. And for information about adopting please email, quoting his number 8531, adopties.nederland@ace-charity.org 


Lito: what a difference a year makes!

2017-07-17 / 2016-07-17 Lito

Yesterday it was 366 days since I had the good fortune to pick up Lito from Schiphol - an unimaginable trip, certainly for a sick dog, but the emergency was great, very great. Any risk would have been more than worth it, because otherwise this dog, in his condition, would have only six weeks to live.

Every effort had been made to get this nice four-legged to Belgium in time, which was absolutely unclear given the Spanish legislation on animal welfare.

But on 17/07/2016 it happened - that's how he had spent a lot of the summer, waiting, but with a some freak chances, landed at Schiphol - to the amazement all the locals on the spot, including the Dutch volunteers. The attached pictures are obvious.

But we achieved it, with huge thanks to Dr. Tom Hendrickx who discovered the correct diagnosis  after Lito's arrival, and started treatment. Tom = My Forever Hero!

Despite the cost tag, I have not regretted that I have chosen for the LITO option: he is and will remain until his last breath of life, "mon petit prince"

I would like to tell you more about our coming walks / activities at SHIN - so watch this space.


Before - such a sick doggie

Skin and bone!

What a difference - loving care, excellent treatment makes a transformation

Happy and healthy

Homer (now Jochie) - so happy

I would like to let you know that Homer (now called Jochie) is doing very well. On November 19th I picked him up at Schiphol and got a warm welcome. (we had chosen him before before when I was in Spain for three days).

He's a lovely huggy bear and you can't get enough of it ... ..

It's going very well with the other dogs (also from ACE), and he already has a girlfriend.
From left to right; With ACE Jim (now Flo), Dodge (now Knor), girlfriend Janssen and Homer (now Jochie). This is what my little pack looks like on an average weekday 😃

A walk on the beach with his sweetheart.

On a visit.

And his own pack, his great friends and family ... .. family ACE.
My BIG LOVES Flo, Jochie and Knor.

It is going well with everyone and they and we are very happy with each other. What a happiness to have such a full and harmonous love.

Thank you to all the lovely people of ACE that you have made this possible and of course Fabienne.

Love from us.


Would you like to see and follow our dogs in fostercare in Belguim and the Netherlands?

foto van Rita Lageveen.

Take a quick look at this group:


This way you could meet your future soulmate - have a look and see if theres a match between you and your pack! Really recommended!

Gremlita and Gara - abandoned and tied to our gate in 45 degree heat ...

Gremlita en Gara, vastgebonden aan de poort van de refugio, de hitte (45 graden) trotserend,...

We found these brave little dogs, Gremlita and Gara, tied to the gate of the refugio in the hottest of weather - it was 45 degrees. 

The two little dogs were clearly together ... Gremlita is a 6-year-old who, like Gara, has already brought a lot of puppies in the world. She has a mass under her belly and needs surgery and a thorough examination. When we untied Gremlita, Gara managed to escape. She was terrorized and in a terrifying state of fear.

When we walked Gremlita outside a few hours later, Gara saw that it was ok, she came up to us spontaneously and walked with us into the Refugio. It's unbelievable how sensitive they are, how they feel things. They are not stupid and do not tell me that a dog cannot think.

Gara had only recently given birth. They dumped her with the breasts full of milk but her puppies were taken away from her.  Both are inseparable, they have always been together. Gara is younger -both are lovely, gentle and good dogs, neither of them have a blessed life but have lived in a true hell - then just abandoned, tied up in the hot sun with breasts full of milk.  How in God's name can you ever accept such things. How can you ever accept that people could be so heartless as to do such a thing to such innocent creatures.

Please click their names here for more information - Gremlita and Gara

Toetoe was thrown on the street after having many litters of puppies ... and then there was more tragedy.

After a life of suffering, Toetoe was thrown on the street where finally she found a soulmate. Only to see him hit by a car. This loyal, wonderful dog refused to leave her friend and risked everything to stay by his side.

Toetoe, a Mastin Mama gave birth to a whole lot of puppies. Every time she was in heat she got imperegnated. After a while, she became worn out, she grew older and less vigilant, she gave birth to fewer puppies, she was no longer welcome, and she was thrown out. And thus Toetoe began her life on the streets, and like so many other similar dogs, she had to try to survive.

Usually these dogs are hunted down, stoned with stones or people turn their backs and walk away. They are welcome nowhere, banned by humans and deprived of their company. In the end, she found a boyfriend, an abandoned Bodegerootje, thrown out like her. They went everywhere together, where you saw Too, you saw the little Bodegerootje, soulmates in difficult times.

One day the Bodegerootje was hit by a car and remained on the road motionless, Toetoe sat for days and nights beside her loyal friend's body, she did not leave him even for a moment. The people in the vicinity alerted us that the killing station people were coming to take away the body and then they would take Toetoe too, and her days would be numbered.  So that's how Toetoe came to us.

She is a quiet, sweet Mastin, social and committed to the whole group she lives with. She is a good soul, there is no harm in her at all. She just lets whatever happens happen and accept it. You can see in her eyes that she doesn't expect much from this life any more. She has seen too much and suffered a hard life.

She doesn't understand that life can be different now. She has never experienced a better life.

Toetoe - we will show you that your life is now changed. There are people who love you. You can be happy. Who will offer a loving home to this graceful, loyal dog who has suffered so much?

For more information about this sweet deserving and loyal dog, please click here.


The downside of the summer holidays ...

A message from Fabienne ...

The summer holiday is here in full glory, it is busier than ever on the airport, the beaches full with happy people celebrating their holidays. 

Of course we are happy for those people, everybody needs a break every now and then, no worries and think about nothing...

But my thoughts these days go out to the thousands of puppies who are being destroyed in the holiday months, all the litters that come into this world, unwanted....

Help support our sterilization projects, help us sterilize the dogs in Spain, or in any place, where these lifes are worth not very much .. we can make a difference... we have to make a difference. 

A change has to come, even when it comes from 'just' a rescue organisation, help us, the people who work on this change and fight for it. It can save lives, lives who came into this world with a right to live, let's protect them from an unnecessary death..

July 15, 2017

Chickorita has had her first operation

It all went well and now she has no pain. She's like another dog; that's one step back in the right direction.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.


Ava was saved from a well. She must have had a special angel watching out for her, that's for sure.

Some young girls who were walking in a wooded area kept hearing intense crying, over and over again. It was so intense, so desperate it sounded like a cry for help. They searched and searched and finally they saw a well, but it was covered with blackberry brambles.

There was no way to reach it. And no way for a creature to get out of it. But the sound was coming from there. So they struggled and struggled to get to it. And what they found was indescribable. A skinny black dog was trying to jump against the walls of the well, trying with the little strength she had left. But they were unable to get her out.

Only after they got help from their brother were they able to pull her out to safety. The poor thing was tied up with a double nylon cord and round her neck an iron chain attached to a metal ring with a padlock right down at the bottom of the well. She was definately meant to die there, and it would have been a horrible death for this poor, innocent soul. It's unbelievable what some humans are capable of.

Ava is also the goodness itself, a really good dog. Very submissive and humble she crawls up to us as if she is afraidof being beaten. This poor dog has had to live through hell. She will recover, slowly but surely, and leave this nightmare behind. It's uncomprehensible how people can treat any animal like this.

Gemma - now she can look to the future

June 2017

Everyone still remembers Gemma, She was discovered more dead than alive by her rescuing angel Gemma, completely dehydrated and heavily neglected, her body full of inflammation. We will never know what happened but Gemma was almost dead. In the first weeks she fought for her life. It may be a true miracle that she recovered, this huge sweetheart. Our wonderful volunteer Gemma, who rescued her, subsequently gave this lovely Podenco her name.

It took a while, but Gemma clung to life, and how!

Today Gemma, a good and courageous Podenco lady, is ready to go home. Gemma is very popular and loved by everyone who has cared for her, and she's very grateful for everything that has been done for her. Slowly but surely she recovered from near death, but it was touch and go. She survived and is here today! So who is going to gather this brave and lovely dog into their family and show her a life of love?

There is a little video on the Dutch blog, that I'm unable to reproduce here. But here's the link

And for more information about the darling Gemma, please click on her name.


Reina - a big, cuddly softy wants to be your soul mate.


Our sweet lady Reina lives up to her name, for she really is a Queen. Despite that she hasn't had any luck because she's been with us since October 2014 - two and a half years and counting. She's 5 years and 9 months old and we so want her to find her own beloved family and warm forever basket. The only possible reason this dear creature has been so unlucky may be because she is a bigger dog, a Masin Espagnol.

Poor Reina had a rough time. While still young, heavily pregnant, she gave birth in that most dreadful of places, a killing station. Only two of her ten pups survived: Dimpy and Dompy, two incredibably beautiful Mastin pups. Seven of them died under sad circumstances in that horrible place, which is no place for dogs, let alone tiny puppies. The other little one at least had loving care at the Refugio but sadly was too weak, despite all our efforts.

Reina was a super mum and took care of her babies wonderfully. Beautiful Dimpy and Dompy were adopted while still very young, which is really great. But their devoted mum is still with us. She has a real Mastin character. She's friendly with everyone but stays alert, as it should be. Her master will be her God. She can be placed with other dogs - sometimes she is a little bit rough with little dogs but only through enthusiasm and ignorance. Patience and loving training will soon change that.

So, who loves bigger dogs? Who would like this beautiful, gentle girl by their side. She is longing to become your soul mate. You will never regret the day you welcomeed her into your home and heart.

July 13, 2017

Thank you all so much for your sympathy and care for Ton and his wife

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Your reaction to the news has been heartwarming.
Ton and his wife are now focusing on the struggle they are facing and want to take this gently.
We will try to keep you informed, but it is too much for them to answer all the calls and emails at the moment. We would like to ask you not to call and email them anymore.

Hopefully you will understand this.
If there is any news, we will certainly let you know.

July 11, 2017

Update: our little dogs from the puppy mill

Update Puppy mill dogs,...

Below you will see some photos of the individual dogs with their names

We are a few weeks further on now and our saved puppy mills dogs are sort of stable..

But what a group of unlucky ones.. all of them have experienced and lived in hell... they have been, all of them, really unlucky. 

Little Laulina didn't make it, we tried everything but she was too heavily negelected and abused, she was 'used' too many times... Also Sade did not make it; they didn't get the experience of becoming happy, but at least they died under loving and caring hands. 

There are hundreds still to go... we have not heard anything so far, and we wait for the judges decision...  There are still over a 100 in the killing station, waiting to be given the go ahead to be saved - a few hundred are still in that puppy farm hell.. 

But, despite this abuse and the horrible practices of the puppy mills, we cannot do anything at the moment... it is all in the hands of court and the lawyers... As if that monster of a woman has any rights, not according to us at least, but she does have rights according to the law, unfortunately...

These dogs will be up for adoption soon, but please realise that these are not dogs without problems, but dogs who will bring medical bills along with them... 
We, from our side, have done what we can... we will continue the care as long as they are with us, but so you are aware of all the facts, it's important to understand that once they travel home, this will also be a part of the adoption. 

We wish them all the happiness in the world, we hope they can hold on a little longer, and then they can start to enjoy life and be loved...

Our Ton, our support and ally is very ill ...

Sad news from Fabienne ....

Our Ton, my support, my pillar of strength and my ally for 18 years is now seriously ill.

He has been in the clinic for 10 days, and today we were told that he has lung cancer. He will be operated on soon  ... we hope that we may still remain positive our hope for a positive outcome.

Ton sends everybody many greetings and thanks everyone for the support and wishes, the lovely words and beautiful flowers, ... thanks everyone !!!

Gr Fabienne