July 09, 2017

We would like to make a collecton for our clinic

Dear All,

We would like to make a collection of essentials for our clinic so we have things we need to hand.
It takes a lot of money to keep everything in stock.

Perhaps there are people among you who work in a hospital or know people who work in a hospital.
If they throw away the following items, please think of our dogs in Spain and take them for them.

* Sterile and non-sterile gloves
* Sterile and non-sterile gauze 10x10 cm
* Needles - white, yellow, blue and orange
* Spray
* Intravenous needles
* Intravenous tubing
* General bandages 7.5cm x 4.5m
* Face masks
* Alcohol to disinfect the clinic
* Alcohol to disinfect wounds
* Self soluble adhesive material
* Surgical blades for scalpels
* Sterile water

If you have any questions about this please send an email to pr.nederland@ace-charity.org
Thank you very much on behalf of all our dogs !!

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