July 09, 2017

Our Coton - getting a little bit better every day

Coton's story is a sad one. He loved his boss, but his boss didn't treat him nicely at all. He kept poor Coton chained up on a balcony and visited him less and less. The neighbours tried to intervene but the boss wasn't listening. Then one day the unimaginable happened. Coton managed to free himself from his chain and jumped from the high balcony, breaking both his feet. He came to us. He has now had an operation and very soon we hope he wil have a very happy ending with his own family who will love and cherish this loyal, faithful companion.

For more information about our lovely Coton, please click on his name.

Look at my lovely blue boots!

My friends think my blue feet are funny!

Why are your feet so blue?

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