February 28, 2022

Benteke - given up out of love, like his friends Bartje and Youness

Monday 28th February, 2022

Benteke came to us with Bartje, Youness and eight other friends when their boss was being harassed, along with his dogs. He loved them but cared enough to want to make sure they were safe and out of the dangerous campo. So he begged us to take them and find them good homes. That is brave and kind and selfless. If only more were like that.

Benteke has blossomed in the shelter, from shy beginnings. He is a sweet dog, a real hugger with people he knows. He walks well on the lead and is happy in a car. Although he has come far he needs a stable environment and owners with patience to help him learn to relax around strangers, especially men. Someone with experience who will guide him gently. It is also essential that lovely Benteke lives in a home with a solid, high fence ... as he is a very flexible and resourceful fellow.

For more information about our boy Benteke, please click on his name. You'll also find some nice videos there. Unfortunately the photos won't open on this site, but click on his name and you'll find them all.

February 26, 2022

Youness and Bartje: their master loved them enough to let them go.

Saturday 26th February, 2022

Some people dump their dogs without a backward glance. It's something we see a lot and will never get used to. Some owners, however, give up their dogs out of love ... a brave and difficult thing to do. Youness and Bartje were two of a group of dogs owned by a man who just wanted to live in peace with them, so he moved to the campo. However, far from peace all he got was threats and harassment. He feared for his dogs even more than for himself, so reluctantly he felt he needed to let some of them go, for their sakes. He asked us to re-home as many as we could. He kept some and we took eleven of them, including Youness and Bartje. They were very young and scared when they first came to us but have made great progress in the three years they've been with us. But three years ... it's too long. They interact well with the friends who came in with him and the others. We really want to see these dear chaps settled in loving forever homes ... they were each given up out of love, who will take them in out of love and help fulfil their master's dearest and brave wish?

For more information about our social Youness, please click on his name.
For more information about our dear Bartje, please click on his name.






Shelton - love in a bigger package

 Saturday 26th February, 2022

Like Stoetel, our Shelton is quite a big boy and is also in foster care in the Netherlands. He was rescued from a nasty killing station, which was really lucky for him. But he has not yet been adopted in three years, which is so unlucky for him as he is such a sympathetic character. He's social and gets on well with all dogs but sometimes he can be a bit dominant, which doesn't work with other dogs who also wish to be king of the castle. However, he's the perfect dog for confident owners who are active and love to work with their dog. He just needs consistency from fit owners who will give him the exercise and care and love he needs. So ... who would love to give their love and commitment to this super gentleman of a dog? 

For more information about dear Shelton, please click on his name.

My name is Stoetel - I would love to have a forever home, please.

 Saturday 26th February, 2021

Hello. I am living in Belgium now and am happy here with my foster parents. But, like every dog and cat I would really love a forever home of my own. I came to ACE/Shin when I was just a puppy - that was three years ago. So really I have waited all my short, little life to be adopted. I say 'little life', but actually I am quite a big boy, but not the biggest. And quite big boys like me have a lot of love to give you. Would you think about me? Please? You could come and visit and get to know me. I do hope you will.

Love Stoetel. 

For more information about me, please click on my name, above.

Ramble for ACE|SHIN - SUNDAY 10 APRIL 2022 FROM 09:00 - 16:00

 Saturday 26 February 2022

Saturday 26th February, 2022

Volunteers Stefanie, Lisa and Lize are organising a dog walk to benefit the shelter of Spanish Dogs in Need (ACE|SHIN). You can choose between a marked walk of 4, 6 or 10 km in the beautiful quiet paths.

Location is Halen (near Diest).

Registration is possible on the spot.

Price: 6 euro per person. Children (<12) and dogs are free.

Feel free to contact the organisers for further questions.

Stefanie (0474/783266)

Lisa (0493/204714)

Lize (0478/913181)

Hope to see you there!

February 21, 2022

Easter egg sale for SHIN 🐣🐣🐣

Monday 21st February 2022

Dear animal friends, 

Our Christmas campaign for SHIN , Spanish dogs in need, was a success thanks to you. 

We collected 660 euros πŸ₯³ We would like to match this amount through our Easter action 🐣

Cindy Lories and I are selling bags of Easter eggs at 5 euros each 🌟 no shipping costs.

The proceeds will go entirely to SHIN. This money can be used to buy dogs free from a killing station. 

What is a killing station?

These are appointed by the Spanish government to deal with the 'nuisance' of dogs. Dogs are caught randomly on the street and brought to a Perrera. If nobody picks up the dog within 10 days, they are killed. 

When there is space in the Refugio, dogs are bought to free them. Because the Perrera earns money by killing the dog Fabienne has to pay the Perrera to give the dogs a chance of a future. SHIN has to pay 40 euros per dog to be able to buy them free.

So please buy our delicious Easter eggs and contribute to the release of dogs 🐢

You can order through Elsie Durand mail address: Consulenteelsievictoria@gmail.com

Sharing is sweet πŸ™

Collection and delivery in the last week of March.

Love Cindy and Elsie ❤

Fabienne's Diary: The Spanish animal protection law has been approved .. but the work continues!

Sunday 20 February 2022

As animal lovers, we certainly have our cake and eat it too! But,... The bill has been approved, but the implementation and follow-up will be another matter, I can assure you. The good thing is that the hunting dogs are fortunately included in the law and are no longer considered as just inanimate things! But there will already be a big demonstration in Madrid on 20 March, followed by the rest of Spain, as a counter-reaction by the hunters and farmers who oppose this law with all their might. They do not want to give up their tradition! 

The tradition of gruesome hunting scenes and, when the hunting dogs are no longer useful, these animals are put to a terrible end. From now on, they wouldl no longer be able to breed just like that, they would need a licence to do so, moreover, they would even have to have their dogs sterilised. Dogs would have to be registered. They would no longer be allowed to be chained up day and night. They may no longer put their dogs down or hang them, as if that were the most normal thing in the world. Neglect will be punished, the use of electric, impulse or punishment collars forbidden, as well as the use of closed muzzles that block the respiration. Unfortunately, all this has been quite normal here until now.

From now on, they must follow these rules, which will be very difficult for these people to do. Getting them to sterilise their dogs alone will be very, very difficult. Keepers of cattle will also have to comply with all kinds of conditions from now on, and that will be very difficult because together with the hunters they are the most horrible individuals. The condition in which we often receive their dogs... I could write a book about it.

Farmers and hunters are showing their indignation about the approval by all means possible, because the law still has to be voted on. But we are more than halfway there! We are counting on a slow cultural change, but it will be gradual. The many complaints that are being made to call them to order will now at least be followed up, because the police have to act. 

It is a step in the right direction, but now the implementation.  How many years will that take. Especially since most hunters and keepers are interwoven in the political parties, in hunting and in everything that is not good for any dog here with us. Still it is a step... Ole!!!

February 18, 2022

Please can you help me by signing this petition?

Friday 18th February 2022

Please sign to ensure that hunting dogs are also included in the Animal Welfare Act...sign! Thank you! Galgos, Podencots, Bretons and others ... are also dogs! Not objects!
Click here and please sign!

EVELINE, from the outlet centre DOGMOTION from The Hague region

 Friday 18 February 2022

Not only did EVELINE come to surprise us with a visit but she also took up a collection with her former boss, friends and family and handed over 970 euros to us! We were overjoyed with this because our large family eats a hearty meal together every day! Super thanks everyone!

How is your SHIN/ACE dog doing?

Friday 18th February, 2022

Of course we would love to know. We saved him or her and surrounded him or her with the best care. With pain in our hearts and a last cuddle, we let him or her go to his/her new life. Do you have some photos of your darling and a nice story? Let us know via ace.shin.blog@gmail.com. We will make sure that they will be featured on the blog and, if you give us permission, on Facebook as well. We are really looking forward to hearing about you and your new family member.

Sterilisation projects

Friday 18th February, 2022

 Sterilisation reduces the suffering of many animals!

What will happen to my babies?

Sterilisation reduces suffering.

ACE SHIN sterilises every day to prevent this misery. Unfortunately, here in Spain, an immense number of wild-born puppies are put on the world. The mentality is still that they find puppies so cute.... and sterilising them so awful. We as rescue organisation know the reality... so many have to die a horrible death because dogs and cats are not sterilised.

We will continue to fight to raise awareness! The only answer to the daily misery here is sterilisation!

February 15, 2022

 Tuesday 15 February 2022

Every donation, no matter how big or small, is always heart-warming!

We would like to thank everyone again for the small and large gifts, it is so good to know that we are not alone! Thank you so much!

February 14, 2022

Please ...will you be my Valentine .... ❤️

 February 14th 2022

Valentine's day ... a day for lovers, but even more a of giving love to those we love. It's also a day of giving love of those who so badly need it. Our poor darlings who have had so little luck in their lives ... except that one stroke of luck that brought them to us. And now, on Valentine's Day, could you give one of them the love they need ... love that will be returned to you a thousand fold, unconditionally. 


Ido has a lot of love to give - he's a cross-Mastin, a big lovely boy. Currently in foster care in the Netherlands, he's been with us at ACE since he was a tiny puppy, four whole years waiting for 'the one' to come along. Will you make his dreams come true this Valentine's day? 

For more information about this lovely boy, please click on his name, above.


Aramis has also been with us for over four years. That's such a long time - since he was a puppy. He's a delightful cross of a Bodeguero and a Podenco. The former we sometimes call the 'clowns' because of their bright playful nature, and our gentle Podencos are a noble breed, badly abused by the hunters. Aramis is such a handsome boy, but what he needs most is love. Will he find it on Valentine's day? For more details please click on his name, above.


Gimiliana has been with us for nearly five years. She was lucky to be saved from a nasty killing station, but good though that was she hasn't been so lucky in finding love. We all love her of course, but she needs a person of her own to shower with all the love and affection she has to give. And that's a lot. She's such a good loving, loyal dog. She has her faults, of course - she's rather possessive about food and while she gets on well with other dogs she does need calm. Really she needs experienced owners who understand her. Is that you, will you be her Valentine? For more information about this sweet lady, please click on her name above. 


A tale of two cats ...

Monday 14th February, 2022

Goodness knows, Britain is not perfect when it comes to animal welfare. Of course there's abuse. Of course people do bad things, horrible things. But on the whole, while no saints, we are a country of animal lovers. This has been demonstrated, once again, this week in the UK - the media is full of the stories of the two cats. Two contrasting stories - one of cruelty, one of compassion. Both with happy endings.

It all started with a video that went viral. One of our Premier League footballers, Kurt Zoma, was filmed by his laughing brother kicking, slapping and throwing one of his cats across a room. While children looked on. I do wonder at the mentality of people that do such cruel things but who also film them and put them on the internet without thinking about the repercussions.

And repercussions there were. A petition was started, with 150,000 signatures and counting, demanding that he be punished. His team, West Ham, fined him but didn't stop him playing. A very unpopular move, amply demonstrated by the animal loving crowd who boo-d him loudly every time he was in play. The player has since apologised but now the police are involved. The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) removed both cats and are also investigating. Yesterday West Ham again decided to field Zuma against my team, Leicester City. As soon as he appeared for the warm up, the boos rang out from the home fans. He withdraw. It's claimed he was ill. Who knows, but I am proud of the fans in both cities.

And the second cat? This cheeky girl decided she'd rather like a go at playing football, so ran onto the pitch during a match at Hillsborough Stadium while Sheffield Wednesday were playing Wigan Athletic. Play stopped while the players attempted to catch the cat, which didn't take too long. Cradled by Wigan Athletic's Jason Kerr, she was handed over to an official and then given into the care of a vet who had been in the crowd. 

This was not the end of the story. A woman watching the match on TV rang her mother in law, Alison Jubb,  to say she was sure that it was Alison's cat, Topsey, that had escaped from a cat carrier seven months before. Alison was doubtful, until the following morning when she got a call from the vet who had been caring for the runabout kitty. They had checked the microchip and it was indeed Topsey. Interviewed later, Alison thanked the 'gentle and kind' players and officials, and the vet, who had taken such care of Topsey. 

A tale of contrasts, but overall a story with happy endings. Zoma's cats are safe with the RSPCA and Topsey is back with her relieved and happy family. This is also a story with a lesson - make sure you microchip your pets. If Topsey hadn't had a chip, her family would never have got her back safely.

February 08, 2022

Long Stayers of the Month: long-term residents Wodan & Wendi

 Tuesday 8 February 2022

Wendi & Wodan, 2 young lives taken from a scary killing station, into safety. At first they were very shy and suspicious, but we are already working on that. Wodan runs away when he sees strange people and does not trust anyone easily. This is a young dog in which time and energy should be invested. Patience and lots of affection must and will win his heart.

Wendi runs away from strangers too, but lets herself be petted, although she does not seem to enjoy it fully yet. She does not yet know what to do with all the attention. This little brown one does loosen up a bit, but still needs to gain a lot of trust.

They both get on well with other dogs. Wendi & Wodan can be placed separately, their brothers also left separately.

Who will help them get over their fears and let them blossom into super happy companionable dogs?

For more information on Wendi and Wodan, please click on their names.

More happy dogs and cats ...

Tuesday 8th February 2022

Here are just a few of our happy darlings, lucky dogs and cats who have landed on their paws. This is our reward - we would, of course, do it anyway, but the ultimate aim is for every dog and cat we rescue, or who comes into our care, to find a loving forever home. The words are mostly written by their adoring adopters.

Saar and Tess

Our Saar and Tess πŸ₯°, adopted in 2013 and 2014. These spoilt honeys are still doing fine.

Our Thor ❤️ 

Thor was 5 months old when we adopted him through ACE|SHIN ! He became 9 years old on January 28 πŸ€— Our sweetheart - who conquered our hearts from the first moment we saw hi
m ❤

Yuna (ACE Hermine)

Yuna (the shepherd in the basket) is such a lovely dog and a perfect big sister for Bram and Ruby, just love for all three ❤❤❤

ACE Mandarin and Tipsy

                                                          How cute can kittens be πŸ’–πŸˆπŸ’•

Dimitri and Mike


                                                              Sooo gorgeous, and so very happy.

A tip from Gabber, who wants to help all the other rescued dogs and cats ...

 Tuesday 8 February 2022

Dear all,

You know me from the blog, I just want to share a tip and maybe help my other Spanish dogs and cats friends, or those who are not from Spain.

My mistress has been doing some research for me.

I am very sensitive🀣

With food tolerance, I mean! with the tolerance of food. First I tried different kinds of kibble, it went well for a while, then I got itchy again, I am allergic to chicken...beef.....lamb.

Then I got fresh meat, which went well for a while, then itching again, then tinned meat and fish....because I did not digest fresh meat well anymore, tinned meat is lighter, but after a while it went wrong again.

After this story my mistress started searching again and came to the site.....www.vegavriend.nl

It is all vegetable, you can order test bags and ask them for advice. They have adopted cats and dogs themselves.

Now I get that food for a while, then a couple of days of kibble and then tin again I like the tin of 'Pauline' best, that is the name of that brand, and kibble of various brands, that my mistress alternates it, otherwise it is so boring.

The other day I was on the beach between the rocks, removing a mussel and I made crazy movements, yes I know I am 9 years old 😜 but on the beach I forget that, but I limped....then I get a trauma pill and I can walk fine again, because visiting the vet is not my favourite thing. I hope this tip may help others.

This was it again.

And I will finish by saying again, please think of my Spanish friends both cats and dogs who all want a golden basket, we are so grateful to you all at El Refugio. Hats off for ACE/SHIN I think you are THE BEST.

Paws from Gabber.

February 06, 2022

Fabienne's diary: Electricity update.

Sunday 6th February, 2021

It's several weeks now since our electricity supply failed, it literally 'blew up' and unfortunately we haven't made any further progress with our problem.

Several electricians have come and looked at our installation, but in order to go any further we first need an engineer to draw up a plan. We have already had two people come over to do that, but up to now no one has been willing to start this big job.

In the meantime, we do have electricity for a while, and then we don't, because the meter keeps shorting.

So we are stuck between two stools .... Let's hope that the engineer will come next week and that we can quickly start this project, which is more than urgent.

In the meantime, we need your help. Fixing this problem will be expensive, so we are now holding a "bang lottery". Will you take part and help us? 

1st prize a beautiful shelf unit

2nd prize an orthopaedic dog bed or booda of your choice

3rd and 4th prizes a personalised candle, round or square with gold or black letters

5th prize text board

6th prize a reward bag with drawstring

1 ticket costs 2.50 euros and 5 tickets 10 euros.

Thanks in advance for your help! Depending on the participants, we have even more prizes up our sleeve.

If you would like to join in, please send an email to: Inez and she will send you a Tikkie.


Or go to Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/203055253820759


 Sunday 6 February 2022

Today we are going to demonstrate en masse against the horrors of hunting and hunters! At 12 o'clock we will gather in Malaga and cast our vote for those who can't: The thousands of hunting dogs... more than anyone else, we at ACE SHIN know who they are, how they are treated, how they suffer and are mistreated. 

The many Podencots, Galgots, Bretonnekes, Perro de Aquas, Bodergerootjes, you name it.... There are no words to describe in what state we receive these dogs and how we have been receiving them for 22 years now. Now they want to remove hunting dogs from the law of the general welfare of the animal, where is that going? As if they are not dogs, but objects,..... I have been in many horrible places where hundreds of dogs are hanging on a 50 cm chain, where hunters buy a property and keep their hunting dogs there together. But how? They give each one a colour on its ear, mutilate them so that each one can recognise his hunting dog,... They breed there in the most miserable ways,... Females are breeding machines,...From mother to daughter and how,.... They hardly get any food, because starving dogs hunt more aggressively,...when they are not useful anymore they are either hanged, or left behind, or ..... Today we are here for them...because we want them to have the right to a dignified life!

Happy stories about happy dogs and happy owners ....

Sunday 6th February, 2021

.... it's what makes it all worthwhile. Their stories are different but all of these dogs were sad and suffering, scared and confused ... lost and hopeless, in one way or another. The joy we feel is immeasurable when we are able to save them and rescue them and love them and then send them off to a new and happy life. Here is just one of them, more to follow.


Our big loebas Tyson

The first picture was taken in the refugio, the second with his current owner. We took him back from the killing station totally skinny. How beautiful he has become! 

February 05, 2022

William and Joe are so happy!

 Almost two months ago they were with us and hoping for a forever home.  And then they found it, just in time for Christmas. To happy little dogs, free and loved by their bosses.

February 03, 2022

Eros (ACE dino) one lucky Galgo ...

Thursday 3rd February

Sweet Eros need no longer fear the hunters or go to bed hungry or shiver in the cold or burn in the hot sun because ... he is home. After a little more than four weeks this precious has already made himself comfortable. He's sleeping on the couch with his teddy bear ... living the good life!

On Sunday, February 6 there's a large demonstration against hunting!!!

Thursday 3rd February, 2022 

The cities and towns where the demonstrations will take place, and the locations in those cities and towns are on the poster above. As you can see, there will also be demonstrations in Italy, France and Germany. 

Our precious Galgos ...

Following on from the Day of the Galgo ... here are some of our precious Galgos, all of them waiting so patiently for a forever home. The video is quite fast, so here are their names -  - one of them could be the loving companion you are looking for. Could it be ...

Zamo or Tanque ... or Annie, Patricia, Bruce, Ellen or Jana. Maybe Tania, Ayna, Merche, Orlo or Sandy. Perhaps Ytse or Page, Nathan or Sandra. Brienne, Hennie, Xellah or Liam.

You can find them by entering their name in our Dogs for Adoption section.


February 01, 2022

February 1st is World Galgo Day ... celebrating these noble creatures and praying for change

1st February 2022

Here in Spain, everyone who loves and cares for dogs feels a shiver up their spine as the date approaches. Because it isn't just the day we celebrate World Galgo Day. It's also the day that marks the end of the hunting season here in Spain. And that means torture, abandonment, cruelty and various forms of painful death for these noble dogs. 

The date for World Galgo Day wasn't chosen accidentally. It was chosen deliberately to celebrate them while also drawing attention to their mistreatment, to the horrible lives they live and the unspeakable ways they die at the hands of their so-called masters. And not simply Galgos, but also Podencos and all hunting and working dogs, such as 

It is estimated that over 100,000 Galgos and Podencos and other hunting dogs are cruelly killed in Spain every year. Why so many? Why this 'cull' every year? It's because they are mostly used for only one season and then discarded. Even the 'good' ones are discarded, because there is no sterilisation or castration, so there is a never ending stream of new dogs to take their place. It's an exceptional dog that doesn't meet it's fate, one way or the other, at the end of the season.

If a dog has hunted well, it may be treated to a 'kinder' death, which is to say that if hung from a tree it will be hung high up so that death comes quickly. One who has displeased will be hung with its feet barely touching the floor, so death will come only after a painful struggle.

It is, I believe, almost impossible for any 'normal' person to understand the mindset of someone who is capable of such acts. For death by hanging is only one way. Galgos and Podencos have been thrown down wells, flung into rivers, burned to death, doused with acid, shot, and thrown out of cars on busy motorways. If 'simply' abandoned, they may have been tortured or beaten first. Even before their end, when they are still believed to have some use, they are badly neglected, starved, crammed into outhouses and cages with no light, no water, and absolutely no human kindness.

It was hoped that with the advent of the new Spanish laws, recognising at long last that animals are sentient beings, the lives of these gorgeous creatures would improve. Not a bit of it. The legislators, some of them hunters themselves, are subservient to the powerful hunting lobbies and so have excluded hunting and working dogs from the protection of the law. These include not simply Galgos and Podencos, but also Beagles, Breton Espanols, Bodegueros and other working dogs.

Below are links to the petition to get hunting and working dogs included in the legislation that will recognise them as sentient beings and thus protected by law. And also to a very detailed article from National Geographic about Galgos. 

I hope in future posts to tell the rescue stories of some of 'our' wonderful Galgos and Podencos.

Please sign the petition - https://chng.it/4H6GmTMV