February 25, 2017

Kareltje is home!!!!!

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

In Memoriam Lily: RIP

A very sad message from our Denise (in charge of adoptions Spain and Austria) ....

Today sadly I had to put my dear Lily to sleep, due to massive organ failure.

Arrivals, Eindhoven February 23rd - a special relief flight!

Tonight a special relief flight arrived ..... after many years in the shelter, Jade and Turquesa may after years in the shelter be welcomed into fostercare, together. How beautiful is that? We are so very happy for those beautiful girls! Ninia also flies along, and she will also do well in fostercare. Titi has already found her golden basket, so she will go immediately to her forever home. Safe flight!!!

After one false start the plane landed, the 2nd time all went well and soon the volunteers came into the arrivals hall with the dogs.

The photos below were taken by our foster parents, at their home. They are stars. Thank you very much !!

Arrivals: Rotterdam February 24th.

Hannelore and Cyana went off together to get a super life. Unfortunately, none of the pictures came out.

 Evangelo who still find it all very exciting, but that is definitely a good thing.

  Violet with her beautiful new name Nena.

And little Charles. Love all around him.

Thanks to Marielle who has once more arranged for transport to Spain.

Happy Bon(APARTE)



Chignon one of our kittens is finally happy !!!

And this is Couscous this morning. She as just sat on my lap and washed herself extensively!  Did it hurt? She has very long nails! She lets herself be stroked. Now she is back on the windowsill, watching the birds.


Tete has now been with us for one year and he is great! A very sweet balanced dog who can get well with people and other dogs. Our grandchildren find him the sweetest in the world. We are still amazed with him every day. He has so far learned a lot and fast. So we all love our dear Spanish friend and are so happy with him!

Greetings Ans

Ikke: I am a Podenco!

Blanche came home - AND HOW!!!

Lovely to see our frightened weasel is happy !!!!

Natalie has brought even more stuff for ACE

foto van Erne Beckx.

foto van Erne Beckx.

foto van Erne Beckx.

foto van Erne Beckx.

Nathalie Lions came by again. She brought food, dental sticks and flea, anti-tick and worm cures and more.  All for the Ace dogs.
Thank you very much Nathalie!

Don't buy - dogs are suffering because people buy from unscrupulous breeders

People who insist on buying a puppy without doing any research are creating their own misfortune.

TV presenter and animal lover Chris Dusauchoit looks ahead to the Pano-dog story about trafficking in Eastern Europe. "People want their puppy today and don't ask questions, the questions they should be asking.They walk right into their misfortune and their puppy suffers too. "

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'Mensen die per se vandaag nog een pup mee naar huis willen, lopen recht in hun ongeluk'
Tv-presentator en dierenliefhebber Chris Dusauchoit blikt vooruit naar de Pano-reportage over hondenhandel in Oost-Europa. 'Mensen willen hun puppy vandaag nog en stellen geen vragen. Ze lopen recht in hun ongeluk en hun pupje loopt mee.'
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