February 21, 2016

Sponsor a Lamp

Please help keep our dogs warm.

The nights are very cold at this time of year and many of our dogs are so vulnerable, sleeping on the chilly floor at the Refugio.

We would so like our dogs to keep warm throughout the cold night. With heat lamps we can make sure they stay cosy and comfortable.

To get the cages warm at night we need 160 bulbs. These lights cost € 35 pp

Would you like help us by sponsoring a heat lamp for one of the cages? If you would, please transfer €35 to one of the following accounts.
Account number: NL02 ABNA 0463 518 128
T.n.v. T. v.d. Pants on ACE Charity

Account number BE42 7805 9221 8254
t.n.v. Animal Care Espana Dogs In Distress

In the place where it says description, please add the name you would like to have on the lamp.

On behalf of our dogs thank you so much !!!!

February 20, 2016

Vrouwtjie and Juju

Hi everyone,

I'd like to send you greetings from Juju and Vrouwtje (Alasta). If people think that 'long stayers' have problems, I just want to prove the opposite here.

Or rather Juju wants to show you. Juju sat in the Refugio in Spain for a long time. I was so hoping that he would find his golden basket somewhere, but he just kept sitting there in the shelter. But then I plucked up courage and asked if he could come to me. An animal that has been in the Refugio is very special though you may have to expect them to have their own set of problems. 

Neverthless, it's important to wait and see, to discover what he is and how he reacts. I can tell everyone that Juju has been one of my easiest hondjes. Totally calm, completely happy and obedient. And soooo terribly sweet. He is satisfied with absolutely everything. If he goes for a long walk, he makes little sounds of joy, all along the way. At home he's very quiet and sweet.

So people, 'long stayers' are not necessarily problem dogs. On the contrary.

I also wanted to show here that once a sun worshiper, always a sun worshiper. I realise that they sometimes get cold while walking. But Vrouwtje is always pleased when the sun shines.  Always looking for a place where she can sit in the sunshine, in a little warm corner. So sweet.

Gerrie and her pack.

Juju - the sweetest boy.

Vrouwtje - the sun worshipper

Update: Coco & Captain - still waiting

A few posts ago I wrote about the little cat, Tweety, who has been reserved. I also included links to the pages of Noire, Crambell, Fire, Cala, Cassis, Coco and Captain. Now we've had a message from Sandra about Coco and Captain.

To all Ace / Shin friends,

I want to make an additional plea for someone to adopt Coco and Captain. In June I adopted Cuddle, the little brother of Captain, Coco and Cassandra.  Cassandra has also recently been adopted. I can only say that Cuddle is a fantastic animal and also has a great character. Hopefully his brothers will soon also find the happiness they deserve.


Cuddles enjoying the footie!

Snuggled up with his new sibling.

Everything is new ...

... and extremely interesting. Driving lessons next!

February 19, 2016

ACE DAY 2016 - Save the Date

ACE DAY 2016





Why? Why? Why? 

Why do some dogs get adopted quickly and others have to wait so long? They are all deserving of love. They are all beautiful characters. They are all longing for that warm forever home, for a boss to love them. They will return that love a thousand fold.

Gody is one of the beautiful souls who is waiting, waiting and hoping. Who will help him? Who will love him? Time is running out. He's eight years old and has been with us almost as long. Long years where he watched other dogs going off in the big silver van to the big silver plane to fly off to their forever homes. Among them his own brother Julio.

Poor Gody. Why was it never his turn? He deserves it just as much as the others. This little dog hasn't had much luck in his life. He was found in the garbage - what a terrible start. Yet, though he can be shy at first, he is a sweet boy who is longing to experience life outside the shelter with his very own family. Is that you? Will you help our darling Gody and make him the happiest dog in the world.

Gody as a puppy, when he first came to us.

Arrivals - Schiphol 18th February

February 18th, 2016

There were three dogs and one cat on this flight, all heading for their golden baskets.

The dogs Zlata and Noble have already been adopted as has Indiana the cat.

Super will be fostered by Maja, and can be visited by potential adopters to get aquainted with her.

Our thanks to Saskia for the help at Schiphol.

Also thanks to the adopters of Zlata, who brought two large bags of food for those doggies still in the Refugio.

Grateful kisses!

Super lives up to his name - he's a super little fellow. Playful and social. We hope that soon someone will fall in love and take him off to his forever home. Read about him and see his video here.

Indiana - on her way to her forever home.

Arrivals - Rotterdam 16th February

Arrrivals - Rotterdam February 16th

Tuesday night there was another arrival in Rotterdam.

The lucky dogs were: Cuelli, Sadie and Smile.

The shelter was represented wonderfully by our Kim and her friend Esmee. The two relief workers had brought a lot of food that they had gathered together. Top girls !!!

The adopters had also donated food for those doggies still in the shelter. For which much thanks on their behalf!

Yvonne and her sister Irene were there once again to collect the benches and the food and to send them back to Spain.

A lucky sweetheart, Cuelli will soon be exploring his forever home.

Getting used to a new environment

A gentle soul with lovely eyes.

Lucky dogs with their adopters and Smile with his foster mum.

Sweet Smile is going into foster care in the Netherlands. And we hope she'll soon have a forever home. Read more about this little one here.

February 18, 2016

Amigo - a forgotten dog.

Patient, loving, beautiful Amigo

In her diary Fabienne tells us the sad story of Amigo. A sweet dog, thrown out as a puppy and living in another shelter for eight long years. He's not pretty fluffy puppy nor a jumpy up 'look at me' type of dog but he's a dog with a lovely character and a beautiful face. A dog who has quietly endured his situation without complaining. A dog who deserves the best and most loving home there is.

Although our Refugio is also a shelter, it's a very different kind of shelter. Our dogs come out of their cages regularly, they are taken to the big field to run and play and some of them spend the daytimes running freely about the place. Our sweet Amigo doesn't know what to do with himself he's so happy. Imagine his joy if he finds a forever home. Imagine the joy of his new boss when he discovers this treasure of a darling.

Please help us find Amigo a loving home. Please don't let him be forgotten any more. 

Tweety Pie ....

Tweety - such a cutie

This is our little Tweety. He's nine months old and he's been with us since January. So he's a lucky boy as he has already been reserved.

Tweety is just one of our cats ready for adoption. Some are fortunate, like Tweety, and have already been reserved. But others are still waiting, sweet gentle creatures who are just longing for a forever home. 

Noire, Crambell, Fire, Cala, CassisCoco and Captain are still waiting. Bless their little hearts, they so deserve their forever home.

February 14, 2016

Mouchie and Eleanor

Saturday, February 13th, 2016

Mouchie and Eleanor, left today for their forever home in Denmark.

Happy Smiles

A bright, loving future for this sweet little dog.


Sunday, February 14th, 2016

Dear Marijke

You're such a terribly sweet girl! So gentle, sweet and playful.
How much it hurts to have to leave you .. I enjoyed being with you enormously and learnt from you and you responded! But unfortunately, I can't stay and that makes me cry (though smiling through my tears to see your progress.)

I hope that you will find a warm basket where you get all the attention and hugs that you deserve!

Marijke's leg has healed nicely and this is obviously crucial for her well being. She is again the happy young dog she should always have been and is clearly enjoying walking now (showing some small hunting instinct.) When she's with the cats she's not very interested in them.

When Marijke finds a warm bed, this beautiful Ibizan hound will finally belong somewhere ... She loves to cuddle so! She's embedded in my heart and we have a very close bond.

I have built such a special relationship with her.

A very special relationship

A close bond.

Such a noble, Ibizian Hound.

Kisses and cuddles.

Collecting Saif!!!

SÄIFS owners came over to to collect him themselves  ... soooo awesome !!

Hugs at Malaga Airport before flying home!

A Dog for Valentine's Day - please buy us out!


It's Valentine's Day and we want to do something special for the dogs.

This week, these 38 dogs were all rescued from a killing station. We are not allowed to take them for free nor are we allowed to take photos of the appalling conditions from which these dogs have been saved.

Because we need help and support here we are asking our volunteers, friends and supporters to help redeem one of these dogs, for 30 Euros per dog, in partnership with us.

We will be sincerely grateful to all of you who support this little project .. it means even more happy endings in the making. We will stand and be counted and we're going to do everything in our power to see that each once may find his luck finally !!! They are all worth it, each and every one of them !!!

If you would like to take a doggie into your heart to foster remotely, please contact Maries who is in charge of this project - mariesvandenplas@gmail.com. You will be posted personally about the dog that you take to heart,

Greetings Fabienne

Urgent care needed for Silver and Kinki!

Friday, February 12th, 2016

We are urgently seeking shelter (or, even better, adoption) for Silver and Kinki.
If you are interested please mail to ace-therese@hotmail.com

Silver is a male Weimaraner. He is now in shelter for 12 hours a day only. This elegant, proud dog is an obedient and good soul. For more about this gorgeous fellow, please click here.

Kinki, a male cross breed who can't be placed with children and while happy to be petted by his owners, is wary of strangers. He is potty trained and likes to play with a ball. Kinki has back problems; we do not know what exactly is going on. The adopters have indicated that he must go by the end of February. For more information about Kinki click here.

Nearly there .....

Why do you have to have so much stuff?!!!

Ouff! The big move is complete. Now it's just a question of unpacking boxes and trying to get back to normal, whatever that may be! So, after some weeks of interrupted service with very few posts, I am ready to start getting up to speed again. I will do my best to post as often as possible from now on, though it may take some time to catch up.