August 25, 2018

Happy Birthday to our wonderful Dianeke!

 With her great friend, Sheldon Cooper 😎

Today our Dianeke reaches the blessed age of 79, and still active through all ups and downs! Sometimes saintly, sometimes giving us gray hair from our little witch ... But we carry you in our heart Dianeke! A very happy birthday! That you can stay healthy for a long time and that together we will still help many dogs.

ACE Day and Shin Day ... we're almost there.

From Fabienne: ...

Almost there!! On September 1st our ACE day takes place in Eck en Wiel and on September 15th our SHIN day takes place in Lommel !! I hope we will all meet you there with your adopted dear ones? It is our booster of the year! Our Spanish team includes Paky, our Vet Javi, Victor, Rosalia, Noelia, Kelly, Veerke,  Dirk and I will be there on the various days. We hope to see you thee !!

We need harnesses please ...

Because we all put on the dogs that leave us on a harness, we are beginning to run out of stock. Do you have any old or new harnesses and can you spare them? If so would you donate them to ACE so that we can safely hand over the dogs to the adopters.

If you come to the ACE or SHIN days you can deliver them there.

For a collection point in your area, you can contact
On behalf of our dogs, thank you very much !!

SHIN DAY - 15th September!!!

15th September 2018
Den Horst in Lommel

Details and Tickets



Past Resident - RIP

We got Dino( new name) from your charity in August 2003 when we volunteered for a few weeks and 
brought him to Ireland. He was then about 2.5 - 3 yrs old . He passed away on Tuesday after a 
fantastic life here and we miss him dearly - he was a great friend and pet.
Keep up the great work



Puppies saved from the killing station

Dear Everyone,
These handsome young puppies were rescued from the killing station in time and are now waiting for a new owner!
Gogo - bought free by Irene ZN
Gaiia - bought free by P. Steegmans
Gerbo - bought free by Irene Zoutewelle
Gabi - bought free by Monique Jordan

Darling, darling Napoleon - the first bulldog 😊

Fabienne writes:

Napoleon is the very first bull dog I rescued from the then killing station 13 years ago ... When I was talking to the owner a dog suddenly jumped onto my knees such that I lost my balance and almost fell .... well he was, Napoleon.  I did not know that breed at all but he clicked with me and since then we are inseparable. And it's then that my love of Bulldogs was born.  His name is Napoleon, strong and determined as he is .... l' amour et la force in a package! Today he is almost 14 years old ... few teeth, grey and stiff but still always together just as with a few others- the dear ones in my life. God how much we love them huh! He is now an old man who was lucky ... I wish this for all our oldies ... my Max is 18 years old on 3rd September. ... voila salukes !!

Dogs and cats in rented property

Legal advice from Imelda in Metro magazine

Can your landlord remove your dog or cat from your home?

The first inclination for those who would like to have a dog or a cat in their house is approach the landlord for an agreement. But is this necessary? And what do you do if he or she puts the kibosh on
your pet plans?

Let's start with good news: there is no law that prohibits pets in a rented home or apartment. When you rent a property, the rules of the Civil Code apply. This means that the owners are free to include a ban on keeping pet (s) in a rental contract. In practice this is something that often happens out of fear of dirt, damage or noise pollution. If both parties can agree to this ban, there is no problem. That is what advocate Imelda Delcon, who works for the Shin dog shelter, suggests.


But what if a tenant does take a pet? Can the landlord break the lease for that reason and have the tenant removed from the building? Legally, the landlord is not allowed to take the law into his own hands and he has to go to court for this.

The judges are of the opinion that keeping a pet in itself is no reason to break a lease, even if this contract contains a ban. They consider such a prohibition as an invasion of privacy, and thus an infringement of the European Convention on Human Rights. Some judges go even further. They even find that the owner commits abuse of rights when he wants to terminate a contract because the tenant - even with a prohibition clause - has pet (s).


However, if the pet causes proven damage or if the animal being there leads to nuisance, the situation is different. If the owner refuses to repair the damage, the judge can impose a number of measures. For example, the tenant may be required to remove the faeces from the pet and to compensate for the damage suffered. Furthermore, the landlord can forbid the tenant to leave the animal alone and even insist that it goes. If the tenant also refuses this and there is a proven, well-founded reason, the court can then terminate the contract. In practice, however, this is rare.


In order to determine whether a pet causes inconvenience, the necessary tolerance on each side must also be demonstrated before a judge. Just because a neighbor is (exaggeratedly) sensitive to any noise, that doesn't amount to a nuisance. In addition, anyone who claims to experience damage or nuisance must prove that the animal is responsible for this. Note: the complaining neighbor does not necessarily have more weight in the court than the owner of the pet.

These rules also apply to regulations of co-ownership. Here too, a ban on keeping pets is in violation of the European Convention on Human Rights.


A landlord can not break a tenancy agreement if his tenant violates the prohibition of keeping a pet. As a general rule, the case-law states that such a prohibition is contrary to the European Convention on Human Rights.

The ban on dogs and cats being killed in Madrid has led to overcrowded shelters.

The prohibition of the killing of animals in Madrid leads to overcrowded shelters.

The Comunidad de Madrid has, just like Catalonia last year, introduced a new animal protection law which states that it is forbidden to kill dogs and cats in the shelters in the federal state. Thanks to this prohibition, dogs and cats that are not adopted or returned to their owners within 10 days are no longer allowed to be killed. That is obviously good news but it also has adverse consequences.

The new autonomous animal protection law of the Comunidad de Madrid is good news for the hundreds of dogs and cats that can not be killed every year, only because they are in an asylum or shelter and are not adopted within 10 days. It is a major step forward for the Madrid region, with which it joins the short list of two states, including Catalonia.

But not killing hundreds of dogs and cats also has adverse consequences for the occupation of the already crowded shelters in the Comunidad de Madrid. It is these shelters that are now sending out warnings indicating that the present situation is alarming.

The new animal protection law of the Madrid region does prevent the killing of animals and has stricter penalties for animal traffickers but nothing has been included in the law to prevent the growth of pets. That is to say, one must tackle the problem right from the start by counteracting and / or better controlling the number of new born pets.

For example, the shelters suggest that it should be prohibited for unauthorized breeders to breed dogs and cats. But the autonomous state of Madrid does not want to know anything about it because this is hard to forbid this by law. Instead, the financial assistance will be increased from 1 to 2.2 million euros, so that new reception centers can be built or capacity for existing asylums can be increased.

According to the latest data, the number of animals residing in asylum and reception centers has increased by about 1,000 after the entry into force of the anti-killing legislation. In 2016, there were 4,143 dogs and cats in shelters, and in 2017 that rose to 5,148 animals. However, the number of abandoned animals also decreased by 7.5% while the number of adopted animals increased by 10%.

Source: Written by Remco Stoffer on behalf of

August 19, 2018

Some more lucky ones ... they too were rescued from the killing station.

Kelly - bought free by J. Windels
Bandolero - bought free by Anne Thuis
Maxi - bought free by N. Scheynen
Apolonia - bought free by Ann Mertens

If you are interested in virtually adopting one of these dogs, you can always contact Maries van den Plas:

ACE DAY: The Great Reunion

On Saturday, September 1st, it's time again "The Great Reunion" .....

It promises to be a great day with fun stands, a photographer, chair massage, an agility course. If you would like to come you can still sign up by sending an email to But don't wait too long because it quickly gets FULL = FULL !!

We and the team from Spain hope to see you all on Saturday September 1st in Eck en Wiel!

From Fabienne's Diary: Kelly, a little Yorky found on the street ...

Kelly, a little Yorky, who was walking in the middle of the road in a pitiful state, was taken to the killing station by the people who found her. They were totally ignorant of what goes on there. When they found out later, they asked for our help.

Kelly, yet another of the many little ones that are beautiful and cute when they are picked out from a shop window but that are little more than that, just a nice 'thing'... No vaccines, no chip, no care, ... When the toy is done with and is starting to look weird, full of fleas, with clotted hair, her excrement caked to her tail, full of small bumps (ticks), a dirty smell with her ... And that near the children? No, outside with it, and let's make everything tidy  ... let's just get rid of her, put her in the street.

Kelly was full of fleas and ticks, her long, tangled hairs could almost walk on their own once they were cut loose. Just no words for it ... the little dog scratched and scratched, non stop, the pain and the itch she must have had, we can not imagine.

Once with us in just a few days she changed into a dog  that constantly wags her tail out of gratitude and is hugely sweet and cuddly.  Once free of all the dirt the real, sweet Yorky came out ... the toy is free again ... but this time under our care and where she now lives, she is a lot more than just a disposable item. Any real owner that really deserves her can certainly get in touch with us.

You should REALLY read this to the end !!

❤️ I am your dog and I want to say this to you.

I know that people have stressful lives. You have a job and maybe you have children that you have to educate. You always seem to be in a hurry, and you often forget to take the time to really enjoy life.
Take a good look at me. Do you see how my big brown eyes look back at you? My eyes become less clear when I get older. I start getting gray hair around my soft muzzle. I can see the love in your eyes.
What do you see in mine? Can you see my soul? Someone who loves you more than anyone else on this earth? Someone who forgives you everything, and only wants to be with you?

This is all I ask: that you occasionally spend some time with me, even if only for a few minutes. It often seems that you spend time looking at other dogs on your screen, some for example, who have already died.

Sometimes we die too early and too fast and that breaks your heart. Sometimes we get older so slowly that you do not even notice it. Despite my moist eyes and gray nose, I will never stop loving you.

Tomorrow or next week I could no longer be here. One day you will have more grief for me than you ever thought possible and you will wish you could spend another day with me.

But today I am here, so come and sit with me and let us enjoy each other.

Do not talk to me like you're my teacher, but as I am, a living soul. Stroke my fur, look me in the eye and talk to me.

You want to share your life with someone who will share your feelings and memories, well here I am!
I am a dog, a living being. I feel and see the difference between the different characters in people. I do not only see you as a dog on two legs - I know who you are. You are a human being and I love you despite your peculiarities.

Just sit on the floor with me. Step into my world. Look me in the eye and whisper in my ears. Speak from your heart and let me really get to know you. Life is too short.

So please ... Come and sit with me and enjoy the beautiful moments we have together.

I love you.

Your dog ❤️

Goedele Liekens visiting our shelter, ...

Goedele Liekens is a Flemish psychologist and sexologist and a well known celebrity in Belgium and Holland. A former Miss Belgium, she currently works as a television presenter in the Netherlands and  Belgium. Outside the Low Countries she is probably best known for presenting Sex in Class on the UKs Channel 4. She is a United Nations Population Fund Goodwill Ambassador in the area of reproductive health. As can be seen here, she is also passionate about animals and has a big heart. 

The article below for Het Nieuwsblad BE, describes her visit to El Refugio to support her fellow citizen of Limburg, Fabienne.

Goedele Liekens visits Limburgse who saved 19,000 dogs in Spain: "Every dog ​​life that I save is still one (life saved), is it not?"

Fabienne Paques from Sint Truiden runs since 2000 an animal shelter in the Spanish Mijas. In those 18 years she has saved some 19,000 dogs, a strikingly large number. "Due to Spanish macho culture, male dogs are not 'done' here and they do not want to pay for the more expensive sterilization of bitches."

At the current pace, Fabienne could reach the total of 20,000 rescued dogs within the year. Yet she is not exactly looking forward to that sad threshold. Fabienne thinks it is high time that something changes. Spain is full of street dogs and hardly anything is done about it. "The only solution that the Spanish government offers against the inconvenience of stray dogs are the well-known 'killing stations'."

"Even people who can not or do not want to take care of their dog can have their pet finished (euthanised). Every year a total of around 200,000, apart from the dogs that are killed by owners themselves. A sterilization campaign or obligation would solve a lot. Now the mopping with the tap is open. But every dog's life that I save is yet another one, is not it? "

Fabienne personally accepts the adoptive dogs, so she can place the beasts in a targeted manner; suitable for a family with children? With a sporty jogger or with an older lady who needs peace? Adoption dogs, including those pictured here except as stated, can be found on 


Goedele with sweet Jules, one of Veerle's precious dogs. Obviously not up for adoption.

With Kiran.

With Pomsky who is no longer up for adoption

With Jones

With Fabienne and Masjoeffel

With Dundi

Pekky, one of our Galgo Espanols, is showing an interest!

Goedele and Fabienne

With Veerle

With Veerle, Fabienne, Kelly and Viktor

With Leopold

With Muti

With some of our students

With Emiel

August 18, 2018

Patricia came to visit us again.

Patricia came to visit us again! She brought some goodies for the dogs and some money for our piggy bank !! Thank you Patricia!