June 28, 2020

Poor but with a warm heart

Some people are poor but they have a warm heart


Sunday, June 28, 2020

Lola (ace: Pilarica) is doing great. It took 2 days for her to get used to Skye, our other rescue dog, and our macaw and cockatoo. Now everyone has accepted each other and Lola is very happy, clearly visible in her!
Herewith some pictures, best regards, Saskia 🌺


Have a happy Sunday!

Roelie - little by little he is becoming the little dog he was meant to be ...

To see the video on the Dutch blog, click here

Our Grillo, after 3 years in the Refugio, he was able to go home today, ...

Saturday, June 27, 2020

How proud we are of him, such a darling. Some dogs are never seen, nobody notices them and these are usually the sweetest of all, ..

Good luck Grillo !!

June 27, 2020

Fabienne's diary: I am Germaineke, a Stafford.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Another soul that we brought from the killing station. Another Stafford that was thrown away, along with so many other Staffords and Pitbulls. They just buy them, and think that's all they have to do.  It makes me so sad that people underestimate this breed. They are the best bears you can have, but without a good, healthy, consistent upbringing, things go wrong. Without a "loving home" things go wrong.

If they have come into a home where they have to portray a tough image to boost the ego of their measly owner, it will go wrong. Please do not respond if you do not realise what you are taking on because our Germaineke is not to be allowed to go just anywhere. She was one of the many we took with us, her other friends may have already fallen asleep today - so this precious life must become a life that will be lived fully and well.
She has a very nice and friendly character, is very cheerful and smar.  She knows what she wants ... The next days we will see if she can also live with other dogs, but she has certainly succeeded towards people !!  For more information about friendly Germaineke, please click on her name.


Friday 26th June 2020

We've had our Jilly-milly at home with us since June 16. We would normally have come to pick you up on March 29 and so also finally visit the Refugio but unfortunately Corona has put a stop to that.
But you are here now and how sweet you are! We are happy to have you with us. You have to get used to the many cats that run around here. But step by step, things are getting better every day. The kid and chickens are already ok! We have already taken small walks and that is going well. You learn everything so quickly. Every morning is a party 🥳 for you and for us❣️🐾

Thank you for taking care of Jill until she found her home and now giving and continuing to givenew dogs a chance. ❤️🐾❤️🐾

Thanks also to Marjan Van de Vel for adopting her virtually all the time. ❤️ 
Hopefully the many stayers and the new dogs that you have rescued from the killing station will soon find their "forever home".

Gr's Jenny & Gesuino & Jilly-Milly🐾🐶

Joe Cocker

Friday, June 26, 2020

Yesterday it was 5 years since Joe Cocker arrived at Zaventem. We had been helping with the renovations in the Refugio for a week, and this sweetheart had captured our hearts there. He is now an integral part of our family. He is a true cocker, who always goes on holiday and to a restaurant, and he is never a problem. Sometimes he is still a bit scared of some people or even of his food bowl, I think that will not really change. He is also very happy with his little brother Lomme. They are two legs on one stomach.

Thanks SHIN for the great work you do! Otherwise we would never have had our fantastic four-legged friends in our midst!

Working from home has been even more fun since Yuna (Hermine) is #allwaysbymyside 🥰😉

Our Mummies!

And these kittens were also condemned to death!!!

Friday, June 26, 2020
                   Take a look at our website "Cats for Adoption" ! Rescue is priceless !!!

Today one year ago labrador Almeja came home.

Friday, June 26, 2020

After having been dumpied in a killing station, she came to be fostered by Fabienne and became one of the office dogs. And now she has become a sailor! Meanwhile she also has a friend Riddick. Thank you for helping us become the owners of these beautiful dogs 😘

Friday, June 26, 2020

June 26, 2020

Fabienne's diary: Emmeke, in the death station, with a gigantic hernia. As if it were nothing to be bothered about ...

The only thing we know about Emmeke and her fellow sufferers is that they came from a family, and that they were very happy there. Since then they were in that killing station, for more than a year now, because the official evidence of their owner's death was not in order. So things went downhill with the whole family of dogs. Several have already died, only she was left there and two others, and they all came with us.

Emmeke is a real unfortunate, who has to be operated on soon on a huge hernia, hanging loosely under her belly. She can barely walk on account of it. She not only feels scared and traumatised, but she is also confused, because of her health, but also because of the suffering she endured after her owner died and she and the whole family were put in a loft without any care, attention or hygiene. Barely eating, and green pots full of moss to drink from.

She still has a long way to go, and we need your help for that… we have so many to care for, but this world is also worth saving!

For more information about Emmeke please click on her name. If the link does not work, please go to Dogs for Adoption on the website and fill in her name.

Sharmi on holiday in the Ardennes ...

June 25, 2020

Fabienne's diary: Two special bears, Smiley face and Sloef ....can we take them out of this hell?

June 24, 2020

We were almost fully loaded, and wanted to take so many more with us, but only,… They must also be able to fit in and then still have room for them in the Refugio. It is always a huge conflict in your heart, in your entire system.

Then I took Carla for a moment and we stood in front of the cage. “I would love to save them” I said, “but we are already so full”. These two just stood there, they looked so sad, but they came and licked my hand.  Then Carla said, "Take them girl, they can still come along with us, and I just needed that push. And so they came along too.

They crawled together in fear when those men came to get them. Then we politely asked if we could take over and step by step they crawled into our safe van. The female followed where the male went and what treasures of dogs they are. What a lovely hugs, big and a bit clumsy, but you just look at them and that whole body is already shaking with friendship. We have called the male Sloef and the female laughs when you talk to her, so she is now Smiley face. 

Two sturdy dogs, who have a good character, are cheerful, and are friendlier than anything. What must these two social bears have endured in that hell.  Please let their heaven come soon. For more information on them both, please go to the website, click on Dogs for Adoption and then fill in each name in turn. Then 'search'. For some reason the links are not working on this new blogger platform.




Ron (also his ACE name) already feels completely at home here.

June 24, 2020

Big dogs need a big pillow.
And enjoy nothing more than just lazing around. 
Which is just as it should be.
Greetings Mieke

In Memoriam Bob

June 24, 2020

Yesterday afternoon I unfortunately had to put my dear faithful boyfriend Bob to sleep. In early March, he got a large malignant tumor in his front leg that turned out to be inoperable. He had been in a lot of pain the last week, so I had to make this terribly difficult decision. In April 2008 I was able to pick up Bob from the airport in Brussels, when he was about one year old. He was the sweetest, smartest and easiest dog you could wish for.

Daylon (ACE Turron)

June 24, 2020

Hey, do you remember Daylon? He has been with us for almost 9 months. 😮 He arrived super well too. And his weight has gone from 35 to 51.5 kg. He really is such a treasure! Just can't put it any other way! So we are very happy with him. Just can't believe he had to wait so long for a home!


June 24, 2020

She was sitting on the pavement on a sunny morning, tied up to the gate of our Spanish foster mum, Isabelleke. She can easily settle into a large group of dogs, even needs the company of other companion dogs. She is more reserved with (strange) people. She is a sweet, good-hearted soul, who would like to show some of her beautiful character to the one who wants to take her into his or her heart. But you have to have experience with frightened dogs and a lot of love and patience. Who can / dares to take on this rescue project?

For more information about Felicia, please click on her name.

Take part in the ACE lottery on ACE Marketplace

June 24, 2020

Lottery tickets cost 2.50 ps or 5 for 10 € and the entire proceeds will of course go to Ace. There are 2 great prizes to be won, namely a compact airfryer and a cleanstep Booda/ or an orthopedic dog bed. So both dog and cat fans have been thought of!

June 23, 2020


Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Ola queridos amigos,

How are you all doing?
It is exactly 6 months ago today that I was able to lie in my golden basket. Hopefully I can celebrate my first birthday around Christmas.

Today we are not partying, I just haven't fully recovered from my bullet surgery (Blog June 3, 2020).
On the 9th of June they removed the staples (luckily they put me to sleep) but I still don't feel well.
For a week I no longer feel like playing and I am always tired.
The food no longer tastes good and I do nothing but sleep.
Tomorrow we go again to the veterinary clinic for a thorough examination.

Still there is a bright spot: maybe I will soon receive a certificate and a rosette ??? for my participation in the dog competition (Blog 01 June 2020).

See you soon for more news.
Greetings to everyone,


PS I hope Choupette, Coquette, Poupette and Shebo are doing well in their golden baskets.

Fabienne's Dog of the Week: BENETTO

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Benetto is a beautiful Bodeguero of the larger size. He gets along well with the other dogs, and goes to the playing field with the large group. Benetto is sweet with people, but is not a really cuddly dog, he is more independent. He can be placed in a family with older children, little ones will be too busy for him. Benetto is an active dog who likes some exercise, he will always be ready for a nice walk. He has been waiting for his own home for more than three years, ... who will make Benetto happy?

For more information about Benetto, please click on his name.


Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Our Gitana, a dog that never had a chance, and lookout her today !!!
So heartwarming to see !!!

Fabienne's diary: Our big bear Bill - a handsome Mastin!

Father, mother and daughter Mastin. Saved from a drug addict. And now our Bill's story ...

The Mastin family - mom, dad and daughter - lived with a drug addict, in an abandoned, dilapidated house. Probably the little daughter is the only survivor of the big litter of puppies that mom had a few months ago. They are all very friendly and dear, the little sprout is still a bit timid but that will be fine soon, they are now with us and are getting the necessary care! The family has been saved, they are very happy with all the attention they receive, and will certainly get a different view of life now.

That was his story when entering the Refugio. Meanwhile his wife and daughter have been home for a long time, but he is still left with us.  A large bear with a gingerbread heart, ... They will defend your house with all their heart -  impressive appearance and a loud bark will ensure than no one will just come in. A good watchdog but especially a sweet dog.

Bill is looking for a golden basket, for people who love big dogs, who have space and time for this. They get a whopper and best friend, a watchdog but also a lap dog, because cuddling is the best thing he does!

For more information about Bill, please click on his name.

ACE Team

Monday, June 22, 2020

To the whole ACE team who received me so warmly in Overijse on June 16!
A big thank you - and Newman (now Canel) is doing very well !!!