June 30, 2021

Hilde is visiting us ...

Wednesday 30th June 2021


Wendy and the puppy taxi ...!!!

 Monday 28th June 2021

Hanne and Heidi are visiting!!

 Wednesday 30 June 2021

And getting lots of cuddles!!

Fabienne's Diary: Our Zape needs extra attention!

Wednesday 30 June 2021

Our Zape is an urgent case that we would like to draw attention to. He was rescued from a killing station together with his brother, two brothers who were timid at first but then slowly grew into two cool, fun rascals. He is a sweet boy, who is very social with other dogs.

Zape was unlucky and didn't find his right place yet, even though he is a pleasant, good and social companion. He walks well on a lead and enjoys walks. He is still startled by unexpected noises, but if you talk to him and reassure him, things will be fine again. Zape needs time to discover everything at his own pace, then things get better and better.

An owner without patience is not a match for Zape, that deters him and can have the opposite effect. He is a very gentle and good dog, who would do anything for you, out of pure friendship. Who gives this handsome boy a chance to succeed, where can he finally become happy? 

For more information about our lovely Zape, please click on his name.

17736 Augustin in Amersfoort zoo

 Tuesday, June 29, 2021

June 29, 2021

Myriam and Ann are helping clean the puppy quarter today!

 Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Here's some news about Andyna

 Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Andyna has been with our family in Belgium since November 2019. He is a sweet dog, always cheerful, very affectionate and likes to take long walks in our countryside. We are glad we were able to adopt him. Thanks to ACE|SHIN for everything they do❤️

Blauco has become a real water rat!!!


Have a lovely day!

Tuesday 29th June 2021


Fabienne's Diary: Dina, staying positive in spite of everything ...

 Monday 28 June 2021

Dina is a dog that hasn't had much luck in her life. She spent at least 4 years somewhere in a shelter in the interior, and the people there did what they could, but her skin didn't get any better. They found a veterinary clinic that wanted to help and they started the long journey, together with Dina. Not only was she Leishmania positive, but she also had a huge allergy which left her skin badly damaged.

She was a 'worry child' who cost the vet a lot of money and care but she persevered… It took 6 months before she noticed a little improvement in Dina's health. But her character became more and more cheerful, because Dina realized very well what was going on and was the most grateful patient. She is now 5 years old and has only had bad luck so far. She was dumped and left to fend for herself. Her care took a long time but we are almost there. She is now almost unrecognisable, as you can see in the pictures.

Dina is today a placeable dog who is looking for a family who can guide her further and who knows that she will always need care and follow-up. She now lives very well on hypoallergenic food, is fully recovered and today a treasure of a dog. Who will give this rescue sweetheart a chance at a warm home with a beloved family? She is well worth it!!

For more information about our Dina, please click on her name.

And this is Spain not just with dogs...but also with horses...

 Monday 28 June 2021

A complaint has been made ... will it be followed up? They say it will ???? Of course...meanwhile, this defenceless four-legged friend gets help....but....

Fabienne's dog of the week: Eileen.

 Monday 28 June 2021

Eileen was rescued from the killing station along with Marjolein, along with their puppies. These were lucky enough to have found a good home each and every one of them, but their mothers are still looking. Eileen is a calm, friendly lady, very sweet to people, although she is a bit hesitant at first. She also gets along fine with other dogs, although she sometimes dares to assert herself at first contact. She just needs some time to get used to new friends. After a lifetime of giving birth to puppies, and surviving on the streets, it is now time for something different! We hope to finally be able to give her the life and future she so well deserved!

For more information about dear Eileen, please click on her name.

Fabienne's weekly overview.

 Sunday 27 June 2021

The best part was that a solution was found for Rob, Joseph and Matteus... thanks to everyone!! The kittens and puppies keep coming in …the dumping just keeps on going. We stay busy with our darlings, but we do this with all the love! Unfortunately Andalusia is still red/orange, so we still have little help and resources. But we don't let this discourage us and continue to do everything for our sweethearts. We start this new week in good spirits! Have a great and healthy week everyone!!

Today our Fedra has been with us for 7 years already, adopted from Ace-Charity.

 Sunday 27 June 2021

She is a winning lottery ticket 🐾🙏🎁❤️🐾, and we think she is already 14 years old. Sweet little, social, funny podencootje, we hope you can stay in our midst for a long time, together with our Risa.

Fabienne's Diary: Sultan - COVID restrictions are easing and now his time is up …

 Sunday 27 June 2021

COVID restrictions are easing and now his time is up. This little Yorkie cross was once adopted, also from the street. Now that COVID is slowly ebbing here and there and times are changing again, he has to go. He was taken in together with a puppy, which was also suddenly too much for them,  so dumped in the killing station. His whole life collapsed again …

In the Refugio he was a bit of a jerk and is now happily taken care of by a loving foster family here. Sultan is a good and sweet character who likes to walk, go out, is always cheerful and does his business neatly on the terrace. He is super social with other animals and loves people.

A 'disposable' dog that this time around wants an owner for forever, and not just for a while ..

For more information about Sultan, please click on his name.

June 28, 2021

Max (ACE Rulo)

 Sunday 27 June 2021

"Dear Fabienne and team. On 5 July it will be 1 year that I ended up with the Dru family. I am well and I am happy. Thank you for making this all possible. 🙏 Max"

On behalf of Shelton and all his friends who stayed behind...have a nice weekend!!

 Friday 25 June 2021

For more information about dear Shelton, please click on his name. 


 Friday 25 June 2021

Tobine is doing really well!

In the beginning we had to get used to him, especially Bor, our big galgo, who bit him once, but that's also going well now, luckily!

He really made friends with Hopi (ACE Musa)

They play together very often, so sweet to see

He is also a very easy man who adapts without any problems and knows exactly when he gets something tasty, also loves a piece of banana in the morning 😁.. I eat that with yogurt and then they are all around me to have a piece (except Toeter the Chihuahua).

We are very happy with Tobiné!!! His name is now Casper and BB, aka Bruintje Beer .. all those pet names, haha!

News about Guapa (ACE Frida)...

 Friday 25 June 2021

It took a long time for Guapa to let herself be cuddled, but lately she has changed a lot. She has been part of our family for 3 months. She is so cute and bonds with my two daughters, in whom she trusts much more ❤️

Fabienne's Diary - It's raining puppies and kittens. Now what?

 Thursday 24 June 2021

We are busy all the time making the best of every day, but sometimes it is too much. The world here seems to have gone wild, dozens of mothers with puppies or kittens offer themselves every day, and at some point a person can do no more. We are urgently looking for foster families in Spain who can help us with newly born, dumped little ones that we can no longer handle ourselves because each of us is not just full, but overflowing.

Spaying and neutering, the Spanish people don't do that, some do, but let's say 90% certainly not.  It wouldn't be necessary if you can control the births, but we can't. They even let their dog or cat walk free on the street during heat, because that heavy fuss and whining irritates them. When mom comes home pregnant and the little ones are born, it's a party for the children, they can play with them until the fun ends. And then, then they either die, or they are given away as a present, or they end up in the killing station. And others are luckier and end up in a rescue centre.

Despite our weekly sterilisation projects, it is a drop in the ocean. But it is a drop. Yet we see things getting out of hand here. So many unwanted litters and the consequences thereof are desolate for these defenceless little creatures. This week, for example, Roxie came in, heavily pregnant. But on closer examination by our vet, it turned out that she needed urgent surgery because her puppies were already dead. It was rough, but she is doing reasonably well under the circumstances. But how many will die and probably a horrible, painful death.

Pepe (ACE Vlamir 14755)

 Thursday 24 June 2021

Vlamir (as he was still called then) had been in the shelter in Spain for over 2.5 years when we came across him on the website. His character was described as playful, sweet and gentle. Once we arrived in NL, we changed his name to Pepe, to which he already listens quite well :-). He was a lot heavier than described but his character was spot on, he is sweet, gentle and very playful, it is good that we have a large garden where he can play in every day.

He likes to lie in the garden and play and recently he can also be let loose when we go to the forest. He listens very well and is very good with other dogs and people/children. He will also crawl up to you at every opportunity he has to cuddle.

At locations where he has not yet been, he can still pull on the leash, but in his own neighbourhood he is super relaxed and very self-confident.

We can't imagine life without Pepe anymore, some pictures of him have been added below.


Bass and Jennifer.

June 27, 2021

In memoriam Elli (ACE Elvira)

 Sunday 27 June 2021

Message from sad adopters: "After 11.5 years with us, at the age of 13 we had to say goodbye to our Elli (Elvira). She has brought us a lot of joy and love. Our house is empty, no more demand for a sausage or a cookie. No more long walks on the beach. She will remain in our hearts forever. ❤🍀"

Fabienne's Diary: Duchesse, a cross Mastin in the killing station.

 Saturday 26 June 2021

She spent her last days in the killing station, but was taken out just in the nick of time. She sat there like a pile of misery, staring despondently ahead, and had clearly given up.

After she came along to us, she was off the track for the first few days, until she gradually realised that hope was coming back into her life. We started rebuilding her, her confidence, her rebirth, and it didn't take long for a very sweet dog to show up.

Pure friendship and openness, a sweetheart. She is social and calm with other dogs, but can also run fast and be silly. She loves people and animals. She is a top dog who deserves more than the very best. Please share this sweetheart and let us work together for the best second chance.

For more information about Duchesse, please click on her name.


 Saturday 26 June 2021

 Currently, 609 lovely people donate 1 euro a month to our dogs. To date, €9.312 has already been collected in 2 years, fantastic! But we can do even better, can't we? This blog has over 600 followers. Wouldn't it be great if even more people donated 1€ per month?

Just think of the number of dogs (and cats) we could rescue, care for and place! So many extra lives saved .... Undoable? Unrealistic? Let us try. With a simple mouse click below you can support our darlings. 1€ per month ...Who participates? It's absolutely safe!

How to register?

1.Click the link: https://www.teaming.net/shin-ace

2. Click on “Join this group”

3. Fill in your details (name and IBAN number)

4. You are now a donor!

5. Help us by sharing the action


Another 4 defenceless Mastins dumped

 Saturday 26 June 2021

Another 4 defenceless Mastin dumped on us after the rest of their brothers and sisters were given away ...

Swallows come to look for coolness and drink ... so cute.

 Saturday 26 June 2021

In memoriam Boke (Ace Killo)

 Saturday 26 June 2021

His sad adopter says goodbye:

"My dear little man, I am so sorry, so terrible, suddenly I had to say goodbye to you. I was not prepared. But in those few months you have given me so much friendship and love, as only an animal can give you. Unconditionally. You have led a life that you did not deserve, but in the end you have known security and love. That is my only consolation. You were a great human friend, despite what had happened to you, you loved that attention so much. first night you were so upset, so difficult and I couldn't sleep Then I put my hand on you and you suddenly calmed down and fell asleep And I thought what a special animal I've got in here! you were special. I will miss you so much. My sweet beautiful cat. My little friend."

 Saturday 26 June 2021

In memoriam Cava

Message from sad adopter: "I would also like to thank ACE for the trust you have had in me, so that I could adopt Cava. On September 2 he would have been with me for 6 years, unfortunately that was not allowed to be. I cherish the beautiful memories ❤️ Cava would have turned 14 on October 1."

Update Tobbe

 Friday 25 June 2021

Our specialist surgeon's assistant had an accident just before the planned operation...so the operation could not go ahead. The new schedule was June 24th....but now their Vet Clinic is closed due to Covid. What bad luck .... yet our Tobbe is still happy.

In Memoriam Chico

 Friday 25 June 2021

We are hereby letting you know that with great regret we had to have Chico put to sleep yesterday ... in November he would have been with us for 11 years ... he had a wonderful life with us .. we gave him the opportunity to open and bloom ...it has taken many years but was successful (for us and for Chico)

Now he is in heaven with Dora...we had to let her go 2 years ago..

Fri gr Mark and Veleda

Imke now Inka - arrival June 23

 Thursday 24 June 2021

Imke is listening now, or at least she still has to learnt repond to the name Inka. She was extremely tired and didn't want to move anymore. So despite two attempts by me to have it take place outside it was pee and poop inside but that was to be expected. She slept through the night in my room in a large box, not m, I didn't sleep as I wanted to make sure she didn't come out of the box. By the way, there was no problem. This morning she was less shy and even walked all the way for a normal 10 minutes, it took us 45 minutes but it resulted in a big puddle. Afterwards she had a nice meal there. Now she is having another turn and she is sleeping wonderfully, we have already finished our second round.

Mirre still has to get used to it, but is also nice to her.

To be continued.....