June 17, 2021

In memoriam Saartje (Ace Maria)

 Wednesday, June 16, 2021

My sweet Saartje came 8 months ago on the truck to the Netherlands and I could finally hold her in my arms. I was madly in love with my 13-year-old grandmother. Once at home she got to know the other 4 dogs and immediately belonged to them. I got to know her as a sweet social treasure, who liked to eat very good food But above all very smart, when I came home she lay down in front of the air conditioning and looked at me like: come on press the button!

Until this morning, when she had one epilepsy after another. We rushed to the vet, but he couldn't do anything for her. With a lot of sadness and pain in my heart I had to say goodbye to her. She turned 14, now she is with Randy (ACE Andie) who I had to put to sleep on April 10. With a lot of love, pleasure and joy I think back to our beautiful too short time together. Animal love is and remains a miracle.

Thank you dear Saartje for all the love you have given me!!

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