June 15, 2021

Diary of Fabienne: And off went Ruby's owner ...

Monday 14 June 2021

She was a doll as a young puppy, bought for a lot of money, and of course with a pedigree, her owner proudly told me. But she had to leave NOW, because he had to move to an apartment, and his living conditions had changed, and and and, … He had already gone through so many shelters and there was nowhere to go, what am I supposed to do with it?

Meanwhile, Ruby, a young Shepherd, was just looking around and hearing, but didn't understand anything.She was a sweet and gentle dog, certainly well and sweetly raised, you could see that, and adored her owner. When we were putting her in the cage, her behaviour changed into a great panic. But her owner completely ignored her gaze and wanted to sign the transfer papers as soon as possible. When he was in my office and had arranged the documents, he said: "Look, she knows where I am, she's looking  here..."

At such a moment something goes through your mind, and keeping calm is then an art. And so her owner left the door cheerful and happy,… “Bye girl“... while Ruby is now going through hell.

Since then she has barely eaten, and her eyes look sad. It all takes time, she is mourning. But you never get used to the suffering of a dog or cat that is dumped without any problems. It is always very sad, … Buying a dog is so easy and dumping them even easier.

Ruby, another resident at...

For more information about sad Ruby, please click on her name. 

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