February 23, 2019

Just now we have paravet assistance in the clinic, from 3 crazy students

They help with caring for the sick animals, cleaning, giving medication, putting cabinets in order ... And we can really do with this help, thank you ladies!
(The veterinarian already has some extra gray hair 😂)

Yayo and Emilie, love with a big L 💘

For more information about Yayo, please click here
For more information about Emilie, please click here

Our (ex) students hard at work ...

The wall will be raised to prevent earth from coming down again during heavy rainfall. But first the plants and a part of the soil have to be dug away ...

The home stretch ......

February 10, 2019

I'm a rescue dog. Everything's strange - please give me time.

Will you also do your bit?

ACE has been around for 20 years this year! A number of dog cages in our Refugio are very much in need of refurbishment. After all, we want to give much needed comfort to our dogs, who often have already had a hard life. Would you like to contribute your bit? If so, please deposit € 20 on BE42 7805 9221 8254 in the name of ACE, and your name (or other short inscription) will be mentioned on the new building.

Alfredo: Enfant Terrible!!!

We are looking for volunteers for the Belgian aftercare team !!


Are you fond of dogs and do you understand their behavior (or are you willing to learn it)? Are you free for a few hours a week and can you travel within your region?

If so, you are the person we're looking for! You would be a contact person for the adopters in your region, incase they have questions or problems. If necessary, you could pay a visit on the spot. Together with the rest of the aftercare team you'd be looking for possible solutions.

As a volunteer at SHIN you can effectively save dogs and cats lives, which gives a lot of satisfaction. You will also be part of a super fun team of animal lovers. You'll never get bored volunteering with us (volunteer events, promotions, ...)!

Interested? Please contact Anja Beersaerts: anja.beersaerts@gmail.com - 0495 375 886

Opie did not make it

Monday, February 4, 2019

Life is turns out different for each of us, predictable or not ... No one gets a programme for this concert. So it was for out Opie, a Teckeltje thrown out on the road, and ending up in  a killing station, ... Thrown out after 14 years.

His arrival in the refugio was heartbreaking and difficult to see ... Old and stiff, his fur was a big greasy mat, he was skinny and his old eyes looked sad and aimless. ... Our people started to hug him, greet him, take care of him, and gradually he became a little happy ... Just a little bit, because he did not understand why he should end up here in his old age. A hell of a lot of noise, lots of enthusiastic young fellow-sufferers who passed by at lightning speed ... He was protected and cared for in his cubicle where he had a basket with a thick blanket. He slept in our offices, and every day he received extra cuddly toys from all of us. That was what we were able to do for Opie, but it was not a warm basket by the fireplace we would have wished for his old, old age.

Yet we had the impression that it would be okay ... He was therefore reserved, thanks to the strength and commitment of our volunteers. Everyone was happy, ... But we could not tell him, he did not understand, he looked at you with those sunken eyes.

He was to fly on Sunday but our vet was not happy with his condition. He was going downhill. ,So he got a little more attention from our people, was pampered even more, ... Until Kelly called yesterday that things had taken a turn for the worse ... We immediately wanted to go to the clinic, but Opie wanted to stay with us... In the arms of Kelly and Melanie, he breathed his last breath, ... He could not hold up any longer.

He looked up at them, as if to say: thanks, you are dear ones, ... You are real sweeties, ... But I'm going ... And he went ... In the loving arms of two of our people, ...

Thanks to everyone in the name of Opie, for fighting so hard to still find that happiness for him.  Thanks to the owner who chose him and was adopting him, even though he never knew you.

Our whole team has been left in tears because every time it goes into your heart and every time it's  much deeper, ...

Rest soft Opie, ... We will never forget you, ...

With Kelly

On arrival at the Refugio.