November 29, 2015

Our Special Christmas Promotion ...

Friday, November 27th, 2015
Christmas promotion.

It will soon be Christmas and we always like to do even more than we normally do, and that is to rescue dogs who are close to death.

This week these 50 dogs will all be saved from a killing station, we have been asked not to disclose which station and also that we should not take pictures of the squalid conditions from which these dogs will be rescued. As you know, the killing stations like to look "clean" for Christmas, ..

Because we need help and support to do this, we are asking our volunteers, friends and supporters to choose one of these dogs to help. Each dog has been given a number and in order to rescue them, we are asking for 30 Euros a dog. For that you get to give your chosen dog a name and that you have a little project, to follow 'your' dogs progress, even after he or she finds their golden basket in cooperation with us.

All the dogs are extremely skinny, some will be recorded as malnourished. One of them cannot walk, another has only one ear .. There are large and small dogs, young and old, .. each of them was sitting in the killing station.

We haven't just chosen some dogs, we opted for an entire row. There were 50 of them. We know that not all of them will survive. Some puppies especially are extremely thin and weak, but we feel that we should give them a chance ... their health needs to be improved and all the dogs need medical attention.

If you want to take a puppy or dog into your heart to foster virtually, email our manager Maries. You will receive regular updates about the dog that you take to your heart.

This is a project whereby we hope to give each one a future, to give each dog a happy, successful future where each one counts. We cannot put these dogs up for adopteion yet. They must still undergo a whole process  before they are ready to go home. The most important thing now, first and foremost, is their health.

If you have more questions, you can always contact

This is how it works: -

1. You first choose one of the dogs and ask Maries whether the dog is still available. If so, you can buy the dog free. Bank details can be found on our home page of our web site below.

2. You give the dog a name, obviously they'll need different names so that we do not duplicate names.

3. You speak further with Maries and then follow the dog until it goes home ... 

4. Once the dogs are rescued then you can also adopt them virtually!

We would be sincerely grateful to you all for supporting this little project. These are all happy endings in the making. This is what we stand for and we will do everything we can so that their luck can change and that each of them may find happiness finally. They are, each and every one, all worth it!!!

Greetings Fabienne

Happy ACE/Shin doggies


Arno now Mozzie

Mozzie with Prince, also of the refugio


With Ezro (1,5 years with us) in the background

A Christmas Card for Fabienne

Dear Fabienne and all employees,

We would like to thank you for saving us from the killing station just in time. 
Thanks to you we run and play every day in the woods or on the beach with our owner Magda.
And of course we also get lots of rest and then we snuggle up in our golden basket by the stove .
Hopefully all dogs will very quickly find just such a nice basket.
A merry Christmas and a wonderful new year for you and the animals in the shelter.

Jeanneke (right), Puchie right and Saartje (somewhat hidden behind the tree).

Damante and Cyril - saved from a stinking chicken coop

We heard about their plight. That they were confined in this chicken coop with only smelly water to drink and dry bread to eat. But there was nothing we could do legally. It took a while before the dogs' owner could be persuaded to surrender them to us. 

Now they are with us. Both of them but they don't know what's hit them. They are upset because they are not used to the situation. But they have fresh water to drink and can eat decent food, as every valued animal deserves.

Together they are a unit, they've always been together but now they are gradually learning how to make new friends and that there is a new world for them ...they can make a new start. 

Hopefully with Christmas coming they'll get somewhere warm to be, a warm fireplace to sit beside. That would be a nice Christmas present for these two sweethearts who had never been allowed to experience what is to have a loving home ...

Damante - cooped up with only dirty water and dry bread

Cyril shared Damante's plight

Damante and Cyril - who will give them the best Christmas present ever?

With our noses in the butter ....

I've been having a hard time translating this one. But it seems as if the literal translation 'holes in the butter'  is a saying and I think it means something like falling on your feet. I've found various translations from hole, gap, crevice to lucky ones. So, here very freely translated is the post about these sweet dogs.

They are still a bit bewildered but they have fallen on their feet. I send Christmas greetings and have also sent the pictures to Maries. 

A big kiss and just look at the pictures of the rascals!

Still a bit bewildered ....

... but we've really fallen on our feet!

And look! I have my very own toy.

So happy!

Caro (Bolleke) - with us now for two weeks


We are very happy with our Caro.  It is now two weeks since we picked him up from Eindhoven Airport. As we stood waiting for him to arrive, we had no idea what to expect. But what a cutie he is and how well he is doing.  

Caro is really a very social dog who always wants to please us ... He loves to play and he loves hiking! It's unbelievable how much love we feel for him and get from him .. He's only been two weeks with us, but now we really cannot imagine life without him. 

Greetings from Fred, Monique and Romy and a paw from Caro.

Maruxa, Yako and Gusto (Samuel)


Two years ago Maruxa was found by ACE/ Shin by river with her nine small puppies. Maruxa and the puppies were taken into the shelter and thanks to good care of their Spanish daycare mom they all survived and made a good recovery. 

We adopted Maruxa last year and her pups also found good homes. The last son, Yako, lives not far from us, and today we took mommy Maruxa to Belgium again to meet Yako.

It was nice to see them run together through the woods and see them play. Our 2nd shin dog Gusto (formerly Samuel) got along well with Yako. All three are extremely beautiful, sweet, happy, healthy, super fit and very social dogs.

Thanks very much to all the staff of ACE/Shin for saving these babes and ensuring that we can enjoy them every day!


Our darling Cavalier

Cavalier, a sweet oldie, who would love to have a forever home now and a boss. He's one of our long stayers and it really is more than time that he had his own forever home and a warm basket. He is nine years old but fit and healthy and active. 

Cavalier is already in foster in the Netherlands, where you can visit him and appreciate what a lovely dog he is. He's gentle and affectionate boy. He is very friendly with people and all kinds of dogs - male and female, young and old. He loves to run and play and it would be really great if he could live with another greyhound who understands his way of playing. He's not into cats or rodents - Galgos are apt to chase small furry animals!

Cavalier is known as Raphael in his foster home. He enjoys long walks and will walk along beside the bike and doesn't pull on the lead. He can run loose in some areas but if something flies up or suddenly runs off - a bird say, or a squirrel - he will go after it. This is the nature of the Galgo. This sweet boy will happily amuse himself with a toy but otherwise is rather quiet in the house.

Please, who loves this wonderful breed? Who wants to give this sweet fellow a loving home for the rest of his days. The rewards will be immense. Take a look at this charming film of Cavalier/Raphael taken at his foster home in 2013.