July 29, 2018

Three small puppies, Nubbe, Nilo and Nacho, were brought to the killing station

Nubbe, Nilo and Nacho were brought to the killing station... something that happens here every week. So often that nobody is surprised at it anymore.The mama of these little ones is a brown Perro de Agua, barely 8 months old herself. Her owner took her to her vet to have her young dog sterilized, but the vet thought that that would be like a rape of nature... and talked her out of it. What you would expect id indeed happen. Her beautiful Perro de Agua got pregnant, unwanted, and got no less than 14 puppies.. 
Her owner was being driven crazy with this big family and so they were all given away to everybody as gifts, only these 3 remained out of the 14. And they were brought to the killing station! Can you imagine that a vet who works and lives here in Spain, and knows what happens to them in a killing station, would give such  advice? 
The whole family was given away, just to get rid of the problem. The last 3, they were lucky and they are safe now, in our hands. 
Update: Nubbe and Nacho are in pre-reservation, so hopefully they will soon be on their way home. 
Little Nilo is still waiting. Don't let him be left behind. Will you make sure that he too has a warm basket, like his siblings. 
For more information about Nilo, please click on his name.

Our Vivian's mum and dad pay a visit to our Refugio

We are very happy to see them and the dogs get lots of lovely cuddles.

Elina: this funny, loving, lively girl will make you smile every day.

Elina is a Bodeguero. Sometimes known as 'clown' dogs, because they make you laugh with their antics. There is not a bad bone in their little bodies. Our Elina was found all alone in a park, just quietly watching the people walking past her. She happily came with us. She's been with us for nearly four years so it's more than time for her to have her very own basket, her very own boss. Why has no-one noticed her before? It has nothing to do with this cheerful girl but probably because, sadly, we have many Bodequeros looking for forever homes. 

For more information about Elina, please click on her name.

Heartbreaking. Once one of our youngest residents, Gus is still with us years later.


Dear Gus. Who will give him a loving, forever home?

Gus when he first came to us. This little puppy is now 8 years old and while we'd be sorry to say goodbye all we want for this darling is his very own family and golden basket.

For more information about Gus, please click on his name.

Our Viv with our little Bunny, still in loving, caring hands ...

Our sweet Bunny is not available for adoption. She has a special place in the home of one of our wonderful foster mums.

July 23, 2018

Little Nino: it's time. Now he's ready for his very own forever home!

Look at that sweetheart. Those trusting, gentle eyes. 'I'm ready,' he seems to be saying. 'Are you?' He's six years old and has been with us most of his life, since 2012. Recently, a few months ago, he went into foster care where it became clear that the poor boy was in pain. An operation on his knee was necessary: he was so brave and came out of it well. He will need to take it easy for a few months but that doesn't stop him hopping around to greet visitors.

Little Nino is happy with people and with smaller dogs. Large dogs scare him and he growls, out of insecurity. The chickens don't bother him at all. We think he'll be better off in a home where he will be the only dog, or where there are other little dogs. He likes to drive in the car for short rides but gets sick on long journeys.

This dear fellow has experienced and endured so much pain and grief, and now it's his turn to find a wonderful golden basket. If you become his owner he will do everything for you. If you'd like to know more, please click here

July 22, 2018

Veerle bottle feeding our tiny puppies ...

Our clinic was busy again this week, defying the heat!

Our vet at work.

The patients

ACE walk in Monster - a great day raising money for our dogs.

What a great day it was with all those enthusiastic walkers and their dogs.
We want to thank De Goudvis pet shop again for the donated goodie bags for the dogs, everyone was very happy with it!
The proceeds of this walk is € 340, - this goes entirely to our dogs in Spain !!
Thank you very much for this !!

A visit from Joelle from All4dogs ...

Joelle Merinsky from All4dogs came to visit us! Always heart-warming! Thanks for your support!!

Our Candy - living a life of luxury!

Our Candy on her private yacht 😮😊😊 How a life can change!!!

Do you recognise our poor mummy, rescued from the killing station with her little puppies ...

... she's doing very well now, thank goodness. So happy she's here with us and that we could rescue her. What sort of person takes a family like this to a killing station!!!!!

Snapshots from the Refugio - 18th July

Work in progress!

Lots of dogs need lots of towels!

Generous visitors.

More work in progress!

Our student Jelger, giving cuddles.

Students Jelger and Kirsten with some of our beautiful dogs.

Jelger with Apollo

Apollo giving kisses to Jelger!

Student Kirsten with Podenco Kirsten, her namesake!

Happy smiley faces! So lovely to see.

Camancho with some of our sweeties.

If you have to wear a cone, make it a pretty pink one 😊


Our doggies love meeting children and it's mutual.

Even more work in progress!

Our Paco giving cuddles.

Now that's what you call a 'lion cut'!!!