July 06, 2018

Overview of some of the dogs, who's freedom has been bought by our generous donors and volunteers

Dear blog friends,

Last week you were able to follow how we saved many dogs and cats from the killing station in Malaga. They were emotional days that left no one untouched ...

However, we have not been standing still in the meantime. We worked hard on their well-being, on their check ups with the vet and on the administrative red tape involved. In the coming weeks you will see the lucky ones appear on our website, stating the donors who bought them.

In this first phase we have been able to save 86 lives, in the coming weeks and months the others will follow. If you have not received any news about the dog or cat you bought free within a month, please contact beheer.mijas@ace-charity.org, our staff will do everything they can to answer your questions as quickly as possible. !

To all our donors and volunteers who made this possible, thank you again!
The first dogs are:
Felix -  bought free by Steegmans P.
Pepeeke - bought free by Jordan Monique
Chadli - bought free by Angel of the Voiceless
Zorro - bought free by Beckers Cheyenne
Chivas - bought free by Daelemans Mira
Silva - bought free by De Peuter I.
Alvarez - bought free by Debaets P.
Marquez - bought free by Leyers Nancy
Lozano -  bought free by Rabasa Carmen
Ed - bought free by Segers Monique
Rodriguez - bought free by Fam. van Beek - Galafat
Meunier - bought free by Mello G.
Witsel - bought free by Van Ranst Evi
Allison - bought free by Vermeir Evy
Deuante - bought free by van Ranst P.
Thiago -  bought free by Aecke Danielle
Carrasco - bought free by Arnauts E.
Casemiro -bought free by Devolder Sandra

If you are interested in virtually adopting one of these dogs, you can always contact Maries van den Plas: mariesvandenplas@gmail.com.

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