July 23, 2018

Little Nino: it's time. Now he's ready for his very own forever home!

Look at that sweetheart. Those trusting, gentle eyes. 'I'm ready,' he seems to be saying. 'Are you?' He's six years old and has been with us most of his life, since 2012. Recently, a few months ago, he went into foster care where it became clear that the poor boy was in pain. An operation on his knee was necessary: he was so brave and came out of it well. He will need to take it easy for a few months but that doesn't stop him hopping around to greet visitors.

Little Nino is happy with people and with smaller dogs. Large dogs scare him and he growls, out of insecurity. The chickens don't bother him at all. We think he'll be better off in a home where he will be the only dog, or where there are other little dogs. He likes to drive in the car for short rides but gets sick on long journeys.

This dear fellow has experienced and endured so much pain and grief, and now it's his turn to find a wonderful golden basket. If you become his owner he will do everything for you. If you'd like to know more, please click here

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