July 16, 2018

Sunday's Diary - Gepetto had such bad luck, but what a guy!!!!

Everyone remembers our purple paint-drenched mum Toosje, who with her 11 puppies will remain an unforgettable event in our history. All the puppies were cute and beautiful, all of them including our Gepetto, but he has a twisted back leg.  He has however, to date not been bothered by it, yet he is different from the others as a result. He is also the family's special one, the most gentle of all, all cuddles, all softness. Gepetto is now with us in foster care and you can only melt when you see him, those soft eyes, that sweet look, he got it all from his mom, ... He plays with our cats and with all the other dogs, he is always happy and cheerful, always calm, like a Mastin can be. Gepetto is looking for an owner who can appreciate all this and gives him a chance, even though he is not completely perfect because of his hind leg, our great treasure!

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