June 30, 2012

Wolfke, one of our littlest volunteers, meets the family

Wolfke helps out!

Hmm! What are they up to?

What funny creatures

Funny puppy!

Don't make me get out

Big streeeeetch

You have to admit it, I'm really cute

There's plenty of room but we like to cuddle

Good friends

I like this basket!

What a fat tummy!

Tickle, tickle

Hello, friend

Let me help with the chores

Big fat frog

Such a strange creature

Blue is blue

I can sleep here? Is OK?

What on earth is this?


Hello, little puppy

Bleau ....

You're standing on ...

... my foot

Smile for the camera

June 27, 2012

Poor Mothers ...

Before you buy any kind of meat (or indeed fish or poultry) just stop for a moment and consider how much suffering might be involved.  A vegetarian barbecue is just as good, just as much fun. If you do enjoy meat make sure you know how your meat or meal was produced, be aware of the suffering that might be caused for you to have this piece of meat on your grill. 

June 24, 2012

Black Beauty Project : Pascavil

Yet another beautiful creature abandoned and left to die. Fabienne wrote in her diary: -           

                   "He was found tied to a tree, he had been left behind there and he had been there for an entire week, waiting and hoping that it would pass, he ate the mud around him, he survived sun, heat, thirst and hunger. Mentally he was fine, but his body has changed into a pile of bones with some fur around it. His ears have been cut in half by the same person that tied him to the tree. Because he was black, nobody wanted to rescue him. Then we became involved and when we got him into our arms, we cried, we cursed and we had to sit down with his big sick body, we held his big head into our hands, his eyes were looking at us. Don't say another word, baby. We understand you, we know what you went through, stop talking, it's over now.... He got into my car, he lied down, sighed deeply and closed his eyes, as if he knew that it was over. It is over, he quietly fell asleep, drank three bowls of water and then he collapsed, he was completely exhausted... His situation is alarming, he has weakened a lot, but we go for it, big sweet black giant... We will do everything we can to give you another opportunity. Let's hope he will make it...." 

Pascavil has been at El Refugio for nearly two weeks now. He's such a good boy, he deserves love and happiness. After letting him recover a little, we gave him a nice shower to wash away his past and already he felt  a lot better. He's only five years old, a gentle giant - a Great Dane. With the sweetest character. We pray he'll recover so that he can find his golden basket and a loving family who will treat him with the care and respect he deserves.

You'll feel better after a wash

There's a good dog

All done!

What a handsome boy - ready for his new life

Snapshots from Fabienne - El Refugio on June 21st

Our dear Mams, waiting to go home. Finally!

Goofy - so long with us, poor boy.

Happy Mams

The young ones

More litte ones

 Is it dinner time?

Steven with the dangerous BULLLLLYYYYYY

 Sweet Bully, such a devoted fellow

Keeping everything nice and tidy

Ralph is feeling a bit better now ....

When Ralph arrived at the Refugio he was so frightened, he was missing his boss and he had no reason to like us. Where were his owners, the people he loved most in the world? Why was he here? Why should he trust us? It takes a dog some time to accept that it has been abandoned. Some never do - these are the ones who pine away and despite al our efforts, some of them just don't make it.  But today Ralph as begun to accept us. He trusts us, he feels safe again. Poor little boy, we will take care of you.

A nice lap

A cuddle

Kind words

 And a warm hug

June 16, 2012


Summer is here and ticks have been showing their heads since Spring.
Here is a good way to get all of them off you, your children or your pets. Just try for yourself.

PLEASE READ and please pass it on to anyone with children or dogs, to hunters and indeed to everybody who takes a step outside in the summer. 

This advice could save a lot of problems. This safe and easy way to remove ticks was written by a school nurse and put on the web to share with everyone. With this  technique all you have to do is follow these simple instructions. It really works. She writes :-

"I had a pediatrician who told me what way she believed, was the best way to remove a tick.

This is really great because it actually works on those spots that are hard to reach with tweezers – such as in between your toes, in the middle of a head filled with dark hair, and so on."

1. Put a good dollop of liquid soap onto a pad of cotton wool.

2. Cover the tick with the soaked cotton wool and pat it for 15-20 seconds

3. The tick will retract automatically. It will loosen by itself and hold onto the cotton wool when you remove the pad.

This technique has worked over and over again; I have used it lots of times. It’s less traumatic for the patient and easier for me. Even my doctor’s wife called me for advice because she had a tick on her back which she couldn't reach with tweezers. She used this method and called me back immediately to tell me that it had worked!”

Unless someone is allergic to soap, I can't image this technique to be harmful in anyway.

Lobrigi sheds her past ....

This sweet but wretchedly used dog bore many, many puppies before we could save her. So many pregnancies, her body so worn and neglected. With us she's proving to be a pleasant sweet dog. She's getting lots of love and extra attention. She's still fearful. If you lift your hand to caress her she cringes, because she thinks she's going to be hit. But we're changing that. If you speak kindly to her and go gently, she's a princess - a very, very sweet girl who is learning that hands are there to pat and stroke and not to strike.

More than ready for a a wash and a nice haircut

There's a good dog

 We'll soon have those paws neat and trim

 Shampoo and blow dry

Nearly done? 

Two beautiful girls

Now she can smile again