April 28, 2020

Fabienne's diary - The life story of an ordinary cat...

Pino lived in a small cat colony in a village not far from Algeciras. A cat that was very sweet and affectionate, a sympathetic cat who somehow got lost there. After she was sterilized, she was unfortunately put back in the colony, because there was no shelter for her,. She was put back in the colony where she faithfully waited every day for the cat lady to bring her daily food.

One day the cat lady saw that there was something wrong with this sweet cat, she was staring quietly in front of her, without any movement,. She was not eating, nor was she herself. She was rushed to the clinic, but nothing was found. So she was released back into the colony where she sat silently staring in front of her the next day.  Then the female discovered that she could see nothing anymore, Pino was blind.

Again Pino went to the ophthalmologist and she was diagnosed with complete blindness, but the cause of which they could not tell us. Pino is blind. She is now with us in Algeciras but she is having a hard time among the many unfortunate fellow sufferers, because she is still cannot see her way.

We are looking for a family that will make her happy. She is a cat that is very affectionate, a sweetheart that purrs all day, if she can be with you. She needs a quiet environment, an indoor life, where she can learns her way safely and can be with her owners. Who will give this rescue sweetheart a life? So that she can finally come home.

For more information about Pino please click on her name.

Sousan,...what about me?

Our Sousan, a beautiful Galgo, has been with us for a while now. Once you get to know him, you can only fall in love with him! Since he has been with us, we have got to know him as a super social great guy, sweet with big and small and the biggest cuddler you can ever imagine...
He is always happy, always ready for a pet and a cuddle, and that is why we want to put this beautiful Galgo in the spotlights... If you are looking for a loyal, good companion Sousan is the dog for you!

For more information about Sousan, please click on his name. 

April 26, 2020

Everyone is entitled to a loving life ...

Everyone is entitled to a loving life

In these difficult and appalling times, there's one brilliant life-changing result for many animals ...

Taken from an email sent by Humane Society International.

Shenzhen is now the first city in mainland China to ban the consumption of dogs and cats. The ban also includes a permanent prohibition on the consumption, breeding and sale of wild animals for human consumption.

Starting May 1st, the sale of cats and dogs for human consumption will now be banned in restaurants and stores throughout Shenzhen, and the sale of live cats and dogs for consumption will be banned in markets.

The ban on dog and cat meat is the first of its kind enacted in mainland China, and aside from the number of lives it will be saving, its true significance is that Shenzhen is an economic powerhouse and China's fifth-largest city, and we hope this example will inspire others to follow suit. Shenzhen is also the first city in the world to take the lessons learned from the current pandemic seriously and apply it to its wildlife trade.

To read the full story ... https://www.hsi.org/news-media/shenzhen-chinas-first-to-ban-eating-of-dogs-cats-wildlife

Not only that!A story in The Guardian, the UK's principal independent non-tabloid newspaper, reports that the Chinese government itself has signalled an end to the human consumption of dogs - releasing a draft policy that would forbid canine meat. It signalled out canines as forbidden in a draft list of animals allowed to be raised for meat. This follows the initiative of Shenzhen.

China's Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs singled out dogs as forbidden in a draft white list, which lists those animals allowed to be raised for meat. It calls dogs 'a special companion animal.'

April 20, 2020

The key to happiness ...

After he was dumped, Pancho couldn't see any future ...

Monday, April 20, 2020

And that's when our reception families come into the picture, ...

Thanks to Nancy, one of our wonderful foster moms, who worked with him and with a lot of patience he became what you can see above, a 'dream dog'.

That's what we do it for, I say! Thanks to all our top families of reception families! And thanks to the owners who are just "slightly" more than adopters, who dare to give a dog with special problems a chance.

Thanks to all the adopters of our dogs, because if you give a rescue a chance, you are just that little bit more human !!


Sunday, April 19, 2020


They need it so much now!
Would you like to start a fundraising campaign via Facebook for our dear ones?
You can do this by clicking on this link:
You click on '+ collect money' and then follow the instructions.
Thank you very much on behalf of our dogs and cats !!

April 19, 2020

So that's why ...!

Source: Google.com

Don't let Candela fall through the cracks ...

We see it so often. Maybe it's because there are so many dogs of one type of breed in the Refugio when they come in. Maybe it's because there are prettier dogs on the same page of the website. Possibly it's the time they arrive with us. Or maybe it's their age. Who knows. But for whatever reason some dogs just fall through the cracks. They get over looked time and time again and before we know it they've been with us for two years, three, four .... 

We don't want that to happen to Candela. We don't want that to happen to any of our darlings for as much as we care for them and make them as happy as we can, there's no substitute for the love of a forever home. We want that special home for Candela. She's nearly four and a half but has only been with us, in foster care, for two months. She's a very good dog, very social and loves her foster family - she has so much love to give. Will you take this beautiful girl into your home. Will you make sure she does not fall between the cracks. The reward she will give you - her boundless love - will be immense.

For more information about good, loving Candela, please click on her name.

Fabienne's dog of the week: Buddha

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Buddha was rescued from the killing station after being surrendered there by his owner. He is a young, active dog who needs to be able to use his energy every day. He is looking for an owner who would like to do something active with him, be it long walks or dog school. It does not matter, as long as they can go out together! Buddha gets along well with other dogs, but does have a strong personality. He is very friendly and docile with people!.

For more information about handsome young Buddha, please click on his name.

April 18, 2020

The virus is helping us understand each other better 😂

So many reasons why we do it, - over 22,000 reasons and counting. Here's just one of them ...

This was me when I arrived at ACE. 

Hello .... I'm here ... today is a high day ... I'm Messi (at ACE I was Douwe) I'm 1 year old today ... what a big boy I will be.  Meanwhile I've been half a year in Belgium with my great adoptive parents and my 2 brothers Tuur and Simba. You can see how I was when I first came to ACE and what I am like now. Respect and love. Messi XXX

In the hammock in my forever home in Belgium

Look how smart I am now. Do you like my bow?

With my brothers. I'm such a happy doggie now.

Fabienne's diary - Lola needs surgery ...

Lola was found in the slums of Seville. We don't know what happened to her, but she was left to fend for herself and they asked our help to take care of her.  Now in Corona times we had nowhere to go for a specialist, but after a long insistence she can now be seen next Wednesday. Now her leg just grows wrong because we haven't been able to get the necessary help.  Fortunately we came to an understanding and now our Lola may still be examined and if necessary operated immediately, a project there !!

Lola is a strong character and needs good discipline. A Staffordje, who is super social with everyone and everything, likes to play, does crazy stuff and is very people-oriented! As indescribably sweet as Staffords can be. She deserves the very best, just like everyone else, but certainly needs a home with people who know this breed because of their qualities and not because they want to walk around looking tough,… There is a lot more to our Staffie Lola. If you put work and time into it you'll  get an indescribable best friend !!

For more information about Lola, please click on her name.



I don't know exactly what the cat needs but he does love the rules

April 16, 2020

And one more to make our day great!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2020

And one more post to put our Lenny in the frame. Such a difficult little man, but once again thanks to the persistence of the foster family, and the adopters he has found his way in life. Especially now that there is no cat on the street, Lenny (now Darco), thinks it is great outside !! Just one more success !! The message is courage during these days !! Our message !!

Lockdown laughter 😂


Lovely people,

I have noticed that in recent weeks you have been staying in my house very often and for a long time . Although I love having you in my house, I think it is time to tighten up the rules and clarify where necessary.

1. If you go outside ...... I will come!

2. I have noticed that you eat a lot of tasty things while you are sitting on the couch having your lazy coffee. I'm entitled to my share of that treat. I won't bother you too much and will just sit and stare at you quietly until you obey and give me my share.

3. No, I don't need to take a bath. I'm clean already. Just because you're bored it doesn't mean I need a bath. If you need to wash something, you can wash that metal thing on wheels that is outside, but the boss has already done that three times this week, though it has not been off the driveway for weeks.

4. As long as you are in my house, it is your job to let me out as often as I consider necessary. Even if I have just been outside. There is still a place that I have not yet checked.

5. When I sleep ....... Let me sleep! The fact that I am sleeping is not a sign for you or your human puppies to play with me. And I can sleep where I want to. I don't appreciate being woken up so I move on.

6. Don't say shhhh or stop me when I bark. Since you decided to be more at home, my security job has only gotten bigger. I have to report everything I hear, so listen to me instead of saying that I have to be quiet.

7. Don't leave a room in the house without me. I know you kind of by now. Yesterday I also heard a bag of chips open in the bedroom and no one called me to share. So from now on I'm going to stalk you.

8. This rule is very important . If it falls on the floor, it's mine! If it's in my mouth ..Mine!!!

9. You will never again go for  a pee alone, you look at me when I pee so I don't understand why I can't look at you. So do not close doors, not even the toilet!

10. I've always worked from home, so if you do, don't grumble at me when I bark during your meeting or banter with your friends.

April 13, 2020

Snoopy's Wisdom ....

The A Team!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2020

See our Spanish quintet enjoying the sun 😀
Little by little, Vanyar is claiming her own place in the pack.
She is very brave, I am proud of all five of them!

From Fabienne's Diary

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Today it is Easter, not as many others, but so different from the Easter that we always lived. We all have to go through this, even the many lives we stand up for...

From all of us here, we wish everyone a lot of hope and strength !! Despite all this have a nice week !!


April 11, 2020

Great News: in these difficult times here is some news to bring hope for animals and for the world

Message from Humane Society International

Shenzhen is now the first city in mainland China to ban the consumption of dogs and cats. The ban also includes a permanent prohibition on the consumption, breeding and sale of wild animals for human consumption.

Starting May 1st, the sale of cats and dogs for human consumption will now be banned in restaurants and stores throughout Shenzhen, and the sale of live cats and dogs for consumption will be banned in markets.

The ban on dog and cat meat is the first of its kind enacted in mainland China, and aside from the number of lives it will be saving, its true significance is that Shenzhen is an economic powerhouse and China's fifth-largest city, and we hope this example will inspire others to follow suit. Shenzhen is also the first city in the world to take the lessons learned from the current pandemic seriously and apply it to its wildlife trade.

April 10, 2020

Happy Easter Everyone ❤️

Emma - a very nice purrer!!!

Emma is a lovely cat who was recently rescued from a colony where she was probably dumped because she was a house cat. Emma liked to cuddle and was not accepted by the wild cats population, she was lucky that the lady who took this colony to heart has brought her to us. She is a sweetheart, who now lives in a shelter and is very sweet there, good with the children and with the dogs of the family. 

For more information about Emma, please click on her name.

Galetta - not a ready-made cat but so worth your love and patience

Look at that beautiful face! Galetta is such a beautiful cat, with her silver fur and soulful eyes. She was saved from the street where she was often attacked. She is still fearful and timid but patience, a lot of patience, will teach her there is nothing to fear. She is indeed a project, but such a worthwhile one. She's already adorable and when she gains your trust she'll reward you with her beauty and her love.

For more information about Galetta, please click on her name.

Chiky: Yet another oldie needing a warm, golden basket

This very pretty Cocker Spaniel is Chiky. He is twelve years old, nearly thirteen and needs to be the centre of a loving family so he can know some happiness in is later years. Why not get in touch with us to find out more about his character and how he came to be with us. Please click on his name for some further information.

For those who still know Jones, everything is going very well with our Loebas !!

He has now been very happy in our family for 8 months and enjoys the sun and the attention. And we do not regret for a second that we could give this four-legged friend a golden basket with lots of love and FOOD (very important to Jones) 🙊🥰🥰🥰

Many Kisses and greetings from Jones!

Floor sets off “Mom, I'm going to advertise for when the dogs can fly again!” ❤️🐾

Fabienne's diary: Despite Corona another oldie with us ... With very elegant teeth !!!

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Meet Pepinj

He's from the killing station, we were asked to give him a chance, ... His owner died of Corona, and Pippin was his only support, ... Someone from the killing station asked us to save this old man, he doesn't take up much space, the little guy, ... He sits there on his pillow, with his special teeth, and his little body that carries it all, ... He sat for 10 days and then they would have to put him to sleep, which has not happened now.  He was lucky.

So many people here don't remember, their animals much less,… You can't imagine the stories you hear every day,… But we keep going, little Pepin reminds me a lot of Bon Jovi that we once saved, just like an Andalusian underbite, ... This old boy dreams of becoming the same age.

For more information about Pepinj please click on his name

April 09, 2020

The cone of shame .....!!!

Fabienne's Diary: Sesar, one of the many dogs being dumped these days

April 8, 2020

Sesar, the umpteenth dumped dog here in our neighbourhood, he was walked on the street with numerous wounds. He was attacked by local residents and by a pack of wild dogs that were terrorising the neighbourhood. He couldn't go on any longer, his paws were cut open and his stomach hadn't seen any food in a long tim, he hadn't tasted fresh water in a long time either.

At first he did not want to come and showed his teeth in self-defense, but after a chat and a lot of patience, after he gradually began to feel it was all right, Isabel and her friend were able to pick him up and put him in the car. He was admitted to the veterinary clinic, where he received the necessary care.  Miraculously he is completely ok now, and is now one of the many dogs at Isabelleke's house.

Sesar is a dog that that would prefer not to live in a large group, but he undergoes his situation in a quiet way. He is restrained and timid, but with a little love and attention, good intentions and patience, he relaxes and comes crawling close to you. Someone who can put in a little time and patience here will get an immeasurable friend.

For more information about Sesar please click on his name.

April 07, 2020

Fabienne's Diary: Just a thought .....

Monday, April 6, 2020

Good evening everyone,

We are back with good news from one of our sweethearts who was allowed to go home a year ago! Our big boy Fritz, rescued from a killing station. He came in thin and weak.  Today he has been a year with his adopters who simply could not live without him and are very proud of him.

Sometimes your thoughts go out to all the dogs and kittens that we have rescued, thinking that they all went somewhere, adopted and taken in to a family. With the intention of being happy there, being brought up and living their best life, a lifetime of being  a friend, living with their family. Today we have around 500 dogs and 120 cats alone, not to mention the domestic cats in the many colonies.

A hunting dog that comes to us usually adjusts quickly and already feels as if he or she is in heaven with us, because there are no words for the terrible way the hunters and the goat herders treat them. Everyone knows these horrific images. But a dog or a cat that comes from a family, is used to living in a family, who mourns and mourns, and is having a hard time- that is altogether different. The cage and the confinement is often so unbearable that there are those who let themselves go completely.  And however hard we try, however much we do our best, they cannot forget their family and do not understand why they are thrown away now.

The killing  stations are bulging at the moment, they are busy cleaning up the streets, they are now the only ones in charge. We are not allowed to make any attempt at rescue, their cash register rings, because every captured victim is money.  Our obligations due to the lockdown are gnawing at us, the more so because we are not allowed to let our four-legged friends leave now to go to forever homes and despite the corona situation we still get dogs sent to us, here and there, and just left at the gate. We are overcrowded and overcrowded.

But when you receive this message about Fritz, and many other adopted four-legged friends, you will have courage and perseverance again, and that is what you need these days.

But what I really want to says is: there are so many people who take a dog or a cat, and then throw it away, even years later they come back to us, as if they are "temporary" things... Please don't take them into you family if they are not going to be allowed to be family. They are living creatures that want to live with your family for a long time, until the day that they are no longer there. It's a lifetime commitment. Don't take them in if you can't commit to them; they also have feelings, and more than you think. We can speak of that because we have to look them in the eye every day,  and see what being dumped does to them.  A dumped four-legged friend is broken, dislocated and mourns his owner, ... It is always so heartbreaking.

Our Fritz was once a disposable dog, too… And yet look at him today!