August 31, 2021

Tommy has been with his owners for one year now.

 Tuesday 31 August 2021

Everything is going well with Tommy, only on a check-up at the vet he turned out to be a bit too heavy, but according to the vet that is partly due to the castration at a later age.

He really is a sweetheart with a bit of will of his own but that's not a bad thing. He is very strong. Tommy never goes far from us, when he is in the back of the garden he comes to fetch us to play with him and loves the grandchildren, all children really.

Tommy also went on holiday to Makkum and that all went well.

I take him out 5 times a day, which is good for him and for me and he is very fond of the people of 50+ center.

We really wouldn't want to be without him now, he's our 3rd labrador and we hope he will be the same age, they were around 14 years old.

Our Young...10 years younger since he's been with his owners....

Tuesday 31 August 2021

Good morning!!

 Tuesday 31 August 2021

A new resident in our midst... Tied to the gate with a long line...

In Memoriam Zenna

 Monday, August 30, 2021

Today, Monday August 30, it is exactly 14 years ago that we picked up Zenna, then Zena, from the airport in Antwerp. Our little pretty girl on stilts, about 4 months old, came all the way from the Malaga area.

When we saw the first photo on the ACE SHIN website, we knew she belong edto us! She immediately stole our hearts and that feeling has only grown stronger over the years. We bet with the vet that she must be a Podenco crossbreed. With a short, docked tail.

She could be a little rascal, but so incredibly funny, lively, playful, sensitive, social, noisy, incredibly sweet, very smart, very communicative and a wonderful hug. With a wonderful Spanish temperament and happy to share, even then, with our older boxer NoΓ«.

Where in the past she sometimes took the chance, went up the hill and you sometimes didn't see her for the entire walk because she enjoyed zigzagging through the bushes, later on she could enjoy her freedom and she actually always and everywhere ran loose.

When she was 7 we moved to a place in the middle of nature and 7 month old Greek Emrys of  came to live with us. What a wonderful paradise it was there, enjoying the forest every day and always looking for beautiful new hiking areas and swimming waters together. She was a real water rat and could swim well. She went everywhere with us, visiting all the 'grandparents', friends, family. Nice touring by car, walking and along the way something to eat together and later regularly travel with the camper. She was very happy, together with her great friend Emrys, whom she was able to mother wonderfully.

Slowly, at a certain point, the old age ailments started. Osteoarthritis in her front leg, a hernia in the lower back, she got cataracts and became a bit deaf. Fortunately we have the best and sweetest vet there is and she did very well on her medication for a long time.

She still really enjoyed our outings and always being together, there was so much vitality and will in her! We got an old bicycle trailer that we always took with us everywhere. One where she could get in and out on her own. She was able to indicate when lying down and resting was necessary, but also when she wanted to walk again. So beautiful to see! She continued to enjoy swimming, we just had to pluck her out of the reeds a little more often when she got stuck again, or lift her up again when she chose the steepest side to get out of the water.

On one of our last outings, when we sat on a terrace after walking, she vomited and fell unconscious for a while. Very nasty and scary. Unfortunately, that turned out to be the beginning of giving up more and more and getting worse. Food became less, actually only ate treats. Vomited more and more, got thinner, but kept doing her regular rounds here on the property every day, picking up mommy from work and even walking. Until it really didn't work anymore and she became very ill and very weak within a week.

With a lot of pain in our hearts we therefore had to decide to let her pass, on Monday 23 August. Nice at home, outside, quiet and enjoying the last rays of the sun. She took a piece of our hearts with her, what an emptiness she leaves behind. Our sweet Zennie, Zentje Pentje, Granny Pennie, my doll, our sweetest darling, our everything. Our beautiful girl with her whitened long snout and eyebrows. Her cute hoppy, stiff walk and ears flapping up and down. Her loud bark, which grew softer and hoarse over the years, often skipping.

She was so touching, stole many a heart along the way.

No more hearing her long nails tapping on the floor, no more swan clinging to me wherever I went and no matter how hard she ended up walking. You could call her from afar, but she would look completely the wrong way because she couldn't locate you directly because of her deafness. She heard crackling bags with goodies immediately. Also knew exactly where everything was and how to treat herself.

Or her bouncy jumps and happy burrows, way too fast for her old paws, when you came home. Singing and whooping like you'd been gone for months on end.

It hurts so much to miss her. So unreal that she's gone. We were and are sick of it. At the same time, we are extremely grateful that we have been able to enjoy each other for so long.

Now, exactly 14 years later, we can pick her up again, but at the Xuux animal crematorium in Hengelo. It's great that a place like this exists. Where we were given plenty of time to say goodbye properly and respectfully, after we kept her at our house for a few more days after she passed away.

She gets a nice place at home, on her own red velvet sofa, her permanent place what we invariably called Zenna's chair and will continue to do so. Of course we will never forget her, our little family is no longer complete.

Bye dear Zenna, we love you so indescribably πŸ’–

With best regards,

Arjan, Yvonne and Emrys

Thank you Isolde for the help and the nice donation of 150 euros!! 🐢🐾

 Monday, August 30, 2021

New foster care (preferably adoption) wanted for Dama 17122

 Monday, August 30, 2021

Dama is a very sweet, still young dog, who unfortunately did not have a good start. She was adopted as a puppy last year, but something must have gone very wrong then, because she came to a loving foster family almost a year ago as a very insecure dog. And here she is still, still very kind to her temporary owners, to the other dogs in the house and to the cats that also live there. But it just won't work out here. The nearby school with a lot of children's noise stresses Dama, encountering many other dogs while walking, also stresses her. In such a way that she prefers not to go for a walk. Dama's world has become very small and that is such a shame. Who wants to give this insecure but oh so sweet girl a chance?

Mail to if you think you can help Dama.

For more information about sweet Dama, please click on her name.

August 30, 2021


 Sunday 29 August 2021

Currently, 641 lovely people donate 1 euro a month to our dogs. In the meantime, more than € 10,000 has been collected in just over 2 years, fantastic!

But we can do even better, can't we? Our facebook page has more than 22,000 followers. Wouldn't it be great if even more people donated 1€ per month?

Just think of the number of dogs (and cats) we could rescue, care for and place! So many extra lives saved.... Undoable? Unrealistic? Let us try.

With a simple mouse click below you can support our darlings. 1€ per month ...Who'll join in? It's absolutely safe!

How to register?

1.Click the link:

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3. Fill in your details (name and IBAN number)

4. You are now a donor!

5. Help us by sharing the action

Fabienne's Diary: Update Kayla

 Saturday, August 28, 2021

A few weeks ago you were able to meet Kayla for the first time. A little Perro de Agua who was in the killing station, a handicapped dog with little prospects, certainly not if she stayed there. We took her with us, and saw her gradually changing from an insecure and scared dog, to a happy, cheerful and carefree lady! She is so happy that she is finally welcome somewhere, that she can put her head down with peace of mind, without having to be constantly on her guard.

Kayla has meanwhile been seen by specialists: she has a severe patellar luxation on both knees, as a result of a deformity of her thighs. To remedy this, multiple surgical procedures would be required, involving both femur and tibia surgery on both hind legs, and in the worst case, surgery on both knees. They are highly invasive surgeries, and unfortunately the risk of complications in Kayla's case are great, given the seriousness of her condition, not to mention the impact these interventions will have on her morale.

That is why we prefer not to operate on her yet, given the limited chance of success and the fact that Kayla runs and plays, climbs and descends the stairs, and enjoys life just like any other dog. She shows no pain, and has relatively well adapted to her situation. She lays on her back when she wants to be petted, loves to cuddle, and is gradually becoming a happy dog! She's still shy, especially in the beginning when she doesn't know you well, but once she trusts you she's the sweetest!

We are looking for a family who wants to take her into their hearts and realize that she is a worry child. We will do everything we can to ensure Kayla's happiness!

ACE Persian

 Saturday, August 28, 2021

Since August 3, this mischievous young male named Persian has been in foster care with me.

He came back from adoption in the Netherlands after 4 months, because it wouldn't click well with the other cat of the house. At first my own cat Loulou was not happy. After a careful introduction they play really nicely together now. Kick up, kick down at lightning speed and all kinds of other ways to run after each other. Little play 'fight' together, they keep each other busy!

He is very social to everyone, the dogs, the cat and everyone who comes into the house is immediately greeted in a friendly manner. If possible, he jumps on your lap to cuddle, even if he doesn't know you yet. He will also never scratch or bite (what my own Loulou might do).

He has an oriental appearance (from Esther (Ace) I understand that she thinks he may have a Siamese mother). He is slim built, his black fur shines beautifully, has big round eyes with which he wonders looking into the world. His tail is provided with a few kinks ( he by the way not bothered by this). In short, it is quite a hunk!

Persian loves to play. With a dangling string, a wad, a cat (toy), it doesn't matter with what or who.

He also likes attention and is very curious, he wants like to be everywhere. Sleeping, he likes that too and that's what he does for a solid number of hours a day. Squeek, mrrrrb, blib blob, ieeep, those are just a few sounds that he makes on a regular basis. He is of course not good at verbatim writing, so I recommend that you really do need to come and meet him and make his acquaintance face to face.

Is he completely perfect then? Well, he's coming along nicely, but as befits a young cat, he also has his mischievous sides (although those don't detract from his perfection). Persian eats like a hungry wolf and that's fine if he only does this with his own food but he prefers not to. If my dogs and cat eat at the same time he has to get his separately. He also has some typical young kitty pranks like nibbling on houseplants and the like, but that's all not insurmountable.

For more information about Persian, please click on his name. 

ACE Jimena, how are you now?

 Friday, August 27, 2021

Five months after her adoption, Frida (ACE Jimena) seems pretty used to her new life. This morning in the woods she did a few brisk sprints and tried to get a few dogs to run after her (which unfortunately doesn't work often enough).

At the end of March, when I first visited her with Neeltje (our other dog) with Irene and her mother (her host family), I could never have dreamed of this. And not when I went to pick her up a week later.

She had come back from adoption because there was no other dog for her to hang out with and that's how she ended up with Irene. There it immediately went a lot better, because there was also an old acquaintance of hers from the shelter in shelter and there were also 3 house dogs. She was able to relax there and she was well taken care of. I still have a lot of contact with Irene and a few weeks ago we even had a reunion with, among other things, a walk together with all our dogs, great fun!

It soon turned out to be a golden match between Frida and Neeltje. Neeltje, who had become a bit insecure towards other dogs after the loss of our previous dog Tinka, has more confidence with her buddy Frida by her side, because Frida is very good at dog language. And Frida learns from our everyone's friend Neeltje again that people are not that scary at all. In fact, they often have tasty treats with them. She already knows exactly who she can get something from, but letting herself be stroked extensively by a stranger (although he still has so many treats) is still a step too far.

Because of the fine course of events with ACE, the pleasant contact with Irene and seeing Frida blossom, my dear Simon and I thought more and more about taking care of animals ourselves. And so it happened.

Since more than 3 weeks we have had ACE Persian in shelter, a very nice young male (the black kitten in the picture) that has come back from adoption. Next week another dog from another foundation will be added and the following week ACE Naila will also come to our shelter.

So much fun to look forward to. We think Frida might still have a lot of support (and fun) from the new shelter dogs later.

Fabienne's Diary: Mala, steals your heart in a big way ...

 Wednesday 25 August 2021

When you enter Isabelleke's place, she will approach you with a greeting, she wants hugs and attention and can't get enough of this! She was rescued from a killing station after her owners thought she was getting too big! She is a medium sized sweetheart with a very nice and affectionate character. While big and small dogs run around each other, Mala is all playful and sweet with everyone.

She certainly had a good start to life, we just don't know what or with whom.  Mala is a beautiful crossbreed that longs for a very good and responsible owner.

For more information about sweet, affectionate Mala please click on her name.

Fabienne's Diary: Luna, Niebla and Terry, a sad family drama.

 Tuesday 24 August 2021

They all came from the same family. Luna, an older dog of 8 years, Terry a young dog of barely 3 years, and Niebla a young, cheerful lady in the prime of her life. Luna is a good, gentle dog that is now in foster care and therefore lives happily in the house, but Niebla and Terry are still in the shelter in Algeciras. The three dogs lived together for years in a happy family, were spoiled and loved, until the son of the family became seriously ill and developed leukemia. At first they tried to give them what they could, but later the treatment and the situation of the son became more and more difficult, that it was no longer possible for the parents to take care of their dogs. Even the doctors demanded that the dogs  leave.

Each of the dogs has suffered greatly from this, and are now trying to adapt a bit, but it is hard to live in a shelter, especially for house dogs. All three are very good dogs, who are social and sweet with people and other dogs. Niebla is not good with cats, Luna on the other hand is, because the foster family has several. The three dogs are also being followed by the vet, and are being treated for Filaria, something they had little luck with. Luna's ears also needed care, because they were heavily inflamed.

They are all treasures of dogs, looking for a new opportunity.

For more information about Luna ,  Niebla  and Terry please click on their names ....

Fabienne's dog of the week: 𝗧π—₯π—˜π—¦π—£π—”π—§π—”π—¦

Monday, August 30, 2021

We named this cute little Podencoo Trespatas, for the simple reason that he only has "tres patas", or three legs, as a result of an accident. However, he is hardly bothered by this, he runs like the best and romps like no other with the other dogs. Trespatas is a social dog, both with humans and animals, but has a lot of energy that he must be able to use somewhere, otherwise he will get bored quickly. Having a doggy friend in the house is definitely a plus, so they can keep each other busy. Those looking for a playful and cheerful dog have found a great friend in Trespatas! 

For more information about dear little Trespatas, please click on his name.

Fabienne's cat of the week: π—§π—˜π—¦π—Ÿπ—”

 Monday, August 30, 2021

Tesla was brought to us together with Gandhi by an animal lover, her neighbor gave this sweet cat food and drink but also asked for help because he was so sweet and homely. So that's how Tesla came to us, he is a sweet male, very social and affectionate towards people, he is also good with other cats. His boyfriend now is Gandhi for now but he can be placed perfectly without him, they just support each other here which is very touching to see.

For more information about sweet Tesla, please click on his name.

Noa (ACE Aunt Terry)

 Sunday 29 August 2021

Message from adopter: "5 years ago, after the first photo that came by, and after reading her sad life story, I couldn't wait to meet her on Shin day, where she would be present with her foster mom.

As hoped, it turned out to be a super match and a few days later we welcomed our sweet, timid girl home. We are still happy and grateful every day that we had the opportunity to adopt her and let her blossom into a beautiful and happy dog.

Thank you ace-charity for giving her the chance to have the life every animal deserves ❤."

Remco (ACE Bertje)

Sunday 29 August 2021

Hello, on 2/9/2020 I ended up with my owners in Belgium. Since then I have lived with them and my cat brother and we are the best friends ever. My owners have been very patient with me. I'm super excited about life. I like to meet new people. There are a lot of dog friends that I get along very well with and have a good run around. Lashka is my best friend. Under her guidance I can run around freely in nature. My owners love me very much and give me the necessary space to grow and develop myself further. I reward them with good listening and with my sincere adoration.

PS: from the adopters: thank you very much for allowing us to adopt this wonderful dog. We couldn't live without him anymore.

With best regards,




 Friday, August 27, 2021

They are irresistible, the soft quality cushions from Jack & Vanilla. You can order them in 4 colors and 4 sizes, and the proceeds go entirely to our four-legged friends in Spain.

Price: between €30 and €55 (excluding shipping costs). We also ship to the Netherlands.

Can also be picked up in Belgium.

To order via our webshop: Cushions-jack-and-vanilla/

Yesterday was the day of the dog.

Friday, August 27, 2021

The most unique, loyal, friendly, sociable, sincere friend you can imagine... Let us always strive together for their happiness, their right, a warm home with good owners... We as rescue people are the ones who will always stand and fight for the rejected, forgotten, neglected that they may each be happy. Every world is one to be saved...and it will have to be your world....On this day join forces again and fight for them.

Fabienne's Diary: Thelma and Louise, an inseparable duo.

 Thursday 26 August 2021

Thelma and Louise have been inseparable all their lives. Two little dogs, for whatever reason dumped in an inexorable killing station. They were terrified and counting down their days.

Thelma and Louise, they should stay together. Thelma can't see well anymore, has no depth perception, and therefore uses Louise as a guide, she is her shadow. Sometimes she is a bit in her own world, but she just has to get used to her new environment.

We would prefer to guarantee them an old age together. They are small, sweet, funny and affectionate personalities who still want to come home somewhere and will be very grateful for that. They are no longer young dogs and so there may be extra veterinary costs involved, as with any older dog with old age ailments.

Who wants to give them a few more happy years?

For more information about these two darling senior ladies, please click on their names below their photos.



Simba (Ace Corleone)

Thursday 26 August 2021

Hi, I'm Simba. Today I am home for two weeks. Here you see me together with my great friend Toby also an ace dog (ACE Miko). He's been home for a year. Together we rest a bit, because it is fun to play in our large garden.

Greetings to everyone at ACE.



 Thursday 26th August 2021

Message from adopter. "Thank you for all that you do, it's thanks to people like you that I still believe that life can be beautiful and humans can be magnificent. Freyja has changed our lives. Every day she gives back to us and her eyes breathe happiness. "

August 28, 2021

In Memoriam Fedra

 Thursday 26 August 2021

Our dear Fedra is no longer here.

This morning the day has come, that our dear Fedra has fallen asleep at home, so sad!

We were hesitant for days, but made the decision on Monday August 23 and made an appointment with the vet.

Our Fedra, what a super sweet, cheerful, social pawn she was.

A real hunter, yes, but very important she loved our grandchildren, she was always there when she got the chance.

We will all miss her terribly πŸ˜₯ but luckily she had another 7 wonderful years with us, together with dog Risa.

She went everywhere with us: holidays to France, overnight stays in a hotel, you name it,,, she adapted well.

Ever been a stray dog..... that stayed in, she picked everything that was loose and stuck 🀣

2 years ago she became very ill, and turned out to have leismania.

She recovered, but after our holiday in July this year we found that she was not doing well again.

Unfortunately blood values, the liver and her kidneys stopped working properly.

Then you have to let go, even if it causes a lot of grief.

She was 8 years old when she came to us, adopted 27-06-2014.  Passed away  26-08.2021 

She turned 15, we would have allowed her longer, but unfortunately ..

We would do it again in a heartbeat.

I promised that we will soon adopt a new hopeless dog.

“π‘°π’π’•π’†π’“π’π’‚π’•π’Šπ’π’π’‚π’ π‘«π’π’ˆπ’” π‘«π’‚π’š "

 Thursday 26 August 2021

On this day we put our seniors in the spotlight. These sweethearts are all still waiting for a loving home,… who will give them a few more beautiful years with lots of love and happiness?

For more information about all these beloved oldies, please click here.


 Wednesday 25 August 2021

Take a look at our webshop, where we have a wide choice of super cute t-shirts, in all colors and sizes. And you'll be supporting our dogs through your purchase!

Once rescued from the killing station...became very happy1

Tuesday 24 August 2021

Fabienne's Diary: Ferre and Cyclo lived unseen in a garage.

 Monday 23 August 2021

Ferre and Cyclo were the two dogs of a couple who loved them through thick and thin. However, they were hit by COVID and neither of them came back home, both their owners died in the hospital. And now there was the problem of the couple's two darlings. The sister found it easier to take care of them by dumping them both in a garage somewhere and throwing some food in every now and then. Problem solved. Fortunately, this soon came to the attention of a family member who really hated this, and asked for our help.

That's how these poor suckers came to us.

They are very good and sweet house dogs, very social, sweet and friendly. Cyclo lost an eye, we have no idea how, because he had already lost his eye when he came to us and unfortunately tested positive for Filaria. His treatment has already started, luckily he is responding well to this.

Two sweet treasures that can be placed separately, each of them unique and special and more than worth it!!

For more information about Ferre and Cyclo, please click on their names.


                         Ferre                                                                              Cyclo

Pieterke has a problem 😁

 Monday 23rd August 2021

August 27, 2021

 Monday 23 August 2021

Fabienne's Kittens of the Week Shane and Stanley...

Scoosh, Shadow, Shane, Spark and Stanley are the sons of mama Suerte, also known as De Suertes. Suerte and daughter Sanna are already spinning in their golden basket. The boys, however, needed a little more time to develop because they were very shy and afraid of people in the beginning. After the necessary time, attention and help from Kristo and Kasper, they have learned that people are nice too, a caress on their head is also pleasant. These boys love to play so another kitten is a necessity and if possible a little brother.

For more information about Shane and Stanley, please click on their names.

Fabienne's dog of the week: Bandido

 Monday 23 August 2021

Bandido was rescued from the killing station along with Catherine and Kas. All three had different backgrounds and personalities, but somehow they had befriended each other. Bandido behaves a bit like an "old grumbler" and in the beginning is more likely to give up, but once he is convinced of your good intentions, he is more than happy to receive the cuddles and attention! He is a dog that likes his rest and doesn't really like too much crowds around him. He gets along well with other dogs, although he does tend to stay a bit away from active dogs. Who wants to give this lonely soul a chance?

For more information about our dear Bandido, please click on his name.

Fabienne's weekly overview.

Monday 23 August 2021

It was another unprecedentedly hot week in Andalusia,…with a lot of work and even more four-legged friends,… Hopefully the heat will be less for our darlings, but also for the people who work so hard for them in our Refugio. The week was over and before we knew it, we're flying into a new one… We wish everyone a nice week! Stay strongπŸ’ͺ🏼🐾

August 26, 2021

In memoriam Noortje

 Sunday 22 August 2021

Noortje came to our family in 2009. She was part of our family for 12 beautiful years. On the 10th of August we had to let Noortje floerenoortje go. She crossed the rainbow bridge in search of peace and release from all pain. We were left with a broken heart. We are drawn to all the beautiful, cute and funny moments with Noortje.

August 24, 2021

Paws pause .....

 Tuesday 24th August 2021

Hello Everyone,

Like Ineke was last week, I am going to be away for a couple of days. I'm already a bit behind with the blog (I'm slower as I have to translate everything.)

I'm sorry for the gap in putting up the stories but I will be back on Friday and will do my best to catch up.


Fabienne's Diary: Ponte was hit on the highway

 Sunday 22 August 2021

Ponte is a very sensitive, good dog that was left to his own devices, and while wandering eventually ended up on the highway and was hit by a car. A couple who saw it happen stopped and tried to do everything to save him. They took him to an emergency clinic. He was operated on urgently for his injuries and had to stay in the hospital. However, the people did not want to pay anything for the injured dog and the vet called us if we wanted to take care (and costs) on us, otherwise she would not pay anything or do anything more and  she would call the killing station to euthanise him.

And that's how Ponte came to us…

At first he went through a very difficult time… He was afraid of the other dogs and didn't like life in the shelter… But as he gradually healed from his injuries, and received attention and love, you saw him change so much. He is still young, is not even 2 years old. Someone who gives him a chance, and who is willing to invest time and patience in his reconstruction, will certainly receive a very, very best friend in return.

For more information about our Ponte, please click on his name.

Zeus has been with his adopters for over ayear aleady

Sunday 22nd August, 2021

Zeus has been with me for more than a year now, and I couldn’t be happier. Zeus is the best dog I could hope for! Everyone who meets him loves him right away.

He is so well behaved, calm and loving. 

I am still working from home, so that gave me the chance to enjoy each other’s company basically 24/7. 

Our relationship grew over time as well and I am pretty sure he trusts me fully now. 

Thanks again for letting me adopt him!