December 31, 2013

Christmas Photos ... with longing

SUNNY - a beautiful dog who'd love to find a home ...

He's dreaming of the day he finds his golden basket.

NIEVES ACOSTA DIAS - he's been with us since he was a pup. He'd be so happy with a sporting, active family.

Full of energy. Full of love. Full of joy. 

Please don't forget me.

Another darling looking for a forever family.

ANDRETTI - he's been waiting a long time. He's getting a bit desperate ...

He's not a dog who stands out ...

... but he's a real treasure

'They all mean so much to me ...'

Happy crazy photos maybe but they all need our help.

I so want to go home.

Oops ...

DUERO feels so lost since his owners dumped him. His case is urgent - he's lost half of his body weight and is pining away, poor sweet fellow.

DUERO and his Podenco friend are both so sad - both urgently need kind and loving homes. Such good and deserving dogs.

The Dogs of El Refugio Wish You a Wonderful New Year..

December 23, 2013


Happy Christmas to everyone who reads this blog and all the wonderful people in Spain, Holland and Belgium and elsewhere who do so much to help A.C.E. help the dogs. I wish you a peaceful and warm Christmas and a successful and joyful new years. And for the dogs - my special wish is to win the lottery so you can ALL have golden baskets and so I could help so many more of you.

December 22, 2013

It looks as if he just wants food ... but wait ...


We would be nowhere without our many, generous, determined and loving foster parents. Among them our amazing and much loved Isabelleke. Among the hundreds, even thousands, of dogs she's saved, loved and cared for are some who stayed with her, who became her own dogs, her own children.

These are her puppies, grown up now, all oldies but to her still her beloved, small children. Isabelleke says - " Esos son mis niños - Oso... Castor... Heydi ... Chirly ... y Evo ... aunque también están  Timi, Bonita, y Duna,,,, ya Todos son mas Viejitos ... pero siguen siendo mis niños pequeños para mi ..."

(These are my children, Bear, Beaver, Heydi, Chirly .. and Evo and also Timi, Bonita and Dune,,,, all are a bit older now,  all oldies but still my little children for me ...)


The lessons dogs teach us

Fabienne writes 

"It is so lovely to see how dogs love each other find each other friends, play together and cry together, fight together, discuss together, sleep together, eat together, each other and live their lives ...

BENJAMIN AND NAPOLEON love each other most of the time when they have no disagreement...

Our two pups at the moment, the young FELIZ from my sister and little MAE WEST, can't live without each other,, eat and sleep together,...

When you've been a bit naughty, there's always someone you can blame ...

Another little one looking for a home ...

This pretty girl is Menta

Look at that sweet face

We hope she will soon have her own family and that golden basket.

She's waiting. Please don't let it be too long.

December 15, 2013


A big thank you to Fabienne for sending this.

Christmas Market at Snack Attack ...

... once more Robert and Mark at Snack Attack have helped us raise funds by organising a splendid Christmas Market.  We thank them and all the people who helped and who were there with us.

Robert & Mark ...

... wearing matching seasonal t-shirts!

Looking towards the centre of La Cala

Festive Candles

Setting up the Jewellery Store

So much to choose from

Preparing the Cake Stall

Delicious Cakes and Biscuits

Snack Attack is busy

Wonderful gifts

More home made goodies

Plenty to choose from