June 29, 2014

Elsie and Davidoff - getting better every day

There's still a long way to go but every day they are making progress. Poor Davidoff's skin condition is responding to treatment and he's feeling much happier. Elsie, who had given birth to many pups for her owners, was thrown out of a moving car when she was of no further use. She too is much better, her wounds are healing. Both of them are safe with us now and their spiritual wounds too are healing.
Dogs are bright and intelligent. They know when you are on their side.

Elsie - before.

Elsie - getting stronger.

Davidoff - before 

Davidoff - better every day.

June 28, 2014

Red and his friends have a midnight feast ...

Clever Red, the lurcher, lets his friends out at night and they make straight for the kitchen and a midnight feast. Staff at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London were baffled when they kept finding the dogs out of their kennels and the food all gone. Until they set up security cameras ...

Buddy the dog teaches Baby to crawl

Look, this is how you do it!


C'mon. To me. You can do it.

Maribel's little helper ...

Perhaps not so little, but very willing!

Winter gives Maribel a helping paw!

June 22, 2014

Our Tineke is 16 ...

Our Tineke .... it's a very long story. She came to us one Christmas Eve ... and never left us. Where Dirk is, she is. Where Dirk sleeps, she sleeps. She is never away from his side, not for a moment and she's always happy when she sees him and that is certainly true the other way round ...

But our Tineke is now 16 ... we've lived together for many years and life is so hard ... may we long enjoy this little podencootje that came to us one day and has enriched our lives. She's more than a dog child to us ... enjoy your dear ones ... they often mean much more to us than people can judge .. because their love, friendship is unconditional and pure .... our little Tineke, and my beloved husband Dirk ...


It's that time again - time for ACE Day!


In September, it will be that time again. The A.C.E. Foundation's 'Big Reunion'.
An annual event where  all our ACE dogs, their owners, our volunteers and stakeholders are invited to spend a pleasant afternoon of fun with the animals.
Not to be missed!

The team from Spain

Founders Fabienne and Ton (and a large part of the Spanish team) are also
coming to the party. They cannot wait to come face to face once more
with your four-legged friends, who after their 'Spanish Dog's Life' have 
found loving home in the Netherlands.
On this day we celebrate all together the success of these successful adoptions.

Great Reunion = Greatest Enjoyment

'The Big Reunion' takes place on Saturday 06-09-2014 from 
11:00 to 16:30 on the event grounds of VDH in Eindhoven.
The dogs can safely roam and romp in this enclosed area
and there is also plenty to do for the owners. Visit the A.C.E. information booth, the
 various stalls or just enjoy the day from the cozy 'musical' terrace and enjoy a portion of Belgian potatoes from Fabienne's Frietkot.


To hold this special day we are unfortunately forced to ask a small financial contribution: € 7.50 per adult and € 5 per child under 12 years. Any profits after deducting expenses is always given to the 
A.C.E. Foundation and is supervised by the Treasurer.
Dogs are guests of honour and have free access!

Signup is done by sending an email to: pers@ace-charity.org
o.v.v. registration ACEDAG 2014.
Please indicate how many people and dogs are coming.
After registration, you will receive a confirmation email including payment information.


During the ACE-day there are about150 to 200 dogs running around loose.
Visitors themselves are responsible for the welfare of their own dogs.
If a dog dog is not used to a lot of people or other dogs, is shy or timid or a bit of an escape artist, we recommend that you keep that dog on the lead. Security and the interests of the dog are paramount. , 
As for us Saturday, September 6th!

Team Netherlands

Contact ACEDAG, Nens Janssen Pr and promotion ACE Netherlands
Address ACEDAG
ESP 10A | 5633 BH Eindhoven
In the run up to the event we will send more information

Loesje finds her golden basket

Loesje in her golden basket, with her best friend Mr. Pig

July 2013. They were on their way back from the evil killing station of Los Barios. Fabienne had just rescued her from the cage where she waited her fate, crammed in with dogs large and small. A terrible situation for any dog, let alone one who was heavily pregnant.

They took her just in time. The little dog, scarcely older than a puppy herself, was scared and stressed. Her four tiny puppies were born in Fabienne's Renault on the way to El Refugio. She became a mum in the car - and they called her Madre Lucilla. She was a great mum; her puppies did well. Now we needed to find her a golden basket.

Last February, Madre Lucilla - now called Loesje, Louise in English - flew to the Netherlands and went into foster with Erna. She was great fun to be around, a beautifully little dog, like a small fox. From the very beginning she fitted in well with her temporary family and the pack.

By an extraordinary coincidence Loesje was spotted during a walk in the woods by her prospective adopters. Not much later they got to know her and she won their hearts.  And soon she'd joined their family. It was all very exciting - the rabbit Millie, three free range chickens in the garden - a lot for a small dog to take in.

Fortunately she showed she could quickly learn what was expected of her. She was fine with the rabbit from the start. With the chickens she sometimes gets a bit excited and occasionally wants to chase them, but she's improving and she does know that she really mustn't do it.

Loesje has settled well with her new owners; she's quite found her place. She knows exactly when the boss comes home from work and happily sits in the shopping basket on the bike. She finds it fun to learn new things, especially since she always gets a treat as a reward. Because Loesje loves treats!

Sometimes she shows a bit of her less pleasant side. If she has something in her mouth that's not allowed she'll growl and won't let go. And running around on the moor is not always relaxing, because  if Loesje doesn't like a dog she will run over to them. She will act very dominant with them on occasion and will chase them, even if they are much bigger than she is.  And she doesn't like staying at home and will sometimes keep barking.

Fortunately Loesje is very sweet and her owners are very sensible. They understand that behaviour doesn't change all by itself and that you need to work to find solutions to problems. They try to find clever ways to lead her; when she behaves less than nicely they don't react and correct her patiently without drama. And Loesje knows that they really love her. And that she'll get lots of cuddles.

Loesje has really fallen on her feet. A lovely family. The rabbit and the hens. All this and a few weeks ago she went on holiday to Denmark, where she was very well behaved so they may go again. Here are some really nice pictures of Loesje, with Millie the rabbit, with her favourite stuffed animal, Mr Pig, with Valerie the hen and on the bike.

Loesje and Millie under the table.

With Mr Pig

Loesje and Valerie.

Riding in the basket.


Jefke - home at last and winning hearts

Fabienne has just received this email from Kirsten, our wonderful friend and volunteer in Denmark. Aren't the photos wonderful. This is what it's all about.

The big boy Jefke walked straight into our hearts.
After a year at ACE he arrived at a small airport in Denmark – left the cage behind him - and utterly charmed us all. He greeted everyone with faith and enthusiasm and had kisses and smiles in return. Jefke has many friends already in Denmark - and is a joy to his mum as well as a good playmate for his best friends – small, old cocker Calina from ACE and the Danish rescue Vita Rose. Welcome home big boy – we are proud to tell everyone who asks that you are a Spanish rescue from the shelter ACE.
Your auntie Kirsten :-)

Happy to meet you.

Taking it all in.

Lucky dogs.




Two happy, smiley faces - Jefke and Kirsten.


June 17, 2014

62 Golden Baskets, 62 Happy Dogs and One Very Happy Cat

These are the darlings who have found forever homes in Holland this May. Many thanks to Ineke for the splendid collage. Every dog, and cat, deserves their happiness and I am especially delighted to see among them some familiar faces - Foxy Foxtrot, Ralf, Bebe Bon Bon. And sweet Bluet, Buena and Juju who have featured on this blog.

June 16, 2014

June 14, 2014

Our dear and wonderful Kirsten

Our dear Kirsten, always so concerned and caring. Loving and working for our animals in Denmark.  Here she is at a fundraiser, tirelessly collecting money for our dogs. 



Our little Stevie Wonder

 Stevie Wonder

We can't prove it but we're pretty sure that the lady who brought Stevie to us owned the little dog, but wanted to get rid of him. Why should we think this? Because the lady said she'd found him on the street, but she was able to pick Stevie up and handle him without any problem. Whereas no one here was able to do that. Poor Stevie gets very upset and even bites.

It's no wonder. He's small, deaf, blind and wobbly on his little feet. He's really distressed and very disorientated. He behaves very oddly when he gets excited and starts turning round in circles. The vet thinks he may have a neurological condition and may also be the result of heavy abuse. We will arrange for a more thorough examination later. But that's not possible just now because of Stevie's attitude. We need to wait until he settles down and is calmer.

We wish we could make him understand. He's not a happy little dog at the moment. He's suffered a lot and that has made contact with people very difficult for him. He's hanging in there, and so are we. He's living in the Algeciras shelter, with Paki. He stays in front of the clinic and sleeps there on the floor. We interfere as little as possible. Just let him know we are there for him until he's ready to accept us. We won't give up. We'll get there in the end. Dear little Stevie Wonder.


Meet baby Kuka - a little black beauty



Palmera goes for a little walk ...

This smells interesting.

What's over there?

Time for a little sit down.

The grass feels so good on my fur.

Feeling a little sleepy now.

June 08, 2014

Beautiful, noble, gentle and just great.

I am a Podenco. Aren't I lovely. (And I can fly!)

Happy Dogs. Happy Families. Happy Endings.

Here are a few photos and some extracts from the many letters and emails sent by some of our adoptive families to tell us about their beloved A.C.E. dogs, to let us know how they are getting on in their new homes and golden baskets.  This is why we are able to keep on, despite the very real difficulties and problems we face every day.

Every day dogs arrive at El Refugio abused, bedraggled, spirits crushed and shivering with fear. Several times a week we arrive in the morning to find some poor creature tied to our gates. We watch helpless as a dumped dog sits every day by the entrance, pining for a boss who is not coming back. We rescue them from the cruel, horrible killing stations and find them half dead by the roadside, after they've been thrown from a car.

And then this. The happy endings. This is what it is all about. It's heartwarming to see dogs we've rescued and cared for happy and healthy. To see them begin to get over their fears. To see them loved and adored and part of a family again. That's what makes it all worthwhile. We don't always know their stories, in fact mostly we don't. So I don't now if any of the dogs pictured suffered in the ways outlined above. It's possible, but then again their stories might be completely different. The only thing that matters now is that they are home. And loved. Forever.


Sharpi is already getting used to his new life. He's already been with us on an overnight sail on the boat. Which went perfectly. He's a sweetheart and is adapting well. He still finds strange people and unknown dogs a bit scary but he will get over that in time. We don't want to miss a moment with him.




Hello good people of A.C.E.

We are very happy with Marielle. She is a lovely dog ​​and a real cuddle. She loves to play with our puppy Makay; they have become the best of friends. We also have her tested for Spanish disease (Leishmania?) and she has none. We really can not live without her. She likes to play outside all day with the tennis ball and she enjoys going for walks. She's getting totally spoiled here; at night she sleeps in the living room where she has a large basket.  But she'd still rather stretch out on the couch! That's where you'll find her early in the morning! 

We want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt Mariƫlle.

Greetings from the Denissen family.


Arriving at Rotterdam Airport - everything new and strange.

Zoey's family had a big shock last December when they found that their dear little Lizzy was beyond saving and had to be put to sleep.  When they got home their Shepherd, Buddy, searched for her for days and became extremely depressed. Despite their own grief at losing Lizzy, they needed to take care of Buddy. So they began to look for a small, young sweet companion for him.

They found her on the A.C.E. site. She was called Ninfa, which they have changed to Zoey. Such big eyes, such wonderful eyes. They were in love. They read up about A.C.E. and asked other people who knew of us, and also friends and acquaintance who had A.C.E. dogs. They found the contact easy to make and everything went nice and smoothly. Erne Beckx arranged and made the home visit on 9th January. Then they had to wait. Zoey was in heat for the first time and so needed to be sterilised after that. 

And, finally, it was time. On 7th February we were able to pick her up in Rotterdam. For the first few days she was quite scared of the 'big freak', our Buddy, who didn't give up on her and kept trying. After a few days the ice was broken. What a joy to see these two together - sleeping, eating, playing. together at home and in the woods and the forest. They also find it fun to play with other dogs, yapping and going crazy. Zoey goes to sleep between Buddy's legs, warm and secure. And in the morning she does crazy things, challenging him, wanting him to play. Buddy is happy again, thus this has been a success.

Even the cats are great with her. Zita, at 15 years old, was stoic. 'What do you expect!' Nica, who is white and grey and almost 10, kept her distance for several weeks, watching cautiously. But now they both find it really fun to play with each other.  It took some time for Zoey to be fully potty trained, but now that's been entirely successful. For the last 10 days it's been fine, even at night. No accidents in the house at all. 

We will post pictures regularly of all the adventures of our group - to tell the story of Zoey, Buddy, Nica and Zita. We are all so very happy with this "golden hand". Zoey has been with us for nearly four months and we definitely wouldn't want to live without her.

Great buddies - Buddy and Zoey.

Zoey and Nica - firm friends.

Bedfellows - Zita and Zoey.

Warm and Secure.