March 27, 2020

Dogs are also victims of the coronavirus ...

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Dogs are also victims of the coronavirus

Source: Unsplash

Although the corona virus is harmless to dogs and cats and they cannot transmit the virus, they also suffer from the corona crisis. After all, asylum dogs are hardly ever adopted and a lot of shelters do not get help from the government.

Due to the corona crisis, many Belgian asylum centers have had to close and adoptions are put on hold. Recognized animal shelters receive government financial support, but some shelters have been left out. This applies, among other things, to the Flemish Fabienne Paques, who founded the Animal Care España (ACE) organization in Malaga, southern Spain, twenty years ago. Thanks to her efforts, more than 23,000 dogs have already found a new home in Belgium and in the Netherlands.

Tearing her hair out 

She is currently experiencing a real nightmare because people are less inclined to adopt dogs at the moment and she still  has to feed and care for these animals. Moreover, she has hardly any help from volunteers because they are stuck by the lockdown. “We are more than ever with our hands in our hair. People are less inclined to adopt dogs in these uncertain times, and dogs that have already been reserved cannot leave for their new owners in Belgium or the Netherlands. In the meantime we have to feed and care for 500 dogs. Moreover, we have to do this with a limited number of people, because volunteers are not allowed to come and help through the lockdown. And as long as no dogs leave, we can't rescue new dogs from the killing stations. I hold my heart for the fate of the animals that are there now. As the weeks progress, more and more people will dump their dogs there, ”it says.

Uncertain future

Fabienne therefore has to manage with a lot less (financial) help and fears for the future of her organisation. “As a dog shelter, we can not claim the support the Spanish government offers to people and companies suffering from a loss of income. The future of ACE | SHIN is therefore currently very uncertain. In order to prevent the income from coming to a halt in the coming weeks, a number of sympathizers have already started fundraising campaigns. We will make it for the time being. But if this situation continues for months, I don't know what will happen ”, she concludes.

If you feel called to help, you can contact Animal Care España (ACE) via their website or their Facebook page.

Bongo and Bailey: two tiny puppies dumped - with their umbilical cords still attached ..

Friday, March 27, 2020

Just before the huge lockdown, Dirk received a phone call from a German couple who were on their way back from Ronda. They had stopped to stretch their legs and heard a deep moan coming from a garbage can.  Two pitch-black balls with their umbilical cord were still fighting to get air in their plastic bags. The people did not know what to do and ended up calling Dirk, and Dirk... he also did not know what he could do. We were still on the way for the volunteer days, so he called Kelly.

The two jet black gems are doing well today.  Everyone is committed to them, and everyone is in love with these beautiful sweethearts. We do not know yet how they will turn out, so we are also waiting before we put them up for adoption. Our priority now is to keep them alive ...

Bongo and Bailey, they are simply divine, lovely to cuddle.  Let's hope they will make it, at least we will do our very best for that ...

There is a lovely little video of still photos on the Dutch blog. Unfortunately I have yet to work out how to transfer videos to the English blog. I will keep trying. Perhaps something else to tackle during these days of isolation!

Laughter helps ....

March 15, 2020

Brit and Espero landed safely on Belgian soil ...

Almost empty airport and people trying to rebook flights quickly ...
But Brit and Espero were allowed to leave at the last minute, together with Kathleen! Thanks also for your help in the Refugio last week !!

What a bizarre sight ... it really feels very strange

Lewis - ACE Pino - celebrates his 6th “gotcha - day”

Saturday, March 14, 2020

I don't infect you with the virus, I infect you with love!

Fabienne's diary - COVID-19: Our refugio will remain closed to visitors for the time being, ...

Friday, March 13, 2020

Dear all of you,

It's like an hallucination, the Corona epidemic, and all those global measures to curtail it. And yet it's real. We here in Spain are also hit hard, and we don't know where it will end. You can't imagine a worse nightmare, but we are in the middle of it and, whatever we think about it, we have to go through this again. Since yesterday we have closed our refugio to the public indefinitely and to  visitors to protect our people, not to mention our four-legged friends, so that they can continue to receive their daily care. We count on no one to blame us in these exceptional times. We must all stand together to face this storm.

No pet poses a risk of infection to humans. COVID-19 cannot make them sick, and they cannot infect us. We received official confirmation of this from the Spanish government, from the Colegio de Veterinarios. A state of emergency has just been declared here in Spain. We are now waiting for further reports on what this means for us and our four-legged friends.

In the meantime, we remain on the job, as always taking good care of those under our care. We hope that we can soon return to a normal life, because that in itself contains more than enough challenges.

We will certainly keep you informed of further news.

Strength everyone, and take good care of yourself, your family, your dear ones ...

Fabienne and team Spain

Don't panic!

March 08, 2020

Jana is the 'Star of the Day' this week !!

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Jana is a devoted and loyal Podenco, always eager to please and grateful for hugs and attention. She's a cuddly, social dog and rather quiet by nature. But nevertheless she won't let herself be pushed around though she generally gets along well with other dogs. Beautiful Jana is someone older but still enjoy walks a lot, as well as dozing on her golden basket afterwards.

Jana is currently living with a foster family in Halle (VI Br), where you can visit her. She would love that as she really needs a warm forever home.

For more information about Jana, this  lovely, devoted Podenco, please click on her name.

Bodegueros: bringing happiness into your home ...

... Tufito, Poe, Bombilla and Arena are waiting to do just that. They have been with us for too long. Not that we want to say good bye to them. We love them all. But it is not good for a dog to be in a cage in a shelter. However much love we give them. However many times they get up to the big field to play. However many cuddles they get during our daily rounds.

Of course a shelter is so much better than the conditions they were rescued from. In many cases it's an alternative to death. Nevertheless a shelter is not a home and however much we love each and every one of them, once we've saved them our objective is to find each one a loving home. So it breaks our hearts (which are broken daily in many different ways) to see these happy, healthy wonderful little Bodegueros staying long periods with us. The same goes for any dog who becomes a 'long stayer'.

So. Here are four more smiley Bodegueros and cross-Bodegueros needing a home and so deserving it. Can you help? Please click on their names for more information.

Active, friendly Tufito

Spontaneous, affectionate Poe

Quiet, patient, loving Bombilla - another of our precious oldies

Loyal, endearing Arena

March 07, 2020

Abubu, Aramis, Kadi and Mico: four more sweet Bodegueros

They are such happy little dogs. Certainly some may be a little quieter than others. Others again may be a little crazy, which is quite a Bodeguero characteristic. It's a breed with so much going for it, so much character. So much love and joy. A social breed that deserves a family life and love. So much love. Who will take one of these sweethearts into their heart. Please click on their names to find out more about them.

Abubu - he's been with since he was a puppy. He needs a home.

Our sweet 'foxy face' - Aramis

Smart, active Kadee

Top companion Mico

More smiling Bodegueros: Flippy, Benetto, Ultimo and Uriel

Following on from my last post and continuing the theme - Bodegueros are fantastic little dogs. Loving, funny, good company. Maybe we have so many because so many of them are abandoned here in Spain. They are after all working dogs. And here while on the whole dogs are treated badly, working dogs get the worst of it. They are seen as disposable once there is no further use for them. So sad and so wicked and cruel.

Here are four more of our darling clowns who are loving for a safe and loving home. Please click on each name for further information.

Our beloved oldie Flippy

Active, social Benetto

Ultimo. Such a sweet boy

Darling Uriel

Bodegueros: little, smiling clowns

Friday, March 6, 2020

We want to put this Spanish breed in the spotlight. Because the Bodeguero is such a wonderful breed of dog, one that deserves to be better known and appreciated.

How it started…

At the end of the 17th century, English sherry traders, who had their own wine warehouses in and around Jerez de la Frontera, brought Fox Terriers into Spain. They were then crossed with local varieties. After all, the wine warehouses (bodegas) were teeming with rats and mice, and there was great demand for good rodent hunters. The breed is mainly white, because the dog is therefore clearly visible in the dark wine cellars and warehouses. The dog often has long nails, to be able to grasp its prey well.

A Bodeguero as a breed

Bodeguero's have an average height of 40 cm at the withers, and thus come to a little below the knee. They weigh around 9 kilos. Their smooth-haired coat needs little care, and they have very few health and physical problems. Bodeguero's love life and they radiate that. They are fun, happy and above all very social. Together they want to discover the world with you, they are after all working dogs, and so they like to have action, preferably with you. They are known for quickly adapting to their new environment, and they will receive your visitors very nicely.

They are agile and inquisitive dogs. They don't get nervous or annoying if they don't take long walks, but their muscular body can handle a good walk, and most of all they like it! Bodeguero's are also lovely lap dogs, they feel at ease and like to crawl next to you on the couch. They love a hug from the boss. With children they generally get along well, because they like to play. In short, a Bodeguero is very nice and wonderful companion.

We notice that the Bodeguero's in our refugio often have to wait a long time for adoption. They seem to be less appealing to people. Very bizarre, because Flippy, Benetto, Ultimo, Uriel, Abubu, Aramis, Kadee, Olivier, Mico, Tufito, Dama, Poe, Bombilla, Arena and Chula would love to find a nice home ... (in the photos: Olivier, Chula and Dama).

Bodegueros are the sweetest natured, funniest, loving little dogs you could find anywhere. Please give them a chance. For more information on these sweet dogs, please click on their photos.

Ace/SHIN dog Tessa is a blood donor!

Friday, March 6, 2020

Brave girl Tessa!

SHIN dog Tessa is a blood donor!
In this way she is helping those of her kindred who need a blood transfusion. Currently there is a shortage of dog and cat blood. So let your darling help other dogs who are less lucky. Cat donors are also being sought. Tessa went to UGent in Merelbelke, but every major animal clinic is looking for donors.

More information about giving blood in the UGent animal clinic:

March 01, 2020

Fabienne's Dog of the Week: Raf

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Our Rafke was brought in together with Hela, after they were both rescued from the hands of their dreadful owner.He didn't have the best intentions for his dogs. On the contrary, he didn't look after them at all; he left them completely to their own devices and regularly chastised them.

Fortunately, their sad past is now far behind them. They have had a fresh start, an opportunity that they have seized with conviction. Raf is a calm and unobtrusive dog, a good and beautiful character, who so intensely enjoys every hug, every pat that he receives! Hela has already found her happiness, who also gives Raf a loving home?

For more information about this sweet character, please click on his name - Raf


Sunday, March 1, 2020

Due to circumstances outside our control and certainly outside his, Dommel has to leave his owners urgently. Really as quickly as possible, because he is no longer with them. He is very social with people, dogs and cats. As you can see from the photo below!

Who has a place for this sweet teenager of 1 year and 3 months? Even as a  short term relief or   even better, forever? For more information, please email, or call 0477/22 98 33.

For more information about Dommel, please click on his name.

Fabienne's Diary: Frutske needs another operation

Friday, February 28, 2020

Our Frutske…

Nobody knows who dropped him off at our gate, he was suddenly there. A little guy who is sitting quietly in his cage and hardly wants to venture out again in the morning.  Little dogs are very unhappy in a rescue centre, they do not want to be in a cage, even less alone for so many hours. And no matter how hard you try to make the best of it individually and with your entire team, it is not we who are sitting there, they are. It might be best not to think about it. But we do anyway. If you see the eyes of all those innocent souls, you regularly go under ...they don't deserve it.

Frutske has patella luxation on both knees and must be operated on.  But we need your help to realize this project. Thanks to the owner of Garbanzo we luckily already had a good start, she donated 400 euros for his operation!

Who will help us? Who will help Frutske?

More information about Frutske can be found by clicking on his name.

Donate, with mention "Frutske", on our account number:
ES74 0081 0619 5800 0145 7846
n.v. Animal Care Espana Dogs In Distress

Or if you live somewhere, e.g., UK where it not easy to donate via our bank account, please get i touch with us as other arrangements, such as PayPal, can be made.

Peterpan: a "disposable" bull with health problems.

Meet Peterpan

Peterpan was rescued from the killing station. A bulldog that had had a tough life, we think, though we will never know the full story. The sad fact is that he is "disposable" because he is sick and has a heart problem as well as an eye problem. And there he is -a  nine year old 'crazy' bull.

Why crazy? (apart from being a lovely bull that is 😊). Crazy because for all those years of shared joys and sorrows with his owner, through all the storms and summers they went through together, he was dumped. He was crazy about his owners, you can still see that now because he is sad, so sad.  He hardly eats and his eyes are hollow. He really doesn't want to go on anymore.

Because he was dumped at the killing station, he had no medicine for a while, neither drops for his eyes, nor food or fresh water. As far as they were concerned he didn't need that anymore. It wasn't worth bothering. He didn't understand what was happening or what had happened to him, ... In those eyes you read more than you want to know, you see the deep hurt in this little man's soul.

Who will take this Bulletje to heart, for a little while - or maybe for a while. We can't offer any certainty about that. He needs medication, eye drops and whatever else, so it's important to keep that in mind. He's a dog that needs care and entails high veterinary costs, you can't ignore that. Maybe once his medication has finished or stabilised it will be better, but we can never give any certainty. Yet this sweetheart is so worth it.. He is indescribably sweet and grateful, social with other dogs, a sweetheart in need. Who will open their heart to him?

For more information about Peterpan, please click on his name.