December 31, 2021

For sale ... this beautiful calendar or diary with photos of our four-legged friends...

Friday 31 december 2021

Another new year ... another chance to buy the wonderful, annual Ace-Shin Calendar and the Ace-Shin Diary. The 2022 editions are as beautiful as ever, featuring photos of our beloved four legged friends.

Since my computer decided to update itself, automatically, some months ago, I sometimes am unable to upload photos and videos. There is no rhyme or reason to this. It seems to be completely random. However, to see images of the calendar and diary, just click on News and Stories at the top, and then on the Dutch blog on the drop down menu.

So sorry about this. I will see what can be done about it soon.

Price (excl. postage):

Calendar: 12,50€

Diary: 15€

You can order by sending an email to (for Belgium)

or to ( for the Netherlands)

Full of heart-warming photos, a high quality finish, enough space to note all your appointments and fun new extras. 

Calendar - A4 size - 15 pages - Thick quality paper, wire-o binding and hanging hook - Room to note appointments and birthdays

Diary - A5 size - 150 pages - Quality paper, laminated cover and wire-o binding - Packed with extras, such as to do lists, space for notes about your pet, tips on dog and cat behaviour and beautiful illustrations.

Fabienne's Diary : The last day of the year and the beginning of 2022 ...

.... people and animals around us, beautiful friendships and memories that are suddenly no longer there. 

Too many things happened to mention, but we start each day never knowing what the next one will bring,... Each scenario, no matter how black or heavy, we always have to turn it around so we can make the best of it. 

The flooding in January was hard to digest, the enormous damage, but especially the many lives lost. The umpteenth Covid wave that came crashing down on our Refugio.  At one point we, like the rest of the world, could do nothing. The fear of not being able to pay the bills, and all the ups and downs around keeping our shelter running ... An immense number of four-legged friends were thrown into our laps, where could we go with them?

In March we had the flooding in Algeciras. The numerous rescues in death stations. We are constantly full to bursting and people keep dumping. Death stations have never been so full before.

But there were also beautiful moments, which we should cherish. For example, when a seriously ill or injured dog began to enjoy that new life, their first bite.  Or one of them is finally allowed to go home and we receive a picture of the salon hero on the sofa. This year also saw the sterilisation of about a thousand kittens, colony cats.

In short, it was an eventful year,.... With many checks on us, with positive results and now we have to wait for the new laws that are coming, and work out how we will deal with this.

On behalf of us all, a big thank you to all our volunteers, sympathisers and employees, sponsors, and everyone who contributed! 

Strong together and head on everyone, hop to 2022, a lucky year! Let us take this as our starting point and face what is to come with all our might and enthusiasm! Let us hold on to it and hope that everything will be better! 

FELIZ 2022!

Fabienne and Dirk


And most of all... ALL FOUR-LEGGED FRIENDS!

Here's a video of 2021 ...

December 28, 2021

A Christmas surprise! At the door! Good morning!!!

Tuesday 28 December 2021

Following on from the last post. The cruelty is never ending. The dumping is never ending. Perhaps it's no surprise in a country where the authorities turn a blind eye at best and buy into the cruelty at worst. These little souls were the lucky ones. Whoever dumped them at our door had at least a modicum of humanity in not throwing them in the garbage or into a killing station. They knew, presumably, that leaving them at our door would give these poor little beggars a chance of a happy life. But so frustrating and sad that that train of thought, of humanity, didn't lead to them actually going to the very minimal trouble of castrating or sterilising their dog or dogs. Especially since they could get it done at the Refugio for free. We continue to rescue, we continue to educate, we continue to offer all the help we can to help people to look after their animals. But it's a long weary road ... I hope and hope and hope that the message is getting through to the next generation, if not to their parents. 

I do need to add of course that there are so many kind, good hearted, generous people in this country who have the same care for the welfare of their pets and for animals. Just not enough, not yet.

This is Andalucia again...Sevilla Villafranco...

Tuesday 28th December 2021

It never changes...this is Andalucia once Seville Villafranco.

Bewilderment? Disbelief? `Nevertheless, this is the reality!

The images below were shot from March 2021 to today, Monday 27 December 2021, at 2pm, at the previously described farm owned by the Los Palacios y Villafranca City Council. This is really shocking. But it never really stops. Perhaps the most frustrating and infuriating aspect of it, apart from the cruelty, the suffering, is the fact that the authorities allow it to continue. Putting obstacles in the way of anyone who tries to help.

The post beside the video, in translation.

From :  dog_soul_

Extreme situation⚠️️ .πŸ“Camino de la corchuela finca El Palmar,Los Palacios y Villafranca (Sevilla)πŸ“

Coordinates: 37.177978,-5.945879

The images shown below have been recorded since March 2021 until today, Monday 27 December 2021, at 14:00, in the above-described farm owned by the City Council of Los Palacios y Villafranca.

@ayto_lospalacios_y_vfca Since March of this year, this situation has been reported to the @ayto_lospalacios_y_vfca, the local police and the Seprona (the official animal police).

'Action Bracelets' from Maxi Zoo in Belgium

Tuesday 28 December 2021

We are one of the 3 good, year-end targets of the bracelet-action of Maxi Zoo in Belgium. For every 2,5€ bracelet sold, Maxi Zoo donates 1,5€. So don't forget our little darlings when you shop for your four-legged friend! 

Order your bracelets here 

December 24, 2021

Update: Jubilee Fundraising

 Friday 24 December 2021

During the ACE | SHIN anniversary on 11 December, we started a large collection for the purchase of a new sterilisation device. In the meantime, the counter has reached EUR 7,745.00! How happy we are with this! 

We are still saving up, but the device is within reach!

We would love to thank everyone personally for their donation, but due to the large numbers it is not possible. 

On behalf of Fabienne, all our employees and volunteers, and our four-legged friends ... THANKS! πŸ™ 

XMAS is coming ... Day 24 - Last day of the Advent calendars!

 Friday 24th December 2021

For a whole month, 24 dogs and 24 kittens were able to introduce themselves, hoping to be found by their new owners. Today it's the last day already ... 

Advent Calendar Dogs:

Advent Calendar Cats:

The Advent calendars will remain available for the rest of the month. If you missed them, you can see who our Advent sweethearts were in the gallery, and still click through to their profile.

Happy X-MAS! Hoping they all celebrate next Christmas in their golden basket πŸ™πŸŽ„

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December 23, 2021

Our Jobo ... it's time! Surely it's his time!

 Thursday 23rd December 2021

He's been with us for seven of his nine years on earth. Sweet Jobo, discarded by his owners as if he was a bit of trash. Dumped in one of the most evil killing stations. A gentle, two year old - who didn't deserve that. Don't let him grow old in care! No matter how loving a foster home is, it isn't a forever home. Who will love this dear soul and make him happier than he's ever been. 

For more details about dear Jobo and to learn more of his story, please click on his name. 

For all the rescues and rescuers ...

Thursday 23rd December 2021


December 20, 2021

From Fabienne's diary : A nice ending to our eventful week...

 Monday December 20th, 2021

On Saturday we had our annual Christmas party at Restaurant Los Olivos in Calahonda,... After the many tensions of the last weeks and months, this was a real treat, a really nice evening with a positive atmosphere! And with a great result for our refugio: we collected almost 3000 euros! 

Many thanks to everyone who contributed! It was a heartwarming Christmas, especially because some of our four-legged friends were allowed to go home!

All's well that ends well!

 Monday 20 December 2021

The sale of the Christmas earrings brought in 160€ for our four-legged friends!

Thank you so much Sophie, for this wonderful result! And thank you to the buyers for your support!

Would you like to do something for our dogs? If so, please send an e-mail to

Our brownies sale was a success again - and what a fantastic result!

 Monday 20 December 2021

Thanks to a number of fantastic volunteers who put their shoulders to the wheel and of course thanks to the massive purchases. 900 boxes were sold, with a yield of € 3,635 for our sweethearts in Spain! We are so happy with that!

December 19, 2021

How is it possible ....

 This is Pax. He's nine years old and he's been looking for a forever home .... for nine years, which must seem like forever to him! How is this possible. According to his details he is in foster in Belgium, so at least he hasn't been in a cage all that time. And he will be loved and looked after by his foster family. But it's not the same. Look at that face, how could anyone resist that face!

For more details about lovely, patient Pax, please click on his name.

All I want for Christmas is ... a fleece

Sunday 19th December, 2021


We Ann & Myriam have been in the ACE|SHIN shelter for a few days and noticed that the fleece blankets for the dogs and kittens are almost empty. The nights are cold in the shelter and the weather is bad. So by Christmas we would like to provide them with a whole stock of warm fleece blankets from Ikea! For 3 euros you can give a dog a warm night. You can sponsor a blanket or make a free donation to BE979214471449 with announcement fleece. You can also donate via this link (Ideal/Bancontact): Thanks! 

Have you been opening our Advent Calendar - it's full of love and longing.

Sunday 19th December ...

For some reason I can't upload the image of our Advent Calendars ... but if you click here for our dogs and here for our cats, you can see who was behind the doors, and you can also open today's special hidden darlings. All have so much love to give and each one is longing for a family of their own.

Today our doggie is Pee No. 17169

And our sweet cat is Tesla No. 19280

Open the calendar now, and below it you'll see who was behind all the open doors to date.


Our Online Jubilee celebration was a great success ... now we'd love to have your feedback!

 Thursday 16 December 2021

Hello all 

πŸ–πŸΌ Last Saturday, December 11 was a great success! We are extremely grateful that you were there and were part of the Online ACE Jubilee.

As you already know, it was the first time that the ACE/SHIN Foundation organised an online event. In order to make next year's event even more fun for you, we need your feedback! You would help us a lot by filling in the survey below about the Online ACE Jubilee. It's just a few questions, so it will only take 3 minutes of your time. 🐢

We look forward to hearing about your experiences!

You can find the survey hereπŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Our Jubilee Fundraiser is still active ... we're halfway there, now for a final big effort!

 Sunday 19th December, 2021

For the ACE anniversary we started a big fundraising to save for a Ligasure sterilisation machine. This would really make a big difference to our vets and the more than 1,000 dogs and cats we sterilise each year!

Many people have already participated and contributed what they could. Thank you so much!

The intermediate amount is now: EUR 4.035,00 (in reality a little higher because some people have done a manual transfer). This means we are halfway there!

Will you help us collect the other half? 

Please would you share our fundraising action as much as possible, or start your own (Facebook) fundraising campaign? Together we are strong!

Link to the fundraising: 

Thank you on behalf of the whole ACE | SHIN Team 

December 10, 2021

Tomorrow is the day ... when the Dutch team organises the Online ACE Jubilee!

Friday 10 december 2021

All info & links (from 11-12-2021):

The day will kick off early with a cool photo competition. The winning quadruped (the1 dog and the 1 cat with the most votes) will adorn the front page of the official ACE|SHIN Charity webpage for one year! Do you believe your dog or cat is the most beautiful dog or cat in the country? From 11 December you can prove it by uploading your photo via the website.

Direct link Photo competition (from 11-12-2021):

Furthermore, a wonderful fundraising project is waiting for you.

Collection goal: Ligasure sterilisation device Γ  EUR 9,500.00

Direct link Fundraising (from 11-12-2021):

Are you very keen to know how the Foundation is doing, or do you perhaps have an urgent question you want answered?

Fabienne will share her story on Teams at 11am and will take all the time needed to answer your questions.

Are you curious to know how the ACE cats, among others, are doing? Then listen to Vivian's story at 14:00. She will also have plenty of time to answer questions.

Do you want to know how to make your rescue dog happy and relaxed? Doglistener Hilde Brandsema will share some tips at 16:00.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

December 08, 2021

You'll find a wealth of love and loyalty behind the doors in our Advent Calendar

Wednesday 8th December

We're at day 8 now, but due to unavoidable teething troubles, it took some time for the English version to go live. It's live now, so there are several happy, sweet, loving dogs and cats just waiting for you to open their door so they can meet you. Who knows, one of them might be 'the one'.

The dogs waiting and eager to meet you already are Donatello, Lio, Rodie, Maneke, Brenda and Jama.

The sweet cats who are longing to meet you are Ale, Youri, Bartje, Blank, Nora and Kitty.

To go to the English version of the calendar look at the top of the website -
find 'AdventCalendar' and in the drop down menu you'll see the Advent Calendars for the dogs and the cats. -



 Wednesday 8th December, 2021

In 3 days's the Online ACE Jubilee! The day will kick off early with a cool photo contest. The winning four-legged friends (the 1 dog and 1 cat with the most votes) will grace the front page of the official webpage of ACE|SHIN Charity for a year! Do you believe your dog  or your cat is the most beautiful dog or cat in the country? From 11 December you can prove this by uploading your photo via the website. 

Furthermore, a wonderful fundraising project is waiting for you. Keep an eye on the webpage for the latest news about this! Are you curious as to how the Foundation is doing, or do you have an urgent question that you'd like answered? Fabienne will share her story on Teams at 10:30 am and will take all the time to answer your questions. 


Would you like to know about how things are going with the ACE cats? If so then listen to Vivian's story at 2:00 PM. Would you like to know how to make your rescue dog happy and relaxed? Doglistener Hilde Brandsema will share several tips at 4 p.m. 


We look forward to seeing you all on December 11. Will you be there? πŸŽ‰




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Yesterday was National Volunteer Day in the Netherlands.

Wednesday 8th December 2021

In the name of all our beloved four-legged friends, we would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to those who are selflessly there for them every day! Who give their free time, their commitment to an animal in need! Without you, we would never be able to achieve what they are entitled to: a dignified life! 

Thank you so much

December 05, 2021

Our wonderful sponsors and donors, as well as our magnificent volunteers are making sure Santa calls at the Refugio

Sunday 5th December, 2021

We are so grateful to our sponsors and donors, and to our great volunteers who help co-ordinate and publicise the donations. Among them Maxi Zoo, who are holding a big Santa Claus event for our dogs and cats. Until Christmas Eve they will be collecting food, toys and cat cages for us. Be sure to drop by their shop to support this action. In all other Maxi zoo shops you can also buy bracelets at the cash register to help our little ones in the Refugio through the winter. 

And thank you too to Wico Autolakken bv & Renske animal food, who have given us a large food donation. Volunteer Dave Eijkenboom started a collection for our cats and dogs, and with great success! About 450 kg of kibble, sausages, pate and snacks from Renske animal food are now ready for transport to Spain! This is simply WONDERFUL news, and helps not only our .

Volunteer Dave Eijkenboom started a collection for our dogs and cats, and with success! About 450 kg of kibble, sausages, pate and snacks from Renske animal food are now ready for transport to Spain! This is simply WONDERFUL news, and helps not only our four-legged friends. When you are confronted with animal suffering on a daily basis, this kind of relief action gives a boost to your heart!

It started with a survey among Dave's family and friends whether they would like to sponsor a bag of feed for Christmas. After agreeing on a price with his pet shop, the donations started coming in. Dave then approached the daughter of his boss, who found one of their suppliers willing to help out. Wico Autolak bv (Autoschade groep Limburg) then delivered a huge batch of dog and cat food to his work. Wico, in turn, had made a deal with Renske petfood in Cuijk. Food that can still be kept for a year or so, but is nearing its sell-by date, has now been donated to ACE.

And one of our volunteers, Edith, was able to collect a wonderful donation at De Schuur at Kootwijkerbroek.

What a beautiful chain of help from all these kind, generous people and companies and the many others who donate to us and who are not mentioned here. We are so grateful for their help! 

On behalf of our four legged friends, a BIG THANK YOU to Maxi Zoo and all the kind people who put presents and donations under the tree for our dogs, and to all those who buy the bracelets. And heartfelt thanks too to Dave, Renske and Wico for their magnificent efforts and donation. And to you all who keep us going thanks to your efforts and generosity.

Presents under the tree from Maxi Zoo and their customers.

Part of the wonderful donation from Dave, Renske and Wico 

Gifts for our dogs and cats from De Schuur at Kootwijkerbroek, collected by volunteer Edith.

December 02, 2021

XMAS is coming ... for them too!

 Thursday 2 December 2021

Can one of them celebrate next Christmas with you?

Check out whose "box" is open today, and visit his/her full profile via the link below 

For 24 days, one "box" will open every day, and one of our dogs or cats will introduce himself.

Curious to see who is our Advent dog or cat today? Then take a look at:

Advent Calendar Dogs:  English Version *

Advent calendar Cats: 

We hope to find the perfect match for these sweethearts. But sharing them en masse is also great! The more people see them, the better their chances.

With whom can he/she celebrate this Christmas? 

* Please bear with us. Some of the dogs and cats details are still in Dutch. We are trying to sort this out. In the meantime, if you go to Dogs (or Cats) for Adoption and put in the name in the box, you'll be able to access all the details. Thanks for your patience.