November 30, 2020

Paddy at Home!!!


Tyson, what a hunk!

 Sunday 29 November 2020

Already 7 weeks in his new home 😍

Message from Sien

 Sunday 29 November 2020

We received the following heart-warming message from Sien: 

"We kept our tips during the first lockdown at the chip shop where I am a student and put them in a jar for you! (Kerkplein Fries in Bocholt). I can proudly say that € 176.05 will be transferred to your account! Also want to emphasise that what you do is great & is close to the heart of many people! πŸ’• "

Spoty (now Pinch)

 Sunday 29 November 2020

Message from adopter: "We adopted Spoty from you in 2015 and he is such a FANTASTIC dog. We are very happy with this addition to  our family. Thank you for everything you do! I send a photo of him to Chantal De Moor every year, who had brought him to us and we will do the same this year. 

Thank you again. 

Lots of love from all of us. "

Fabienne's Diary: It's almost Christmas ... gifts are on the way!!!

Saturday 28th November 2020

We were called to rescue two mothers with puppies in the campo, ... A mommy with 6 puppies, and also another 6 puppies with the other mommy. We got the idea and so, of course, we went there ... By the time we got there there were just 2 puppies who were peeping desperately from a corner. The other puppies and the mothers had disappeared and we don't know where to. What we do know is that within a month the big gift giving time starts and that puppies are a big part of it. Thousands of puppies are distributed to families and children to get through the holidays, and often then to be dumped very quickly. Because when a puppy grows up and shows tricks or flaws, takes a pee or puts his teeth into something, then we in the picture again.Then they have to get rid of it, the faster, the better ... Neli and Nola are actually the “lucky bags”, because they will not just be handed out to just anyone, but carefully placed with people who can offer them happiness and prosperity ... More information about these two sisters please click on their names under the photos.

Copacabana is HOME !!!

 Saturday 28 November 2020

After waiting nearly three years in our shelter, Copacabana has finally found her home and soul mate ... what a great rescueπŸ₯°πŸ˜

November 29, 2020

Senna and the sofa

 Saturday 28 November 2020S

I would like to let all my Shin friends know that a sofa is a great thing. Feel free to try the following things: -

Here you go, dear Zara ..

 Saturday 28 November 202

Her foster mom writes: Saying goodbye is terrible but know that you are now going to the life you deserve so much πŸ’—πŸ’—

Laima - November 30, 2020 - Together for 4 year!

 Saturday 28 November 2020

On November 30, 2016, I was waiting at Schiphol with a pounding heart. I had looked at the photos and videos of Laima 100 times, but it was still exciting to see how things would go in real life. From the moment she came out of the bench it was good. Laima is a super dog: a wonderful hugger, sweet to people, calm, and all love and fun. We have such a good time together: every day with her is a party! I hope this party will last a very long time and wish every dog ​​and cat and every person such a special friendship. I sincerely hope that more and more people will realise that a dog or cat from a shelter is also very special and deserves a loving home. The employees and volunteers of ACE do their utmost every day for this. I have a lot of respect and admiration for how, struggling with all the suffering they see and all the setbacks, they keep fighting for all those dogs and cats. You are fantastic!!!!!!!!! Cordial greetings, Monique

In memoriam Cookie

Saturday 28 November 2020

Unfortunately we had to put Cookie to sleep last Monday. Cookie turned 12 years old, of which he lived with us for 10 years. Until the end, he was our happiest and sweetest friend of all. On Sunday he got bleeding in his head and on Monday he died. Fortunately for him without illness and pain beforehand. We miss him so much.Thank you for allowing us to love this fantastic dog.

Love Marion 

Still, it's tiring celebrating your 12th birthday, isn't it Lizzy (Liv)

Saturday 28 November 2020  

Aqua (# 6123) now Vita

 Saturday 28 November 2020

Hello dear people at Ace, About eight years ago the time had come. I started looking for our first family dog! That it would be a shelter dog was already certain, without being discussed! After some Googling I ended up with you, and Aqua (# 6123). I watched a wonderful video of her and at her ears flapping during a walk with a volunteer and I was hooked ... she became our dog !! And so it came to pass. Today, eight years ago, we were able to pick her up in Zaventem and what eight blissful years it has been!! Vita (her new name) is a real sweetheart, all other pets are welcome, even in her basket! But everything has to be fair ... if the cats get a treat then she too, and if we forget her she will make sure that we can quickly rectify this! We go on wonderful walk; we can so please her, and afterwards we relax at home in the sofa. Or play with the ball in our garden, great! We all hope from the bottom of our hearts that we can do this again for at least 8 years because what would we do without her? I am sending you some pictures, 1 of which refers to her name with you- Aqua. She got this name with you because she then (and still) likes to play with a bowl of water. The work you are doing is fantastic, you are fantastic ❤! Lots of love, Inge, Nico, Jarne, Rune and Vita 🐾

Message from Doing Goods: BARK FRIDAY - we choose to make THEM count, not just discount

 Saturday 28 November 2020

"You can't save all the dogs of the world, but you can save the world of one dog"

This weekend we celebrate our BARK FRIDAY campaign for Ace-charity!

We know you all love our mascotte dog princess Nahla as much as we do, so we want to take this opportunity to give back. Let’s shine a light on the people that saved her life and the lives of so many other dogs. ACE-charity stands for 'Animal Care Espana’ and for years they have been fighting against the abuse and killing of neglected dogs in Southern Spain. Fabienne Paques is the founder and with a great team of volunteers she gives shelter to 650 dogs every single day, come rain come shine. Every doggie, sick, old or handicapped gets a fair chance. 
Since 1999 more than 13.000 dogs have been rescued and adopted, which is so heartwarming and worth a deep bow. In times like these, more than ever they need your help!

So! Shop with us from Friday November 28th until Monday 30th and we will donate 25% of our sales to Ace Charity.

We hope you will help us support these little and big lovable dogs and help them find their forever home

Check our websites for more information! The adopters of Nahla have their own company and wanted to set up a fun promotion as part of Black Friday.


Friday 27 November 2020

My owner has to go to supermarket shopping every week.
I may run next to the bicycle, so I can stretch my legs and get some fresh air.

It's lovely running through the puddles with a breath of wind through my hair. We have arrived at the supermarket. Baasje gets off her bicycle and I am tied to a pole or fence.

I wait outside faithfully while my owner does her shopping inside. For me it is now normal to see all those people going in and out. People who walk or cycle past me. I just wait patiently for my owner.
Hey, there comes a man to pet me, that's sweet, but then he unties my lead and quickly takes me around the corner. Before I know it I am in a dark room, the floor is hard. It is not comfortable.
Where am I.....? owner where are you? what happened to me ..? The bumps and curves let me slide from left to right in this dark space.
Where am I going ??? Suddenly we stop and I hear 2 men talking outside this dark space. The doors open and the light hurts my eyes. I am jerked out and put in a dirty box. No warm blanket, water or food to be found. I can hardly turn around in so small cubicle.
I can also see other unfortunates, they are all very sad. Boss where am I? Where are you?


Text of following poster is translated below it.

WARNING Would you leave your cell phone or baby unattended at a store? Dogs tied up at shops are regularly mistreated or stolen to end up in breeding farms, or used in fighting or training dogs to fight. Dogs can be frightened and then may bite.That can lead to a deadly injection for the dog. Leaving your dog unattended at a store will put your dog's life in DANGER.

November 28, 2020

Christmas mouth masks with matching bandana

 Friday, November 27, 2020

Choose your favourite Christmas mouth mask for 10 Euros each (with matching bandana - 20 Euros for both).
All the proceeds go entirely to our dogs and cats in Spain. If you would like to order, please send an email to

Diary of Fabienne: Joy, a Yorkie that was once so beautiful ...

Friday 27 November 2020

This sweet little Yorky was rescued from the killing station. She was dumped with mammary gland tumours, was dirty, dirty, all tangles. The little loyal dog doesn't understand anything about it. A defenceless dog, barely 6 years old. She was probably bred in a bad way, which seriously affected her health. She will now be operated on, and taken care of as it should be.  Then we will find an owner who loves her and makes her happy, who takes her as she is, and understands that she is a real rescue, where costs could come in the future. Soon she will be operated on for her mammary gland tumours, and we will give her the best possible chance to enjoy a few more years of happiness with people who do not throw her away but appreciate her for a lifetime. Joy is a very gentle, good little dog who is very loyal and grateful, and has never understood why she suddenly lost her owner.

For more information about dear little Joy, please click on her name. 

November 27, 2020

Official portrait of Vadrouille (ACE Indara).

Friday, November 27, 2020

She has been with her owners for almost three months now. Although this plucky lady is still very skittish, she is progressing every day. Slow, but steady ...