May 25, 2014

Podenco Day - raising the profile of these noble, beautiful creatures.

Anita Andela has sent us this account of Podenco Day.

So good to see them enjoying themselves.  (Photo: Von Nie)

"On Sunday May 4th, I went to Podenco Day because we have an Ibizan Orito (Yvonne) and an Ibizan Andaluz (Baton) - both from A.C.E. I went with Yvonne van Es and her dogs. A.C.E. was  represented by an information booth, where you could also buy fun things for the dogs.

It was a beautiful Sunday. The weather was lovely, not too hot so we set off happily. When we got there what a sight met our eyes. Such a huge number of dogs and not just Podencos. There were plenty of hybrids and also Galgos, and cross breeds of all types. But the thing that really stood out was the fact that with so many dogs there was so little noise. Everyone was friendly, not a cross word  among the dogs, everyone interested and eager to know how you came to get your dog.

An impression of the Geffense Plas, a lovely, large dog safe area 

Geffense Plas is also a safe place for dogs to run around. Everything is fenced and there's no chance that they can run away though of course they can run free in the grounds. The entrances and exits were all guarded by volunteers. They had thought of everything, the organisation was excellent. All we had to do as visitors was to enjoy it all. Of course we visited the A.C.E. booth, which was manned by Nens and her mother, where we got a warm welcome.

There were several foundations, each with their own stand, which we visited as well. Obviously they were representing 'their dogs" but it was so beautiful to see how everyone worked together, all with the same goal - to help as many dogs to find their golden baskets because every life saved is important to all of us. Because this is not a dog show, there is no competitive element.

Everyone was so interested in each other's dogs ... "Where does your dog come from" ... "Mine comes from" ... "Yes I have that problem too" ... Thus we could all learn from each other. I have a good deal of experience with dogs, but I learned a lot on Podenco Day. I'd never such intense a contact with the Spanish varieties as I experienced at this annual event. It was lovely for everyone to get together, for old friends to see each other again and for newbies too.

We certainly enjoyed ourselves and made some nice contacts. Kudos to the organisers for such a well run event. We hope to come again next year and hope the weather will be good for that too.  We will also be coming to A.C.E. day in the first week of September. It will be the first time for us but we are sure we will have as good a time as we have done at Podenco Day.

My thanks go to the dog photographer Von Nie, who has allowed me to use some of her pictures because mine were accidentally deleted. "

Anita Andela ( with Baton )
Yvonne van Es ( metHazel )

Canelita and Baton

  A delicious sight, Podencos playing in the pool. (photo Von Nie )

Splash! Splash! Having fun with each other. ( Photo Von Nie )

Sometimes it hard to give medicine to dogs ...

... but when the medicine's wrapped in a meatball, everyone wants a bit!

Don't give me a kiss - give me my meatball!

 Come on! Where's the meatballs!

More from Malaga Airport -

We're at the airport several times a week, indeed often we're there every day. All the ground staff know us but we do sometimes get funny looks from people in the check out queue when they see us with our large dog carriers, small puppies in special on-board carriers and often with several dogs on leads as well. But for every disapproving glance there are always many more admiring people who are really interested in what we are doing and eager to pet the dogs.

Here are few pictures from a typical trip to the airport.

Loreto brought her darling Simba, she cried tears of sadness but knew he was going to a loving home.

Our wonderful Dianeke with her new acquisition at the Airport ... 'Amour de Folie!!!'

Our assistants, Max and Benjamin!

Lizard Spotting

It's so good to see our lovely dogs so happy in their new homes. Here are some pictures of Charley - Charles - in France, hunting for lizards.

May 21, 2014


I know it's sad and I don't want to upset anyone, but we need to make people aware. Recent research has shown that dogs are intelligent, have the understanding of a human two year old and experience feelings of love and affection.  We dog lovers knew that already, of course, but now there's scientific proof. I dread to think of the emotion suffered by this poor pregnant mother.

May 18, 2014

Don't ever breed or buy. Never. Never. Never.

The song is Cold Play - Fix you. The song sung by Claudia Robben is in Dutch. The subtitles are in English, but really and truly no words are needed.

Animals take the best selfies ....

My name is India - I'm a Bodeguero

Look at my little bear face!

Look at me! Aren't I just the cutest thing. And the good news is, I will be just as cute when I grows up. And I won't be very big either. The thing is though, I'm a Bodeguero and we are often left behind in the shelters, while so many other dogs are adopted. Why though?  It could be that people don't know much about my breed. Or some people think we are Jack Russells. They are lovely little dogs too but we are very different.

We were known by various names. The Rat Nero (rattevanger), the Perillo Ratero (rat dog) and the Bodeguero Andaluz.  We got our name Bodeguero from the bodegas, the wineries and wine cellars where we were used to keep wine barrels free from rats and other vermin.

I love to play!

In spite of our origins as working dogs, we are very happy to live indoors or in apartments and in cities. However, we have lots of energy so we need and really enjoy lots of exercise. We love being outdoors playing games like fetch and tug of war and with plenty of time to roam and run and  play.  

Cute doesn't even come close!

We're loyal, loving and affectionate. We love humans and we love children. We're also easy to train because we want to please and we are also bright, clever and obedient.  We're also known as the clowns of the dog world. The call us 'the little dogs who smile'.

Please will you give me a forever home?

So, would you like to adopt me, or one of my Bodeguero friends? Please do. You'll never regret it. You'll have a new and special family member - sweet, funny and loving. A real smiling, cuddly teddy bear of a dog. You can read more about the breed here with some enthusiastic comments from some lovely people who own dogs l like me. And take a look at the A.C.E./Shin Bodeguero page on Facebook. It is in Dutch but Google Translate and other platforms will translate into your own language.

May 17, 2014

September 6th - ACE Day, the big reunion

It's that time again. Time to put that important date in the diary - ACE day, 6th September. An annual event that reunites all our ACE dogs, their owners, our volunteers and stakeholders for a happy, fun day together. A day not to be missed.

Our founders, Fabienne and Ton, will be there together with a large part of the Spanish team.
They cannot wait to meet you face to face together with your four legged friends who have found a warm and loving home with you in the Netherlands after their traumatic 'Spanish dog's life'.

                      ACE Day 2013 Left - Fabienne and Ton and Right - Fabienne with happy owners and dogs

This is the wonderful day when we celebrate all together these successful adoptions. A great reunion full of pleasure and enjoyment, of memories, reminiscences, new friends made and old friends found. Above all the overwhelming joy of seeing our dogs so happy, so loved.

The 'Big Reunion' takes place on Saturday 6th September 2014 from 11:00 until 16:30 at the event site V.D.H of Eindhoven. The site is enclosed, a secure area where the dogs can run about and romp together. And there's plenty for their owners to do too. There's the ACE information booth, a wide variety of stalls selling all manner of goods and gifts and food for humans and dogs alike. Or you can just enjoy watching the scene from the cosy 'musical' terrace, where you can also enjoy Belgian potatoes from 'Fabienne's Frietkot'.

In order to put on this special day we are, unfortunately, forced to make a small charge: €7,50 for each adult and  € 5 for each child under 12 years. After deduction expenses all profits always go to the ACE Foundation, and this is supervised by the Treasurer. Dogs of course are guests of honour, and as such they go free.

To sign up, please send an email stating registration ACEDAG 2014.
Also please indicate how many people and dogs in your party . After registration, you will receive a confirmation email including information about payment.

Important note

During the ACE day there will be about 150 to 200 dogs running around. Visitors are  responsible for the welfare of their own dog or dogs at all times. If a dog is not used to large numbers of people or other dogs, is shy, timid or likely to run off on its own we advise you to keep that dog on a lead. It goes without saying that the safety of the dogs is of paramount importance.
these tend to go research yourself , we advise to keep the dog. leash

So join us on Saturday, September 6th for a joyous, heart lifting day of celebration!

                                                                                                                           Team Netherlands
Contact ACEDAG, Nens Janssen PR and Promotion, ACE Netherlands
ESP 10A | 5633 BH Eindhoven  To  register, email as above.

In the run up to the event we will send more information

May 13, 2014

A very welcome present from Scandinavia

This lovely couple from Finland and Denmark have given us a great gift - an air conditioner/heater. For our sick dogs in the clinic, to keep them cool in summer and warm in winter and so help them get better. With appreciative thanks to them from Team Spain.

May 11, 2014

Eighty nine happy dogs and two happy cats ... it's a record!

In April we achieved a new monthly record for adoptions. No fewer than 89 dogs and two cats found their 'Golden Basket' and we're very happy and proud.  With heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers - to those who undertake the home visits and all those who do the follow-up visits. To the flight attendants, advertisers, chip registration personnel. To all these and to each and every volunteer in our beautiful link of rescue, we can't thank you enough. As our slogan says "You can not save all the dogs in the world", but tonight these dear ones will sleep safe and surrounded by love in a warm basket. And that is thanks to your efforts!

May 10, 2014

Our beloved shelter dog, Skippy

It's wonderful to hear stories of dogs who came from El Refugio to loving homes. Many of these stories are posted by Ineke on the Dutch blog, and are naturally in Dutch. So I have to translate them using Google Translate (which isn't very good). So I apologise in advance if some things haven't come out quite right.

Skippy's owner writes : -

Cuddles and adoration.

We've had you now for another year and, gosh, haven't you kept us busy. You defended your blanked and your bones, you demolished all the squeaky toys and didn't know how to play. And then you discovered the tennis ball - your best thing. If you are awake you'll be on to it, and so we'll throw it and throw it and throw it .... But the best thing of all is that when my husband comes home, you must be there to greet him and certainly the cuddles must last at least 5 minutes.

There were problems with your knees and then worries about your health. Gosh, what a bad time that was, especially since we could not figure out the cause. Was it because it was still winter? It was cold but not that cold. But when we said 'come on, we're going outside' you would not come. Tail between your legs and when we went to you to try and coax you we would sometimes get bitten. Even putting on a coat didn't help.

And yet you were becoming weaker and sicker every day. You were losing weight, you lost your appetite, you had diarrhoea often - you had all sorts of problems. In the end after the umpteenth visit to the vet, I insisted that we have another blood test for Leishmania. And yes, it was positive. You had Leishmania. So we quickly put you on the medication and now we can almost say, yes, our little boy is back.

Back again as cheeky as ever, once again that wonderfully naughty blessed little scamp of ours. We hope we will have you with us for years. We never want to lose you!


My coat is warm, but do I have to go out?                      Deep in sleep, with my tongue sticking out!

Puppy Love

Thank you Budweiser!

And this is how it was made.

Pierro needs a home ...

                                              This is Pierro, now called Goof.

Pierro and his brother Nelson were dumped by their owners when they were very little. Our wonderful foster mother Isabelleke took them in; dogs who are lucky enough to spend time with Isabelleke become beautifully socialised, both with people and other dogs.  

Pierro, whose new name is Goof, is now in foster care in the Netherlands where he's much admired and loved. His early socialisation has paid off well as he continues to be good with other dogs, he lives peacefully with them, eats and sleeps with them and absolutely loves to play with them. He's good with children too.

Goof sometimes sleeps in his crate, though he usually sleeps outside with the other dogs. He enjoys a ride in the car. He also loves to walk, and can run loose. He listens well and comes back when he is called. He may be anxious at the vets, but he comes with you quietly and doesn't make a fuss. 

It would be lovely if Goof could end up in a quiet family.  He can sometimes be fearful of strangers but the more people he sees, the less anxious he will become. He would be overjoyed if his new family already had a dog, as he loves playing so much. 


                                                                               A good sweet boy

More news of dear Flappy

Portrait of a happy dog

We have more news of this sweet boy from his lovely new owner.  Flappy has been with her for four weeks now. She writes: -

He's happy - it's plain to see. He comes up and 'forces' me to pet him. He gives kisses. When I wake in the morning Bear is there, with Flap, scratching at my legs, because he too wants attention. But first I must wake must wake myself up as Bear needs to go out to pee and this is all new for Flappy (who can't pee normally as he is incontinent). It all depends a lot on Bear, he sets a great example. Flap follows him everywhere.

When Bear wakes up and walks out to the back Flap nudges him gently in his face. Bear tries to get away but he's not fast enough. If Bear goes in the garden, Flappy does too - it doesn't matter whether he is able to do anything or not because what Bear does, Flap does too. If Bear pees in one spot, Flap goes and and pees in the same place. Occasionally you can see Bear thinking 'when is he going to go back to his own home?' But it's fine.

Flap is happy. And he's put on a few pounds too. You can see that and feel it too. All is going super well with him. Walking outside is NOT one of his favourite pastimes. When I go to get the leads he runs. Here he's also following Bear's example - he too prefers to stay in the garden. They are happy there. The front gate is open during the day but the wooden gate is closed so they can run freely in the garden.

A few days ago I was away and John was working in the garden; he had the control for the wooden gate in his pocket. When anyone comes up the ramp, a bell sounds. John heard this, looked up and saw, terrified, that the wooden gate was open and Flappy was out, he'd slipped out and was standing in the driveway. Bear was sitting in the driveway, which he does a lot - he likes to get out. John swallowed down his panic, stayed calm and happy and called Bear and Flappy. Bear naturally came running straight away and dear Flappy, he was happy to come too because where Bear goes, Flappy goes too. Occasionally to Beer's disgust. But now ... thank God ... lucky for us. Goodnight all. X

Where Bear goes, Flappy goes too

But when it comes to bones ... we each have our own!

May 04, 2014

Sereno -S.O.S. - please help!

A message from Maureen, Sereno's Foster Mum

Sereno has been with us for a year now but he's still waiting for that longed for golden basket. He's made a lot of progress. To those who care for him and who he's used to he's a most loyal friend. For me he's basically a huge hug on legs who will crawl into your lap looking for cuddles. He responds wonderfully to kindness.

Sereno was in shelter at El Refugio for over three years, ever since he was a little pup. I naively thought that he would quickly adapt as coming from a shelter he was used to there being lots of dogs and people around and he was everybody's friend. But he hasn't responded as I'd hoped. He's sociable with other dogs in the pack though he is still uncertain with strange dogs and may chase them.


For some reason his looks don't seem to appeal to people, who knows why as he's such a handsome dog. A mix reminiscent of a Schnauzer, a German Pointing and a Griffon dog with his funny beard and eyebrows. And as I have said he's a huge hug on legs, so affectionate when he knows you.

He is housebroken and will stay quietly at home alone, in his bench for a few hours. Outside, in a quiet pedestrian environment, he'll ignore other people. But at home, where it's safe, he finds strangers disconcerting and is very timid around them. He enjoys his walks and can run off the lead in quiet places as he will come back when you call him. You can see that in the video - link below.

For over a year I've been looking for that one owner who wants to do a very special rescue. Who will welcome this four and a half year old who has never had the security and love that he'd get in a home of his own. His very own basket. His very own family. People who will see his loyal, cuddly nature and not expect instant results, who are not expecting a magic click.

People who will see how very much he has learned and who don't have expectations he can not meet. Who can see that he will be scared the first few days and will want to flee back to an environment he knows and trusts.

It will be so hard for me to let him go, but I have a disability and can no longer cope, especially with a big dog - more so in the winter months. So I am hoping and hoping that I can find the perfect family for Sereno. Somewhere there must be a place for him, a very special basket and the love he deserves so much.

You can all help by sharing his story and this appeal on social media like Facebook. Who knows succeed with your help that this faithful golden basket that hug so deserve.


Some lovely videos of Sereno and a link to his page on the ACE website. 

Sereno playing.         Sereno cuddling this morning.    Sereno on his walk today.

Sereno's adoption page.

May 02, 2014

Born in the campo.

It can be a dangerous place to give birth, the campo. It's bad enough for a grown dog and it's certainly no place for tiny puppies. There's no food on the campo, it's hard to find shelter and, even worse, people in the neighbourhood can be mean. Really mean. For some reason these people found it troublesome to have a gentle dog and puppies in their space. They threatened to kill these poor innocents.

Fortunately not all humans are mean.  One young man tried to hide the dogs and keep them from harm, but it grew more dangerous every day. The neighbours could hear the puppies crying. They didn't like it - the desperate young man came to us for help. So the very skinny mama and her puppies came to us. The puppies are doing OK but we're very worried about her. She's so emaciated and the amount of vermin on her coat and skin was unbelievable. However they are all safe now with us and we pray they will survive. Here's a video - such a sweet small family.

 The campo is no place for puppies.

Safe with us.

Such a good mother.


 Gentle words and a well deserved sit down.