November 26, 2016

Glenn with his Mattias

We want to be inside in this bad weather ...!

Winter clothes!


Hello all...!!

On December 5, we to will be able to give an Ace dog a wonderful life ... he's called Mosis. We are Dennis (45), Suzanne (34) and Jake (2), living in Abbenes (at the tip of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer). Yet another dog for this area? We can not wait until he is with us and to share beautiful photos / videos here!


Rocco when he was up for adoption ... and a fine example of what a good home can do for a dog.

What a sad look he had in the refugio ...

... and what a lovely, relaxed look he has now!

Valentina -

Valentina then ... and now! She's beautiful.


Now! So beautiful.

A bit of a squeeze, but very cosy!


Greetings from Francien Snijder and Ace doggies Benny and Molly.

Gemma, saved from hunters. Please give me a chance!

Gemma, dumped and forgotten, thrown away, left on her own. Nobody gave her another throught. She was a piece of garbage that had been disposed of. 

But ... she managed to survive. She has big tumors on her tummy, caused by the numerous times she had to produce puppies, puppies she was forced to give birth to over and over again. During every heat she became pregnant and had to give birth to keeep the disgusting hunting industry going.  

Gemma is a quiet defenseless female which miraculously survived on the streets. Her beautiful eyes look through you;b she has still retained her pure and open friendship, despite everyting people have done to her. 

She will have surgery and then have a period of recovery until she can finally find peace with people who want to give this sweet dog a chance to know happiness ... she's calmness itself, the gratefulness of this sweetheart is heartwarming. 

For more information about Gemma click here.

Our Merch with Ronald and Manon

Celia - dumped in the killing station because of her disability ..

She was found in the morning at the gate of the killing station ... they had tied her to the gate, just walked away and left her behind.

One of the volunteers found her and called us to save her, which we did immediately. The little big girl has been lucky.

She is rather skinny, has a heart of gold, a brave soul, a real treasure ... She is disabled, she was born with a deformed front leg or did it happen later? She cannot tell us, but despite this she is a nice friendly dog, a great lady, well worth saving!

November 20, 2016

Our Tineke's gone, she was 19 and a few months ...

Tineke: 17 years ago we saved her from the killing station that stood where our refugio is now. At the time it was one of the most feared.

She was sitting in section 3 in the cage before the last one, her boss had died. I will never forget how my Dirk went into the cage and carried her out in his arms in the pouring rain. Since then they have been inseperable. Christmas - at every Christmas we thought of the time when you came to live with us ..

Unfortunately, you didn't make it until this Chritmas ... Dirk's little Tineke .. His big love - his everything ...

Tineke, you became a household name in our organization. A Tineke was a typical Andalusian dog, "a Tineke". People who know us personally often call us and say "Fabienne, we are looking for a Tineke ..."

She was their idea of the perfect dog. A small typical stately lady who knew what she wanted, but brought only joy and faith to our midst ...

Nothing could upset you, not an angry word or a dog too many for you, for everything was fine as long as you were the number one for your papa Dirk ...

You were with us from the beginning of the establishment of ACE SHIN. You were always present,   you saw everything happen and pass, "the ups and the downs". The many setbacks but also the flowering of our ACE SHIN, our tears and our happiness both privately and concerning our love for the Refugio .. you were always there ..

Today we said goodbye to you, our darling treasure ...

Despite the many other dogs and cats we are sitting here quietly. We know that 19.5 years is a blessed
age, and that you were without doubt Dirk's special and beloved dog .. you were spoilt and happy , cherished and loved beyond measure, but your absence comes like a bolt from the blue.
It hurts badly and we now have to accept that life goes on ...
Dirk's Tineke is gone ... It is the worst for him ...  His Tineke ...
Un believable that the moment has come and that she is gone.

You will always be with us, for always and always in our heart ... we have loved ou so much ... you were a milestone in our life ..


We were able to open the quarantine area yesterday. The electricity is still not quite ready but some of our dogs were able to take their first step into the quarantine cages !!

Thanks to everyone but especially to Rene and Elizabeth, we are almost there, almost. Nevertheless we have this long-term project to complete ... our clinic, is not there yet but is gradually taking shape!!

We are almost there,…

Ton cut the ribbon of the new Quarantine and declared it open !!


This is Manolito's story as told by his devoted mistress, and also an exerpt from the text of his website

"We saved Manolito from the killing station of Los Barrios. He was sitting in the same cage as Novita. Over the cage was written in big, fat letters: EUTHANASIA. This was the cage where the "hopeless cases" were put: the 'too old' dogs, 'too ugly' dogs, injured dogs, disadvantaged dogs, actually all the dogs for which those brutes thought they would never find a home.

Yes, Manolito is not exactly the most beautiful boy, and yes, he is already 10 years old, and yes, he is much too heavy ... but is that any reason why he should be treated so disrespectfully?

Now he is MY MANOLITO and I find him beautiful ... inside and outside ...Take for example the time when 3 of my 'oldies' died and I went to pieces ... some of the other dogs will comfort you, very very sweetly. But Manolito has his own way of doing things ... he'd pick up a bone or a piece of dried tripe and would stand right in front of me clowning ... then he'd stop and look at me, repeatedly stopping to look at me to see if I was laughing. And indeed he was so funny I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Sooo - job done and then he was happy to go back and lie down on his pillow.

He came to me as a frightened dog that didn't want to be seen, because if you couldn't be seen nothing bad could happen to you ... he was so afraid of being kicked and beaten ... Now he's a sweet, tough cookie who finds it very entertaining when we have visitors, and they all praise him ... how proud can you be!

Nooo my Manolito is beautiful and I could never be without him!

Manolito in the Refugio.

Manolito today, living with his devoted mistress.


The ACE / SHIN calendar 2017

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Our moon over the Refugio ...

November 19, 2016

The director of a dog shelter Torremolinos has been taken to court because of the death of 2,200 dogs and cats.

The director, Carmen Marin of the municipality asylum, Parque Animal Torremolinos, has these last days been in the courtroom to give her testimony about the allegations that she has slain  at least 2,200 dogs and cats, by her own hand. The prosecutor wants the director to serve four years in prison but she denies the allegations and says that nothing is true and that she even has a phobia to needles. In other words that she had never been able to give lethal injections. Employee testimonials say otherwise.

According to the director of the shelter in Torremolinos 2,200 healthy dogs and cats have not been "murdered" in the asylum and that the number is not even up to 280 in three years. If the animals have died then that was the result of bad work by veterinarians and not attributable to her.

Within 24 hours

According to the prosecutor in Torremolinos between 2008 and 2010 no less than 2,200 healthy dogs and cats were killed, the number may even increase to 2,800 animals. The killings usually happened within 24 hours after they had arrived in the municipal shelter. The reason for this "murder" was just to cut costs. Employees have also submitted statements and say that every morning the security cameras were switched off so that nothing was recorded. In addition, the administrative staff listened to loud music so as not to hear the whining and howling of the dogs.


Several veterinarians, however, confirm the story of the massacre of dogs and cats. One of these vets has video recordings made of the sorry state of the dogs and cats that lived at the shelter but also of a courtyard filled with the corpses of the dogs and cats whose lives were taken. Another vet says he saw himself how the director, without anesthesia and without precision, placed the lethal injections in dogs and cats. The worst thing is that it was in most cases a slow and painful death for the animals.


Eventually, the case came to light after volunteers and former employees raised the question of the dubious circumstances in the shelter with Seprona, the special animal welfare unit of the Guardia Civil. They went to investigate and ultimately arrested the director when they came to the shelter and saw the situation. The question is why no one else has reported the situation over the years. Thus it's possible that the lives of hundreds of poor animals that ended up in the shelter of Torremolinos could have been saved.