February 28, 2013

Steven with two little bears ...

... here's lovely Steven, our wonderful manager, with two little bears!



February 24, 2013

Urko - run over by his own boss and then abandoned

His name is Urko. He's a little baby German Shepherd, only two months old and he's already had so many dramas in his young life. One day, seeing his dad in the parking lot, he ran up enthusiastically to say hello. His dad didn't see him and ran over him in the car. Instead of being devastated and sorrowful his dad was irritated and took him to the nearest clinic and asked them to put Urko to sleep. He could easily buy a new puppy with the money the operation and recovery would cost,. So 'Dad' walked away, leaving the little fellow for dead.

But the vet couldn't do it. He couldn't put Erko to sleep. The little dog underwent surgery and recovered from his injuries, even though he is a tiny, frail thing. So small, so innocent and faithful. He loved his master - it nearly caused his death, but his master, his 'dad' didn't care and walked away. Erko will  soon have a new boss - we will do everything to make it happen. This little fellow will be loyal and will love unconditionally. That's the way with our four legged friends, their hearts will always be with their master, they will do everything to please and make you happy.

Small Urko, everything is going to be good for you now. Even though you are so small and do not know it, we are so glad you are with us today.


The forgotten ones ....

... perhaps forgotten is the wrong word because they are much loved here and never forgotten. Maybe 'overlooked' would be better.  We love them very much but we want them to be happy and to find homes where they will be loved forever. These are good, gentle dogs that, for whatever reason, are still with us after several years. Maybe they are a little old. Or rather big. Or not very pretty to look at. Whatever their physical characteristics these are sweethearts, kind, loving and deserving of love. Who will take them home?

Ramsis is 6. He's a Mastin Espagnol, so at 70 cm he is a big boy. He's gentle and sweet and has been with us two years and is longing for his very own family.

Dalo was dumped on the streets of Algeciras when he was a puppy. So unfair as he's a loving dog with a kind character. He's been with us ever since, four long years waiting for someone to take him home.

Like Dalo, Chipke is four and has been with us for four years. In the photo you can see him enjoying a run on the beach with one of our students. But he'd love to be able to go for long walks every day.

Flappy is sweetness itself, but he has a problem. He can't control his 'poo', totally not his fault and the vets can't help. He needs a home where he can run about outside, with a nice warm kennel and loving owners who will understand and love him to bits.

Godi has also been with us for four years. He's already five so is more than ready for his very own family. He's no oil painting but the nicest sweets don't always have the prettiest wrappers.

Podi - three times lucky

Podi at El Refugio

Found by a lady when he was wandering the streets, lonely and neglected. She took him in but she was on holiday so couldn't keep him. That looked like bad luck but it turned into good luck because she took him to El Refugio. Two strokes of luck and now a third. Sweet, handsome Podi was chosen by a lovely family and now has his very own golden basket.

His new owner writes  - "Podi and Lennon are both wonderful, delightful dogs and their mum is so pleased with them both. They have friends in the dogwood too and run to greet them when they meet them on the daily walkies."

Podi in the doggiwood

Podi has dug his first hole

Podi and Lennon in the very cold doggiwood, digging a hole together

Podi running to mum, happy that she calls him

February 15, 2013

Rapping for rescue ...

... normally I don't like rap. I don't like it at all. But today I found this wonderful rap song and video all about rescue dogs. I hope you will like it. It's great that so many people are doing their best to save all these precious animals. Apparently it's a parody of a group called Thrift Shop ... I think!

February 14, 2013

Father and Son ....

Papito and Hijo - literally 'father' and 'son' in Spanish. And that's what they are. It's such a familiar story. Happy and beloved little dogs until, suddenly one day, their mistress was taken ill and hospitalised. She begged her family and her neighbours 'please take care of my little dogs.' They did, after a fashion. They fed them and kept them clean, but no one took them into their home. It went on for months. Their mistress didn't come back. And then she died.

What now? The children refused to care for them any longer. The neighbours didn't know what to do. So, inevitably, they came to us. They are sweet and good dogs. Daddy Papito is a wonderful father, defending his son through thick and thin. Little Hito is a happy little dog, always content. They are both very affectionate and will make wonderful pets and companions for someone. They will steal your heart as they have stolen ours. Now we are praying and hoping for their happiness in a new and permanent and loving home. They deserve their golden basket. It's what their dear mistress would have wished for them. 

It will be OK, my son

These lovely people will take care of us



February 09, 2013

The Dogs in Algeciras are running and playing freely now ....

Look at all these dear, sweet faces - all free now, all safe

Fabienne brought us some more good news this week. It actually happened six months ago, but she realises not everyone knows about it so she wants to share it so we can all enjoy it. For many years the pound at Algeciras was a very bad and sad killing station. The dog catcher was a cruel man, who  killed many dogs without being punished in any way. He would beat them to death and abuse them badly and he got away with it because he was protected by the president of the pound.

Paky fought day and night for justice for these animals. She is Fabienne's soul mate. They have worked together for years to take as many dogs and cats as possible out of that killing station. Apart from all the dogs, Paky also looks after eighty cats. It's been an agonising and uphill struggle. On one occasion, Paky had found homes for five Podencos; she had arranged flights to take them to new homes in Germany. The morning she arrived to pick them up to go to the airport all five were dead in their cage. It will come as no surprise to hear that no one would admit to anything, everyone turned a blind eye.

There were many more stories like that one. So many times Fabienne has seen Paky and her volunteers in tears, in utter despair because of that bastard of a man. But they didn't give up, they kept on fighting. Together the team from Algeciras and the team at El Refugio joined forces, refusing to accept what this man was doing. And now. And now their hard work has paid off.

The president has been sacked. And not before time. And because of that the bastard man can no longer work there and the dogs and cats will no longer suffer at his hands. Unfortunately he can't be sacked entirely as he as a contract with the local authority, just to pick up the dogs and bring them to the shelter. But he won't be able to hurt the animals ever again. No one involved in this cruelty has been punished, however at least they are gone. They no longer have any power.

Paky is in charge now. She is responsible for what is now the refuge of Algeciras. If she and Fabienne had anything to do with it this man would be banished, he wouldn't be allowed to even pick up the dogs. However, everything step by step. His contract will end eventually. Fabienne and Paky will carry on working together, committed to all these dear dogs, to finding them wonderful new homes. And in the meantime, the dogs are cherished and cared for kindly and taken out of their cages for several hours every day to run free in the sunshine - happy and safe until they can finally go home.

Snapshots from El Refugio ....

Joyma and Pity basking in the Spring sunshine

Zoulou enjoying his morning coffee

Little Ray playing ...

... with his friend

         Playing wears you out ....                                              ........ zzzzzzz

Two little sisters, just found in a bar. Or so they said ....

Amber, such a sweetie

Darling Goofy, he's been with us so long ... he needs his own family so badly

The 3 Musteteers

Dilma after her operation

Please, sweet people! Don't forget us.

Hi there ...

... our students doing the washing up

We do love a bit of sunshine, but it's so cold and freezing at night.

Our Bluezet. Such gorgeous blue eyes.

So many dinners, so many bowls!

Please don't forget us either. 

Somewhere, somehow .. is there someone thinking about us?

February 06, 2013

More happy endings ...

.... 51 more welcoming families, 51 more golden baskets, 51 lovely dogs with a loving future.

Many thanks to Ineke for putting together this lovely collage.

Every dog should have a cat ...

You give up yet?

 What! Time to get up already?

 You're kidding ... she said that?
 Hmmmm! Have you been eating onions?

 I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bite your tail so hard: I was only teasing.

I ran after the ball, then I chased a car and then I went and got the paper. Hey! Aren't you listening?

 What! Who us? We were no where near the toilet paper roll. Not us, no way.

 Don't worry about her saying you're fat: I loves ya jest the way you are.

 Wait a minute. Ain't I supposed to put my paws over my eyes if you hide?

 Here. I brought him back; next time he goes for a walk, you go get him.


 Hey, Irvin! Your ear weighs a ton and I'm stuck.

 OK, on three, we all roll over.

He's mine! I caught him, you can't have him, he belongs to me, so there.

Actually Rex, I think it's your turn to change the channel.

OK, I'll be the doughnut this time and you be the doughnut hole.

 Don't worry, Larry, they'll have to come through me if they want to take you to the pound.