November 30, 2021

🎉 ACE Online Jubilee 🎉 GET TO KNOW VIVIAN 🖐🏼

 Sunday 28 November 2021

Tuesday 30th November 2021

Vivian with her beloved Harry, one of her many animal children.

In a few months Vivian will have been an ACE volunteer for 10 years! In those ten years she has had all kinds of tasks, and for the last four years she's been the person in charge of ACE Netherlands. She is 47 years old and was born and raised in Brabant, but has been living in Spain for 3 years now. Her heart has been set on animals since childhood and from 23 years ago when her first rescue dog, Coco Loco, came into her life, rescue dogs and cats have become her mission and passion. Therefore ACE completely fits in with her personal mission. Thanks to this wonderful foundation, she can help dogs and cats in need. 

During the Online ACE Jubilee, Vivian will tell you more about volunteering at ACE, the new rules & legislation regarding adoptions from abroad and the growing cat department! Are you curious about Vivian's story? Then make sure you save 11 December 2021 in your diary! 🎈

Keep an eye on our blog, social media and website from 1 December for the latest information, times and link to the online sessions! 😊

November 26, 2021

Black Friday Special Bonus ... It's 'Adopt a Black Dog or Cat Day' ❤️😊❤️

 Friday 26th November, 2021

photo source:

Black Friday ... the day (or nowadays the week) of bargains. Or so called bargains, because things are not always what they seem.

But when it comes to dogs and cats ... things are always what they seem. No need for special discounts and bonuses. A black animal is, like any other animal, a bonus in itself.

Don't be put off by the myths. The association of black cats with witchcraft dates back centuries to times of religious extremism and misogyny (though one could say times haven't changed that much!). The association with depression, the widely misnamed 'black dog' doesn't help the reputation of our dear black fellows either. Film and TV often portray black dogs in a bad light, adding to the false belief, held by some, that they are more aggressive. And of course the bigger the dog, the greater the misplaced fear. 

Quite apart from historic misconceptions and myths, some practical obstacles make the rehoming of black animals that bit harder. Black animals don't photograph well, so it's harder for a shelter to have them stand out given the cost of professional photography. Because the are more difficult to re-home, because of the misinformation, very sadly black animals are the often first to be euthanised.

But look at the facts. Black dogs and cats are absolutely no different from white, brown, brindle, grey or tan coloured dogs and cats. They are just as loyal, just as loving and just as deserving of love. And there are some great advantages too. Black dogs are stylish, black goes with everything, so whatever the decor, wherever you take them, they will stand out beautifully. Black dogs and cats look cleaner for longer. Both black dogs and black cats can wear any type of collar with grace, and glittery collars look amazing on them. Finally, have you ever tried to find a white or light coloured dog or cat in the snow? 

Seriously though, these delightful animals have often been waiting in a shelter for longer than their coloured friends. They have seen them leave their cages, tails wagging or whiskers twitching as they take the first steps to their new families. So please, when considering adoption remember our black friends because ..


and cuddly and loyal and loving and faithful and deserving of your love.

Our Wendi*

This is Wendi, she's four now and has been with us since she was rescued as a tiny puppy. She so deserves a chance of happiness. Find out more about our sweet shy Wendi, by clicking on her name. The information on her page may have been written a while ago, so for more up to date news please use the contact information on her page and quote her name and reference number.

*Our Wendi is black though she looks brown in the photo, an example of how difficult it is to photograph black animals to show them off at their best!

Say hello to Quinn

Quinn is one of our littlest black dogs - apart from being black, his breed is sadly one that people just don't understand. He's a beautiful cross American Stafford. Staffies are among the sweetest most affectionate dogs on the planet, but have an unfortunate reputation. Quinn needs an owner who understand the breed and will give him the upbringing he needs - at 4 months he's just a puppy so it's the perfect time for this to begin. For further information about Quinn, please click on his name.

Meet Stanley

Stanley is ten months old and he's been with us since he was a tiny kitten, in fact all of his short little life.
Stanley is a European shorthair, a very sweet boy who wants nothing more than his own forever home. Who will give this handsome fellow the love he deserves? For more information about our Stanley, please click on his name. 

This is Kitty

Kitty is three and a bit years old and has been with us for eight months now. Just look at those eyes and those soft paws. As you can see from her pose, she's really eager to meet you. Don't let her get any older while she waits for her very own loving home. Our cats are well fed, warm, get cuddles and have lots of toys to play with. But there's nothing like your own family to make you feel warm and wanted. For more information about dear Kitty, please click on her name.  

We have more than 30 black, or' mostly black' dogs in the shelter, and 40 cats and kittens. Many of them sadly have been with us a while. Please take a look - I can't cover them all in this post but watch this space. I will be continuing to present these pretty and handsome creatures shortly.


November 24, 2021

Why? Why Jobo? Why so long?

Wednesday 24th November, 2021

Why on  earth is it that some dogs just seem to get overlooked? 

I've written before about our long stayers, those good dogs who for some reason just don't get picked. Even so I was rather shocked when I read Jobo's details. In fact I had to read the dates several times. Most of our long stayers have been with us for perhaps, two, three or even four years. But seven? Seven long years waiting for a forever home?

Jobo was a young dog when he came to us from one of the nastiest killing stations. A timid, beautiful Podenco cross, abandoned in that horrible place by an owner who didn't deserve to own a dog. Of course, like most of our dogs, Jobo has his backpack - the emotional burden of his past bad experiences at the hands of humans. Jobo gets on well with other dogs and one of our students spent a lot of time with him, showing him how kind and unthreatening humans can be. It helped him a lot, but what he really needs now is an owner who will give him the gentle, reassuring love and attention he needs and wants but is still maybe a little reluctant to trust. 

It's so sad to see the photos of sweet Jobo when he first came to us as a two year old , and to see his white muzzle now that he is nine. Nine is not old, not at all. But seven years is a long long time. Fortunately Jobo is currently living in a loving foster home, but what he really needs now is is very own family. Who will invest some time, patience and love in this dog who needs it so much and has so much to give?

For more information about our Jobo, please click on his name.

Jobo at the beginning

Jobo now

November 21, 2021

A little reminder ... temporary arrangements

Although the Ace Doggie Blog and the image of a dog and cat appears on the main page of the new website, this is in not yet linked up. But the Ace Doggie Blog (formerly The English Blog) can be accessed in the drop-down menu  News and Stories at the top of the website. 


Petition: Spanish senator asks government to act to protect hunting dogs

 Sunday 21 November 2021

The Spanish Galgo, an ancient and noble breed of hunting dog. Like any other, a dog worthy of our respect. Sadly, here in the South of Spain, a dog more generally misused and abused, discarded and abandoned - and those latter are the lucky ones.

Now a Spanish senator is asking the government to act to protect these wonderful, loyal dogs. Please sign the petition if you can. You may also share this message with other animal lovers through the channels available to you.😊

So many cruel things are excused in the name of 'tradition', like the terrible treatment the Galgos and Podencos and bullfighting. It can only be a good thing that people in Spain realise that this is also being watched from abroad. 

Add your voice ... sign the petition here:-

A long delayed visit to the Refugio

 Friday 19th November 2021

In 'normal' times I was lucky to be able to visit the Refugio every year, sometimes twice a year. And then two things happened. First a small dog ... and then Covid.

The small dog is Teddy Edward, formerly Dunde. On my last visit - in September 2018 - I adopted this little three legged mutt. I felt it important to give him time to settle in so it was over a year before I was able to come out again. Everything was arranged - Teddy had a nice temporary home and I had my ticket and was getting very excited ... then suddenly we were in lockdown and no one was going anywhere!

Last month, almost three years after my last visit I was finally able to fly out to Spain. It had been such a long time but reassuringly so much was the same. Obviously Covid and all the restrictions has taken a toll. I can't imagine how tough it must have been in the past two years under the Covid restrictions with no students to help, no possibility of rehoming the dogs for long stretches and not even to mention the floods, the threat of fire and the many other difficulties and obstacles that arose.

While the end of Covid has brought new problems - for example the massive increase in the number of dogs being dumped - the restrictions actually had some positive outcomes. During lockdown no dogs or cats could leave the site so that when some restrictions were lifted, it was imperative to be able to start rehoming as soon as possible. Air transport was impossible for some time, so an alternative had to be found. The answer - road transport. Not only does this mean that many more can travel at one time, but there are very few time consuming trips to the airport, with all the driving and the waiting around that that entailed. One thing that hasn't changed is the amazing support of both volunteers donors. So generous with their time, their energy and their financial support. Truly the Refugio could not continue without them. 

It was good to see some new faces, though I also missed some familiar ones. The students are back, a lovely hardworking group of youngsters. The Refugio is as usual full to bursting, but things are moving. New admissions and a bunch of happy ending dogs. The day after I left the transporter arrived to bring another bunch of darling cats and dogs to their eagerly awaiting new owners. However, plus ca change .... in the week I was there yet another obstacle was thrown in our path. The new 'animal welfare' law in Holland (and soon in the whole of the EU) that, while intending to stop such evils as puppy farms and animal trafficking, is in fact catching legitimate animal shelters in it's net and thus making life even more difficult for all those hard working organisations that just want to save and care for animals. If you haven't already done so, please sign out petition on the front of the new website.

A small dog. Teddy Edward, the culprit ... well him and Covid!!

A lovely bunch of students with Fabienne

With Veerle, all of the wonderful students and some of the darling dogs.

A massive HGV arrived one morning, delivering wonderful gifts for our dogs. With heartfelt thanks to all the generous donors and to our collection volunteers who give up so much of their time to help co-ordinate everything.


Bring your dog to the office day ....🤣

The cats are still on cat mountain. This sweet fellow has found a very clever place to sleep!

November 17, 2021

A new direction .....

 Wednesday 17th November 2021                                                                  

Hello to all readers of the English Blog. 

First, many apologies for the lack of posts in the last few weeks. As you will know, we have a splendid new website, which is still having last minute tweaks and fixes. So please bear with us.

As to the English Blog. It's still here - currently called Ace Doggie Blog, though that might change. (Suggestions for a new name are welcome!) You'll find it under 'News and Stories', and eventually there will be a link on the front page. 

However, there will be some changes. As you can see many of the stories and posts - e.g. Fabienne's Diary, In Memoriam, Fabienne's Dog of the Week, Happy Endings (stories from happy adopters and their beloved dogs and cats) etc. -  now all appear on the main website, and are in Dutch and English (depending on which version of the website you are looking at). So whereas, formerly, these were incorporated into the English Blog (translated mostly from the Dutch Blog), there is now no need to simply repeat these in the English Blog.

Instead it will go back to being more like it was in the beginning, ten years ago. With a mix of specially written stories and articles and information. It gives us the opportunity to highlight certain dogs and cats, for instance our long stayers. Darling dogs and some cats who, although totally deserving of every happiness, for some reason are overlooked. Black dogs and cats also deserve a special mention and I will hope to write some articles about the history of black animals, and the reasons they have unfortunately got such an unfortunate reputation. 

Among this new material will be information  about fundraising activities, articles for sale for the benefit of our dogs and cats etc. The aim is to make sure everything is accessible to our English speaking readers, but only if it's not available elsewhere on the website.

There will not be as many posts as before, with so many of the essential stories now on the main website. However, until the all the links are active, I will try to include some of these for the time being.

Please bear with me as I get myself up to speed. There will be more stories and information hopefully by the end of the week. So watch this space ... and thank you.