August 25, 2022

Tears of joy!

 Thursday 25th August 2022

Source" Yahoo!Sports

Anyone who has ever owned a dog, or even been around dogs for any length of time, will be familiar with their behaviour when their owner returns after being away ... whether for a very short time, for several hours or indeed for days or weeks. Jumping up, running round in excited circles, licking, crying - all of these and more. And now a small study has found that dogs can actually cry tears of joy when their owner returns.

While dogs are known to cry to keep their tear ducts clean, tears had not previously been linked to an emotional response. Takefumi Kikusui, one of the authors of this Japanese study, said they had never heard of dogs crying in joyful situations. During the experiment the researchers also studied whether a dog's tears affected their owners. They discovered that a dog's gaze stimulates the production of oxytocin, which brought out the desire to nurture and protect their pet.

Of course this was only a very small study, involving 22 dogs and there has been plenty of criticism by other scientists, seeking to disprove it. While scientific study is essential for us to understand what goes on both in our world and in an animals world, anyone who knows and loves dogs will be in no doubt about their emotional response to us and to varying situations, tears or no tears. My little three legged, Teddy, goes bananas when I come home, even if I have only gone down to the shop, which is 5 minutes away. 

Although I have no objective knowledge, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that this behaviour is even more marked in rescue dogs. After all, they have either been mistreated, or dumped, they have been cared for in a shelter, longing for a golden basket but never sure if they will be lucky. Having once found a new forever family, they become attached to their new owner or owners, though this may take a long time, depending on the earlier trauma they have suffered.  Consequently their fear of being abandoned once again can never be far away. 

I remember reading a story about an adopted Ace dog, who hadn't been very long in his new forever home. The first time they took him out in the car he changed. He'd been a happy cheerful dog who was adopting well to his new home; now he became sad and fearful, cowering in the car, shivering and unhappy during the visit. Back in the car, he remained quiet and upset. And then .. the car turned into the driveway of his new home. He perked up, ears pricked, gazing out the window at the house. Out of the car he became the happy dog they had come to know. Perhaps in his sad little mind he had imagined that he was being dumped again. But no .. he was home again. He was safe. 

For more about the Japanese experiment ...

Fabienne's Diary: The sad turn of events in Feliz' life.

 Wednesday, 24 August 2022

This beautiful Labrador lady, with a heart of gold, a silly sparrow, a playful companion and a wonderful four-legged friend, she has it all, our Feliz! But all that was not enough to make her happy for life, she had to go away urgently, very urgently, and why? Mum was living here on the Costa del Sol with the 3 dogs and 3 children, but dad was working in Saudi Arabia. One day the family had to move to faraway places and that is how it goes. Feliz went to a friend, and from the friend to another friend. However, Feliz was very sad and mournful at first, because suddenly her family had gone up in smoke, and now we are allowed to solve it. 

It is now slowly getting better with this sweetheart, a Labrador in heart and soul. Playful, fond of children but also of her owner, of her whole family. Feliz is social with other dogs, but a garden is certainly required for this lively Labrador. She is a sweetheart, and certainly for the Labrador lovers a winner!

For more information about golden hearted Feliz, please click on her name. Feliz means 'happy'!

August 17, 2022

Saturday 24 September - MINI ACE DAY - Ugchelen & Sunday 25 September - MINI SHIN DAY - Overijse


Wednesday 17th August, 2022

Finally the time has come. After 2 years it is back. The ACE & SHIN day. Although in a mini form with a

dog walk as the main programme, but in the presence of Fabienne and some "Spanish" employees.

DID YOU KNOW...that every dog that comes into our Refugio first spends a month in our quarantine area?


Wednesday 17th August 2022

Here in Spain dogs are rarely vaccinated. By keeping the new dogs in quarantine for a month, we avoid the possibility that sick newcomers infect our other dogs. During that month the new dogs receive medical care and their vaccines, and we can also observe their behaviour. In this quarantine section, hygiene rules are followed very strictly. Visitors are not allowed, and the carers have to disinfect themselves thoroughly when leaving.

Only after the end of that month will the dogs be placed for adoption. In addition to the dogs for adoption on our website, there are also a lot of dogs 'behind the scenes' in quarantine.

Fabienne's weekly overview ...

 Sunday 14 august 2022

What a week full of emotions of sadness, happy moments, incomprehension and lots of warmth... 

The temperatures are unbearable...over 40°... Our dogs and kittens are losing is poignant... If only we had the possibility to do things differently, but we have to make do with what we have... 

The clinic is full of patients...

Scotty is still very critical and we had to let go our Pashaatje...

The emotions flared up but also the frustrations that this could happen... 

The approved welfare law is already being challenged by those who want to change it....

Viva EspaƱa!

But there are also many positive events such as volunteer Christophe, who walked the Death March for the benefit of our four-legged friends and collected money for it, and we hold on to this,...

We and our dogs and kittens wish everyone a wonderful new week!

*Need for wet food!

 Wednesday 17 August 2022

In the Refugio there is currently a great shortage of wet food for our dogs and cats! This is because the dogs and cats come in extremely neglected and then they get tinned food together with the kibble. In the Refugio we also have an enormously increased number of cats and and also in the colonies we maintain.

The Refugio has made an appeal for donations of wet food, or to collect money so that we can buy this ourselves in Spain.

Who can help us by making a donation? You can donate via:

* A transfer to our bank account: ES74 0081 0619 5800 0145 7846 in the name of Animal Care Espana Dogs In Need.

* Through our website with Ideal/Bancontact/Credit card:


Donate through ACE Netherlands

ACE Netherlands is an ANBI, so your donation is tax deductible (if you donate a minimum of EUR 60.00 per year, or donate periodically). ACE Netherlands transfers all gifts and donations directly to ACE|SHIN so you can be assured that your donation will go to the right place!

Payment link ACE Netherlands (reusable):

Reference: wet food action

Choose your own amount or donate for example x amount of cans of wet food:

5 tins of food a EUR 3,- = EUR 15,00

10 tins of food a EUR 3,- = EUR 30,00

20 tins of food a EUR 3,- = EUR 60,00

On behalf of our four-legged friends THANK YOU!

After months in a killing station now in a foster home!

 Wednesday, August 17, 2022

And after months of being in a killing station and a boss who didn't want to sign her out of there, our Alba is now in her foster home! It remains so beautiful to see a hurt soul that had given up on life, now enjoying it again!!!

For more information about Alba, please click on her name.

August 06, 2022


Saturday 6 august 2022

Hey all,

As you all know, I have been the coordinator of transport and collections for ACE Shin (Spanish dogs in need) for a number of years now and, together with my family, I like to do my bit for the welfare of cats and dogs in Spain.

Covid19 has left a heavy impact on the refugio in Spain, many people took an "outside excuse" dog, which, once the lockdowns were reduced, were dumped on our organisation and others.

In addition, the current economic climate in combination with a multitude of dumped dogs is having a severe impact on our financial ability to continue to provide all animals with food and medication. Also, the forest fires that have been ravaging the area where we are located for the past few weeks have caused sky-high water bills.

Therefore, I would like to make an appeal for massive support and donations to alleviate the distress and suffering of the animals.

I don't want to do this just like that, I would like to offer something in return, because just asking for money is not my thing. In return, I have registered for the famous Bornem "Death March", which starts on Friday 12 August at 21:00, during which we cover 100 kilometres on foot within 24 hours. 

Supporters along the way or at the finish line are of course welcome!

So herewith a warm call to sponsors to support us. The collected money goes 100% to Ace Shin and of course I would be extremely happy if this would result in a nice amount of money. From the 11th till the 25th of September I will be in the refugio in Mijas myself and together with Fabienne and the team I will try to figure out how and on what we can best spend the collected money.

Feel free to take a look at our website or on our facebook pages Shin Fabienne Paques or ACE-Charity Fabienne Paques for more information about our organisation.

Deposits can be made on BE26 7755 9229 2529 with the reference ACE SHIN - Death March 2022.

Whether I will succeed or not I cannot say in advance, but you can be sure that I will do my utmost to reach the finish and earn every euro I have been paid.

I will also post my tracking number and the tracking link on social media so you can follow "live" how it's going.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Christophe Eulaerts

My name is Do and I have been an intern at Ace-charity in Spain for 6 weeks

Friday 5 august 2022

My very first day at the company was quite overwhelming, I had heard that there were many dogs but I had not seen this coming.

Every dog with its own character and golden heart, and every cat just like every dog looking for its golden basket.

So many dogs that have been there too long and see a puppy or another dog leave, because they somehow seemed more attractive .

What would those long-suffering dogs think when they saw their neighbour leave and they were left behind?

Therefore I would like a few minutes of your time to tell you about the little dog that stole my heart in the past 6 weeks.

Seppe is the name of the almost 2 year old podenco mix that stole my heart on my first day.

Seppe has been in the adoption circuit since 10/8/2021 and is almost seen as a long sitter.

I was wondering why Seppe is still here, is he overlooked or not liked?

With Seppe you can really see that he is a cheerful positive little fellow who has his love all ready for his future owner(s).

During my internship, Seppe was called the "tapdancer" by many students because when he saw you coming, he always stood up on his hind legs and sort of danced.

Seppe is a dog that still has a lot to learn but is certainly open to it.

Seppe is really a perfect family dog, he loves the presence of people and would never run away from a good cuddle.

The nice thing about Seppe is that when you call him he comes running to you laughing.

All in all, this dog is a fantastic addition to our family life and I hope that someone can show (and give) Seppe the whole world because he does not know so much of the world that to us feels familiar.

Of course Seppe is not the only dog that is put in the spotlight, but he is the one I hope someone will see and welcome with open arms in his future family.

Of course I want, just like everybody, that all dogs get a nice and loving place so please take a look at the long sitters or the older dogs because they can surely give enough love in life.  

For more information about Seppe, please click on his name.

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Our Jesse is getting better every day ...

 Saturday 6th August, 2022

Fabienne's Diary: My "animales" are 'flown' " ...

 Saturday 6th August ( from diary of Thursday 4 August) 2022

We are allowed to laugh, even if it is not always a laughing matter ... This morning I got a phone call, a heavy strange voice asked me:

"Are you the one who has a protectora de animales" Animales, animales ... Yes, I answered, what can I help you with? And all this in Andalusian.

"Well, I must have my animales, and quickly, because my animales have disappeared, can you imagine, they are gone. Where have they gone? Are they with you? I have been away because I had to go to war and now I am back and everything is gone, goddamn the bastards, everything is gone..."

With me sir, which animales are you talking about perhaps? "My animales hey, my animales hey, they are all gone ..." And there we go again ...

He had birds, dogs and cats and rabbits and,... All left behind,... And sir, how long were you away, that your "animales" disappeared? "Well hey, 3 years , because I am, and you certainly don't know that, I am Kapitan!!!" The Kapitan shouted and it went on and on.... He was a good captain with experience and standing,...

I called Veerle and she too could hear what 'special' people there are in this world. I politely told him that we still had a lot of work to do, and that his "animales" would certainly not have been waiting for him... And so we continue ...

What a dummy! 

(Our Pachon thinks so...)


Saturday 6th August, 2022

Our organisation in Belgium and the Netherlands runs entirely on volunteers ?

The adoption of the animals, from the pre-reservation through the home visits to the arrival and aftercare, the reception, the webshop, the Facebook pages, the collections, the events, the online advertisements, the PR-material, the website, the blog, the virtual adoptions, legal support, etc, etc... This all happens thanks to the unpaid efforts of our volunteers, who do all this purely out of love for animals, often in addition to their full-time 'real' jobs. Without them, the care and adoption of our sweethearts would not be possible, and they deserve all our respect! 

Would you like to be part of this top team or do you have any questions about it? 

If so, click on this link to find out more: 

August 01, 2022

Saturday 24 September - MINI ACE DAG - Ugchelen & Sunday 25 September - MINI SHIN DAG - Overijseleestenloseweg

 Monday 1st August, 2022

Finally it has come. After 2 years it is back. The ACE & SHIN day. Admittedly in a mini form with a dog walk as the main programme, but in the presence of Fabienne and some "Spanish" employees.

Translation below.

Mini ACE wet nose walk 
Hunderloseweg 191

Registration obligatory

Entry 6 euros per person.

Walks start at 11 hr, 13 hr, 15 hr

Food and drink available at  Bospaviljoen t' Leesten

Translation below.

Reunion with the Spanish team

Mapped out walks

Demonstrations with police dogs

All dogs welcome

Social gathering with snacks and drinks

Participation 6 euros per person

Please register in advance via

For the ACE day and how to register, go to:

Look for the SHIN day at:

We look forward to seeing everyone again!