October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Update: Roos

Sweet Roos

Roos (formerly Rosa), has now been with us for over a year. In the beginning she really needed to get used to us. And we to her, of course. We already had a very sweet and relaxed labrador but Roos quickly became anxious, barked a lot and walked nervously through the house. 

Because we wanted to give her the best possible attention, with the help of Joe, an behavioralist, we have quickly helped her come out of her shell. Roos is still very sweet course but has found her place. 

She came from a foster home where she had a blast, with a few other dogs and only a foster'mama. With us there was also a husband, children and a dog. Which is difficult when you're afraid of men and a lot of strange people!

She soon came on by leaps and bounds and now loves nothing more than to run and sniff in the woods or meadows, but she also loves to be on your lap! She's a real cuddle bunny!

She now challenges us to play with her, she pulls our Labrador's ears and she bites his legs gently  to challenge him to play, so cute!

In other words, its all going very well with Roos. We are very pleased that we have taken her into our family and we're crazy about her! 


Nancy Bouman-Hulshof

Roos and her brother. 

By the fire


More Snapshots from the Refugio - 29th October

Measuring floor tiles


Floor laying in progress.


Lisa with one of our adorable Galgos.

Kisses from Lisa.

In the Clinic.

You shall not pass! Miguel, Danny and Imelda with a reluctant one.

That's better.

King of the Castle!

In the rest room with a furry one.

Jalina: victim of cruel neglect

Skin and Bones

I was once a popular French bulldog, until I got sick ...

These are fashionable dogs: small, nice flat little faces, cute and cuddly.

They're a breed that needs a lot of attention, consistent training and discipline.

If they don't get this, you'll get a real pig in the house! They are also very sensitive healthwise: eyes, skin, respiratory problems, you name it they are susceptible. Most owners know that and act accordingly. Others neglect them and that's how Jalina came to us.

She was one of many dogs who belonged to a lady. But when her mistress got into difficulties, because of the economic crisis, everything went wrong and she sought the help of many people to save her dogs.

Jalina is very ill, has just about every health problem that you do not want to have: and she's skin and bones - unimaginable. We try to make it better now. Slowly, step by step.

She's a very grateful dog and courageous too, so brave! Her friendly nature makes you really melt. Unfortunately, she has a long way to go ... Keep your fingers crossed that it will be fine!

Such a pretty little dog, despite her miserable health problems.

Fingers crossed that she will get better.

Snapshots - Refugio - 29th October ...

Preparing the slates

Always with a companion - or 20, but only one in shot!

Beautiful tiles, vibrant colours.

Joyful arrivals - Friday 30th October, Schiphol

October 30th 2015

Today, once more four dogs arrived, met their owners went to their new home. We wish owners and dogs a lot of fun together. Thank you for having chosen an ACE dog.

Zandokan with his new buddy.

Tulana is home!

Lucky Oprah has a forever home.

Cuddles for little Toosje

Toosje so happy.

L to R - Toosje, Oprah, Tulana and Zandoken with his new friend.

Happy adopters, happy dogs. Heartfult thanks to you all.

Friends Forever ....

Thanks to Fabienne for these charming, heartwarming photos.

I'll look after you ...

.... and stay with you.


October 28, 2015

Snapshots - Refugio 27th October

Miguel with a rebellious little one!

The new cages take shape.

Day by day the work goes on.

Some lucky ones are going to the field.

Or maybe coming back, judging by the reluctance to go back in!

Follow my leader.

Smart new kennel - with pretty tiles.

The students keep everything all nice and clean.

Another colourful kennel with pretty tiles.

October 27, 2015

Arrivals - Rotterdam, 24th October

More lucky doggies have found their forever homes. With our grateful thanks to the adopters, volunteers and Teams Spain and Holland for bringing this about. We hope the new families will be very happy with their new friends for years to come.

October 26, 2015

A whole family dumped in the killing station!

A whole family: three brothers and two sisters, all dumped in a killing station ...Their mother was a beautiful German shepherd and their father a fox terrier. A freak of nature, which could have been prevented. But she wasn't sterilised and then of course she became pregnant and a bunch of very disparate dogs came into the world. Only to be taken to the killing station - the whole family was dumped there.

We were able to save the puppies, but unfortunately not the parents but we hope this will still be possible We are working on it. The five are all very sweet and social puppies. You can see that they have learned to survive and accept. They are quite quickly satisfied and do not demand much of people, just the sort of respect and appreciation they understand.

Innocent and full of life they do not realize how lucky they were. They are friendly dogs with pure delicious and uncomplicated characters.This can be sustained only provided they are placed into good hands, with families who will train and care for them and love them. They have certainly inherited their mama's Shepherd intelligence and the determination of their father. They are good dogs that definitely deserve a chance.

Paco Rebarber

In Dutch, Rabarber means Rhubarb. Our darling little Paco Rhubarb is in care in Belgium but urgently needs a boss who can guide him further.

In 2013, Paco and his sisters, Nina Rici, Dolce Cabana, Dona Karin and Fendi were abandoned at our gate, all crammed into a tiny cat's cage. They were immediately placed with one of our great foster mums but Paco was so thin and weak he was given special care by some of our staff. So they all had a really great start. Paco has become a beautiful, strong and dog who is already trained.

Due to circumstances outside anyones control, this dear fellow is looking for a new home where he can be happy and live to a ripe old age. Paco went to lessons at the obedience school and really enjoyed them. His training shows. He knows commands: close follow, sit, lie down, stay, walk and sit and stay.

His greatest asset is that he is a real people dog and is desperate for a boss who will do fun things with him. He will want his future boss to guide him and in return he will give you infinite friendship and respect. He is a true terrier and this clown will rapidly win your heart. He wants a boss he can look up to. 

In his last family Paco lived with a large quiet bitch. It's therefore best if he's only placed in a similar situation or with a quiet dog. Outside he is a happy dog ​​who enjoys the freedom of the outdoors, at home he is very quiet. Who will offer Paco a wonderful home and promise to be faithful to him, as he will to his new family? Here's a beautiful movie of Paco, the text is in Dutch but the pictures tell the story. 

Paco loves his spaghetti!