November 25, 2017

From Fabienne's Diary: Podenca adopts a blind puppy

Our pregnant mother Podenca was aborted after we saw that she was pregnant and because we could do it safely. She has a golden character and also has a heart full of pure love and affection .... that's what we discovered when a tiny blind puppy was dumped in a nearby killing station.

We decided to give it a chance ... to give it the chance to feel a bit of love and a chance to live.
Podenca mama took the little blond little one under her wing without hesitation - just as if it had been her own puppy.

You can see the little puppy recover every day .... he  hangs onto his mother podenca ....So nice to see ... however he is blind and will always have to live in the dark. .Surrogate mama and child are doing well and enjoy each other's company.

Nature is beautiful and this small wonder always makes you realize how beautiful it can be .... just naturally wonderful.

Coton is home

3 Days ago we were able to pick up Coton at Eindhoven airport.

And want to let you know that he is doing very well. He listens well and we can see that after 3 days he knows what we expect from him. He does not pay much attention to us when he's outside, he is still exploring a lot and exploring his territory. We tried to get his attention with cookies, but he wasn't that interested. Coton prefers a slice of Ardennes sausage.

Coton is very happy and enthusiastic when we get home from work, it is difficult to keep him quiet. (Jochem will be working in night shifts for the next 3 weeks, so there will always be someone in the house.) At night there are no problems, unless a cat decides to walk through our backyard, then he wants to bark (this occurred this morning at 4:15).

Yesterday we saw that he was trying to take the weight off his right foreleg a little when he stood. It is possible that he might have been a little too enthusiastic. Nevertheless, we asked the veterinarian whether it could possibly be to do with the plate in his leg. (tomorrow we will make an X-ray of it to see how it is doing). We also had an APK done. This went well. Coton is not afraid of the vet and has behaved well.

Coton is having a bit of trouble with his left ear (this looked a bit red, so in the next 5 to 7 days we can treat this with ointment.) Furthermore, we found a lot of dead hair and sand in his fur, so on Sunday he will get a good wash. (Jochem's girlfriend is a groomer and can blow the dead hair and sand out of his fur).

Overall, everything is fine!

We are really happy with him :)


Avalon and Jochem

A beautiful cover for the December issue! (photo: Von Nie)

A beautiful Christmas gift for every ACE | SHIN lover.

Please send an email to to order your subscription soon.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

From Fabienne's Diary: Epi, a Podenito hit by a car

Epi, is a Podenco female, who was hit by a car and then taken to the killing station, ... There she was taken away by one of the volunteers and brought to a clinic, ... That was her great luck, because she would not have survive in the killing station ... The clinic changed the life of the little Podenca enormously, for there she got all the care she needed, ... The wound did not look good at all, and was so big that you could see the bone, but fortunately nothing was broken, ... The wound needed a lot of care, the bandages had to be changed every day and she had to undergo three surgical procedures to close the wound. 

She underwent all this, without complaint, without grumbling, being the courageous lady that she is. She lived in the clinic for months, and made many friends with the other patients, both dogs and cats. She is a bit timid with strangers and hides in her basket, ... But with her caretakers is she extremely affectionate, she follows them around, and is always very excited to see them! The wound on her leg is now almost closed and she uses it normally again. She was a poor wretch, a little Podenco, who nobody noticed.  

November 19, 2017

ACE: 18th Anniversary. Eighteen years of Rescue!

On December 11, 2017 we will have existed for 18 years ....
We have known highs and lows, it was not always easy,
but no mountain was too high to stop us from carrying on ...
Thanks to everyone who contributed to helping us save these lives ...
Together we are strong, and will keep going again tomorrow and do it all again.
We can still use your support and donations are very welcome .. to help us carry on into the future!


Dizzy wants someone to hold her in their arms - for always. She was thrown away and ended up in one of the terrible Spanish killing stations.

Mag ik dan bij jou? Hond Dizzy wacht tot iemand haar in de armen sluit

"Rubbish Bin Dizzy" was found in the Spanish fields, all alone and heavily pregnant. Because Dizzy was in a miserable state, she was taken to a killing station. Now she is looking for a new home.


Spanish shelters do not receive a penny subsidy, but each big city has a killing station paid for by the municipality, where forty euros is paid to them for each dog delivered to them. Or the owners throw their own dog over the fences - having neither the sense or time to look after them themselves.


Once inside, the animals are assigned a mark from one to ten: that is the number of days that remain before they will be put down. In the meantime, the dogs get no food or the cheapest food available, water from a dirty bowl with algae floating on the top and where the pups lie in their own faeces for days.

They do not take care of any sick dogs, often they die before it's time for the lethal injection. In the Netherlands dogs are sedated first: in Spain they inject directly into their veins or heart, causing them to die a very painful death. In other killing stations dogs are gassed in groups. Dizzy was lucky: an ACE-charity volunteer pulled her away from the killing station; she gave birth the same evening. But all her puppies died and Dizzy needed a month to recover before she went to foster care in the Netherlands. She's there now waiting for a forever boss forever, (together with four hundred other dogs in foster care or in the Refugio.)


Would you like to be Dizzy's new owner soon? If so please contact Vivien of ACE-charity. If Dizzy has already found a boss, do not worry. ACE-charity has many more dogs in their shelter who are eager to find a home. And they are all as sweet and fun as Dizzy. Are you curious about these four-legged friends? If so please look here.

November 18, 2017

Caro - two years with us already

It's already 2 years since we got our sweetheart Caro in the house .. we really enjoy him every day.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

Dog tokens for sale to help our doggies

Dog tokens for sale at Happiness 4 hands bracelets for € 8.95 each. € 5, of each sale goes to our dogs in Spain! An excellent reason to order a new medal for your dog.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

Arrivals at Zaventem on November 16th

It was a heartwarming moment again yesterday at the airport. The adoptive family of Daisie went to pick her up in Malaga and they also brought Ravenna, Paultje and Mich (now Bacio) to their forever home in Belgium. Four totally different dogs that now have a bright future ahead of them. Thank you for adopting ... You are making a world of difference for these beautiful four-legged friends.

Arrivals at Eindhoven on November 15th

Yesterday Frankie, Emmeke, Toki, Fiona and Renfe arrived in Eindhoven. They were received with open arms, and now they can all enjoy a really good dog life!

Fabienne's Dog of the Day: Sus

Sweet Sus has been waiting in our shelter for a year and a half. Waiting patiently for his own warm home.  He's been on this blog several times before because he is so worth it. He's brilliant with kids and is such a good, loving dog. Who will give this big teddy bear a warm basket and become his soul mate? To find more about this dear fellow, and to see his updated video, please click here. To see the earlier post, please click here.

November 12, 2017

Finally home!!!

Our POEF now at his forever home, together with Albertito and Oliva .... lots of luck to these darlings.❤

A bittersweet goodbye from his foster mum, Viv.  

Carel saves his little brother Tuen

Today in the woods my big fellow, Carel, alerted me to the fact that his little brother Tuen had fallen in the ditch and couldn't get himself out.  Then he ran back to Tuen and stayed with him until I was close enough too hear Tuen squeaking. What a special pack. I'm so grateful and so happy to share it with you.

foto van Monica Burger.

Carel's ACE name was Carlitos and Tuen's was Sixto

Update Chipolato - November 2017

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

Chipolato now answers to the name Chipo. He's a treasure of a dog that has not been any trouble in the time he is in the asylum. He came in in a terrible state, but in the meanwhile he has undergone a true metamorphosis and we hope he will soon find his golden basket! 

For the 3 weeks that he has been in foster care in Spain, he has shown that you couldn't want for a better dog. Chipo walks perfectly on the lead and does not pull, he thinks walking is great. As long as he can be with you, everything is good for him! From the beginning it was enough for him that he was able to be in the house, lie on the couch, run around in the garden etc. Every day he is thankful to be with you and that he can lie warmly in his basket. You see his eyes shine! 

Chipo is clean, is fine with cats and runs around loose here with the rabbit. He behaves as if it's all perfectly normal and gets on with what he was doing. Chipo can be placed on his own but he is also perfect with other dogs, he is not really bothered, even when they growl or pick on him, he walks away rather than respond. At night he sleeps quietly and is quiet until the rest of the house wakes up. 

His brother Chipolina has already been reserved. So no who will give Chipo that golden basket that he too so deserves? You will surely get nothing but a load of love in return. For more information about adorable Chipo, please click here. 

Foster doggie Mashika is in charge in the Netherlands

I now have a little Spanish "thief" in the house 😎😂 ..... She walks around with my tshirt, oven glove, slippers, shoes, nightgown, socks, orthotics and even my underwear 😂😂😂😛
She makes sure you clean up your stuff as you go and what is finer than a tidy house?

foto van Marion Loffeld.

Mashika is a wonderful help around the house!!!!
For more information about this sweetheart, please click on 

November 11, 2017

Have a nice weekend!

foto van Perra van Wel.


Teddy went to the hairdresser today, thanks Veronique for the beautiful work !!

Before the cut.

After the cut


Job is a good guy, a very affectionate and brave soul who is good with all the other dogs. He is goodness itself ... He's a cross-pastor and you can notice that he's the most sweetheart and always with you, so faithful and such a special sweet dog. Job is seven and a half and very active. He's crazy about walking, wants to work for you, walk, wrestle, be active and then lie on the couch. He was the dog of a single lady who saved him from the street in Portugal and brought him to Spain, but her working conditions became so difficult that Job was left alone too much and he became very lonely and sad. Job needs his boss more than for just a little while in the evening ... he would like to hear from you ... he is calm and accommodating in character. For more information about our lovely Job, please click here.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

Are you still looking for a nice gift for the coming holidays?

Are you still looking for a nice gift for the coming holidays or just something fun for yourself? This beautiful 2018 pocket calendar with pen, both with the ACE logo, can be bought from today. The dimensions of the calendar are 16x10. It costs € 7,50 excl. of shipping costs. The entire proceeds will go to our dogs in Spain.

foto van ACE-Charity Shop.

Acorns and chestnuts are dangerous for dogs


In autumn, many chestnuts and acorns are found lying on the ground. Lots of dogs like to play with them. Unfortunately, some dogs also eat these chestnuts and acorns. This can cause serious physical damage. If they eat quite a lot of chestnuts or acorns, this can cause gastrointestinal tract problems.

Symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, a lot of pee, lack of appetite. It can even lead to neurological problems. The physical problems may occur after 1 to 6 hours, but also as much as 2 days after eating the chestnuts or acorns. In addition, a chestnut or acorn can be lodged in the gastrointestinal tract. This results in a very sick dog who often has both diarrhea and other problems. Ultimately, this situation can be life-threatening if it is not caught in time. Often the chestnut or acorn needs to be removed surgically.

If you have seen your dog eating the chestnuts or acorns in large quantities, it is advisable to contact the vet. Often it is decided to let the dog vomit it out. But do not attempt to make this happen by giving it salt! A large amount of salt can cause your dog to get salt poisoning. Unfortunately, acorns can also cause long term problems. The acorn contains tannic acid which can cause kidney damage in the long term. The symptoms of this are excessive drinking and a lot of peeing.

A blood test will give a clearer understanding of the dog's kidney function. In addition, it is sometimes necessary to do a scan of the abdomen to assess the kidneys. So be careful not to let your dogs eat chestnuts or acorns because this is not as innocent as it seems.

November 05, 2017

Our oldest oldies: Part 2 Yotha and Kimba

This is the second in the 'oldest oldies' series. Because of unavoidable delays in posting, some dogs may already have been adopted or reserved but please do check, by clicking on their name.

To hear more about our oldies and their special place in our hearts please see previous post.

This beautiful boy has been with us for two years, since he was eight. He's now ten. He was part of a family with children and other dogs, a happy place you'd think. Until for whatever reason they no longer wanted him and dumped him in killing station. He's a kind, beautiful fellow and didn't deserve this. He has now been reserved for the Netherlands, but I am not sure if this is for adoption or foster. So if you like this sweet chap, please check.


Kimba is an elderly lady, a beautiful cross Samojeed,  who we also saved from a killing station. She appears to be much younger than her passport and chipnumber indicate, which is 14. Kimba is fine with humans but she is a bit suspicious of unknown people. She loves to get a bit of attention but enough is enough and she also wants to enjoy her freedom. She obviously has had to cope with life and stand up for herself. We would not place her with children or in a family with other dogs as she appreciates tranquility. 

November 04, 2017

Xion - his days were numbered

Xion was found overnight in a gateway in Fuengirola, the people thought him 'dirty'. The police picked him up and brought him to the killing station, where he was to be put to sleep in after 10 days ... He was indeed seriously ill, but if you do not try, you do not know if you can succeed. So we gave him the chance to recover.

The poor creature responded very positively to the medication and he is on the mend! He is eating well and he looking to the future. He has a very sweet character, is social and good with everyone, ... A good animal that deserves a lot better!

For more information about little Xion, click here.