November 11, 2017


Job is a good guy, a very affectionate and brave soul who is good with all the other dogs. He is goodness itself ... He's a cross-pastor and you can notice that he's the most sweetheart and always with you, so faithful and such a special sweet dog. Job is seven and a half and very active. He's crazy about walking, wants to work for you, walk, wrestle, be active and then lie on the couch. He was the dog of a single lady who saved him from the street in Portugal and brought him to Spain, but her working conditions became so difficult that Job was left alone too much and he became very lonely and sad. Job needs his boss more than for just a little while in the evening ... he would like to hear from you ... he is calm and accommodating in character. For more information about our lovely Job, please click here.

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

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