November 25, 2017

From Fabienne's Diary: Epi, a Podenito hit by a car

Epi, is a Podenco female, who was hit by a car and then taken to the killing station, ... There she was taken away by one of the volunteers and brought to a clinic, ... That was her great luck, because she would not have survive in the killing station ... The clinic changed the life of the little Podenca enormously, for there she got all the care she needed, ... The wound did not look good at all, and was so big that you could see the bone, but fortunately nothing was broken, ... The wound needed a lot of care, the bandages had to be changed every day and she had to undergo three surgical procedures to close the wound. 

She underwent all this, without complaint, without grumbling, being the courageous lady that she is. She lived in the clinic for months, and made many friends with the other patients, both dogs and cats. She is a bit timid with strangers and hides in her basket, ... But with her caretakers is she extremely affectionate, she follows them around, and is always very excited to see them! The wound on her leg is now almost closed and she uses it normally again. She was a poor wretch, a little Podenco, who nobody noticed.  

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