October 27, 2012

Snapshots - El Refugio on 25th October

 Hi there!

Waiting for my haircut

Walkies ...

... it must be time for walkies

Monarch of all I survey

Nice and cool without my matted coat

Look, look, look ...

... look at me

Waiting to go to the airport

Poor Borsov - yet another victim of the financial crisis

 A good old splash does a fellow good

Aron ... 

... getting more confident every day

Casimiro, a sweet happy Lab ...

... longing for his very own home

Are you taking me home? 

 Is it our turn yet?

Who's who

 What a handsome fellow

 Carbanzo - patiently waiting

 Hey, who let you out?

Vagebond - a happy fellow

Little white bear

This is my chewy thing

 Close up bear

 Running, jumping having fun

Little Ghandi ... 

 ... rescued from the killing station


 Championet - poor sore ears

Missing my boss

October 21, 2012

While some are lucky, others are still waiting ....waiting ... waiting ...


Dalo was dumped in the streets of Algeciras. Hard to see why because he's such a good, loving fellow. Social and friendly with other dogs and with children. In fact the perfect family dog. He's been with us for over three years, since he was small. Now he's four years old and he thinks he's been forgotten. Will someone come and rescue him? Will you?

Sereno with his sister Sirena were rescued and fostered by one of our volunteers when they were tiny newborns. Now he's a strong and healthy three year old. A fun loving dog who needs to move out of the shelter - he needs a family of his very own. He's a wonderful dog who'd be an affectionate lifetime companion.

Luca (right) is in foster care in the Netherlands. He's a pure breed Podenco, a beautiful breed that for some unaccountable reason is so often disregarded. Podenco's are sweet, intelligent, funny and loyal. Luca has all these characterisics and will make a wonderful family pet. He's already six and badly needs his own loving family.


Ariel (above) is a cross Podenco. Like Luca Luca she is short-haired. A noble character, she's been
with us since February. However, she's already four years old and doesn't want to spend her life in a shelter. Who's got a warm basket for our Ariel?

More happy endings ...

... look who found their golden baskets in September. After a trip to Malaga airport, a rather scary trip in the big metal box they all landed safely to be welcomed into the homes of their new loving families. Thanks to ACE and all the hard work in both countries and the wonderful adopters.

Motherly Love - the most precious thing

His eyes were closed, he was weak and sick.  His mother was unable to take care of him, so he found a foster mum.  He's a little bigger than her other pups but she loves him just as much. She is nursing him back to health and he's the cleanest little creature ever because she licks him all the time.

His name is Pink

October 14, 2012

If a dog is man's best friend ...

... sometimes it's the other way round as well.

Thanks to Fabienne for sending this.

October 13, 2012

A hopeless case? We don't know the meaning of the word

This is Reina Christina on the day she arrived at El Refugio.  She was found lying in a heap near the cat's house, up the hill, unable to take another step. By some instinct she knew she's be safe with us, but she was so weak, so thin, so hopeless she couldn't make it. The poor thing had completely give up. In other circumstances, in another place, she might have been put to sleep.

Not here ... every dog gets a chance ...  just look!

This is the beautiful girl now. Unbelievable isn't it. Her coat is sleek and smooth, her lovely body has filled out, no more sticking out ribs. The marks the cord made round her neck have gone and instead of that filthy rope she has a soft leather collar. As she deserves. 

When she rescued her Fabienne said 'it doesn't take much imagination to see what a beautiful dog she will become once she's put on weight and her soul has time to recover. With love.' And that she has in abundance, her new family love her to pieces. Thanks to them and to Fabienne and all at El Refugio she has indeed regained her soul. 

October 07, 2012

A day in the life - the Refugio in October

It rained last week.  Our water problem is not yet solved but the pump is doing its work and we have some water, but not yet optimal, that will still take time. This summer we have somehow survived 40 degree heat, a drought, the well running dry, a forest fire followed by the threat of floods. What a year! But life goes on - here's a snapshot of life in El Refugio in early October. 

Tidying up

 Always so much laundry - my favourite job

Look at me! I'm King of the Castle - almost

Sterilisation day - the right way to prevent unwanted puppies and a lot of misery

 Modelling my little black cloak ...

 Shall we dance?

Our beloved Bollie - makes up in sweetness what he lacks in looks

One of our big gentle fellows ...

.... and friend

 We have some water - and are so grateful, it makes such a difference

Lisa cleaning the cages